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20070723 gr:aw2

gr:aw2 is damn awesome! kudos to grin. the maps are great, playability is great and it's pretty much up there on par with the original gr1. not only that but i also discovered multiplayer which is a whole new ball game.

too bad the guys in campaign aren't all that bright and are a bit of ass kissers "yeah your target is down captn! great shot!"

20070722 my consumer experience

maybe it's cause portugal it's the end of europe. maybe it's cause i want the wrong things but...

i was just about to buy a z610i at the beginning of the year when SE decided to announce the w660i for soon. that was my jesus phone. except it's been "coming soon" for the last 6 months. well, that's lousy consumer experience for you

gr:aw2 decided to delay my gr:aw2 order over a month on the launch date. it's not like i didn't preorder it in january or something. well, screw you amazon, i got it for half price and 3 days later. you so let me down

it doesn't even exist in europe. and if it did ... well, it's not exactly the greatest phone the will ever be around here

so, to sum it up, wanting material goods so doesn't bring happiness. my consumer experience this year has been utter crap. i'm going buddist!

20070624 wekly round up

david is doing very well despite not being panpered like the first born was :)

been playing a lot of gr:aw2 demo. seem like there's something to this online multiplayer thing. and i get to cheat myself by claiming i'm testing online gaming on our network

tiao farrajota is evil by forcing my hand at finally buying a ds just for zelda

on other news, wireless keyboards suck for need of batteries