20040430 friday

you know, I must really really like Scrubs seing as I just watched a good part of Season 2.

which got me thinking. if I ever make it to "Boss", which is not likely "soon", I won't be a particularly good boss. unless I have exceptionaly good underlings which is utterly unlikely. so i'll be a bitch!

20040429 thursday

taxes. ut2k4. taxes. ut2k4. decisions. decisions.

20040428 midweek

midweek might mean a lot of things. it might mean you're half through a bad week. or it might mean you still have a bit of energy from weekend. or it might mean you hope you make it till the end of the week.

20040427 tuesday

the day involved cursing, dark mutterings and fear. it also involved shirts riped in door handles. ggaarrrr.
And i'm not even talking about the sal upgrade to fc2t3 using up2date. it also claimed I didn't have enough disk space and yelled LIES ALL LIES. but if it was right ? so I moved some stuff out of the way and went on with it. after figuring out xorg.conf and the fact xfs couldn't listen with --dropprivs it was all good.
lets face it. fc2t3 actually works!

20040426 monday

burned myself a nice FC2t3 dvd and went about upgrading sal. it told me i didn't have enough disk space to install. LIES ALL LIES!

20040425 sunday

there was swiming pools, there was froliking nekkid, there was grass. yes, vasco had a blast!

you know, I should really file my tax stuff. it's not like i'm going to pay or anything.

20040424 saturday

kiddie party!! GGAAAHHHHHHHH

meanwhile, someone is keepin it real

20040423 friday

at the request of friends and family, the much anticipated new vasco pics are up on the gallery. go get your fix of the toddler we all love.

meanwhile, in the wacky world of patent scams "Forgent" (you know, that's exactly the kind of name that doesn't instil credibility) decided to sue random large corporations about a patent they claim covers the JPEG picture formate (aka JFIF in educated circles). the way *I* see that actions kind of anoys the JPEG as they sell patent packs. Of course, the JPEG bunch include IBM, Sony, Phillips and Thomson. I pundit this will be a short but entertaining affair.
all refered trademarks are the property of their rightfull owners. blah blah blah. ianal. you're on your own buddy. really.

20040422 thursday

oh man. UT2004 r0x0r5 so much. too bad i sux0r at it. not to mention the new game modes aren't much fun on single player

20040421 midweek

for the first time in a long long time I just went to bed shortly after dinner. vasco is winning!

20040420 tuesday

TeVe has started showing Scrubs se 2. life is good :)

20040419 monday

sleepy sleepy sleepy. vasco has this whole thing going on where he moans and grinds all night and then has a little nap mid morning. but where's MY nap ?

20040418 sunday

there was almost some developments on the proxy-profiles-applet front but there was an whole lot of daddyness going round

20040418 saturday

I got shoes today. this is remarkable as I got a couple of pairs of nike walking/mountain shoes and put dibs on some nice black street shoes providing my size can be found. so, today I bought more shoes than in the last couple of years.

in the meanwhile, israel is pushing ahead with their political assassination program. I bet USA is thrilled considering the whole situation in iraq

20040416 friday

seems like I won't be finishing Direct Action as you can't load a saved game on the last mission. let's face it, I don't have the time to replay it till get it just right. duh

20040415 thursday

what has this world come to ?

20040414 midweek

ok so I knews Direct Action would take some time away from me. it has a couple of cool new maps, I just wish they had some more sniper points

20040413 tuesday

sites are closing to against the mockery of democracy going on currently on the EU regarding software patents. not only are the comission and comitte trying to push outrageous laws but they are also trying to bypass the parliament.
more here.

20040412 monday

started playing a new GR mod, Direct Action. seems nice, but awful time consuming :)

20040411 sunday

i was on holidays ? i feel so cheated!

20040410 saturday

roadtriping with mild food poisoning isn't happy fun. but we made it back home and everything turned out ok.

the thing about food poisoning is it ruins your whole day. you just feel like crap the next succefull meal goes through you

20040409 friday

a day full of family. choke full of family.

learned 2 fun in a scary way factoids while catching up with the real world. first, the US army is pretty much loosing control off Iraq key areas like parts of bagdhad and supply roads. the second is US civilian officers use private escorts for personal security.

20040408 Thursday

Tourism was done today. Wich of course means tired babies and even more tired dadies. but it's all good and good pictures were taken.

I found myself on the wrong end of a 9600 bps gsm logging into a box with real internet. This is so damn 80s it's not even funny!

20040407 Midweek

Going on an halfday car trip with a moody cranky baby is so not happy fun. Anyway, we made it to the region of Portalegre in Alentejo wich is another thing I greatly recomend.
What I don't recomend is the D Pedro V restaurante whose table setup falls under the mad monk category and environment is the pits as it's located in a basement with utterly insuficient ventilation.

God Java for Palm is slow. Ok s/for Palm//, but for palm is just painfully slow. It's usually okish on the T2 (which is, yes, one of the fastest palms in existance) but when it's playing mp3 in the background azure just takes forever to start unlike "real" Palm apps. and from there, sluginess.

20040407 Tuesday

More beach fun and cold outdoors pool adventures for vasco. He just kept threading water on the baby pool despite the cooldness. brrr

azure sometimes forgets to save bodies which is rather anoying. I keep needing to copy the text to the clipboard and go back to check if it was properly saved.

20040406 Monday

Today was a very exciting day. We discovered the beach and sand crawling. And after nappy time we went to a very large bathtube full of clear warm water.

As it turns out, the was rather tiring to momy, dady and grandad who all went to bed rather early.

20040405 Saturday

More packing and road triping to a well deserved holyday.
The hotel isn't bad apart from the inexistant hot water pool. Actually, the pool is there but lacks the "hot" bit. blah. There's also the 70s theme thing, except it isn't so much a "theme" as "being old". but ok.

Meanwhile, on the azure front it seems to have forgotten about 1 entry. It might just be due to bad ui design and lack of attention instead of backend bugs.

20040404 Sunday

A nice and sunny sunday. We ended up taking a drive to Sagres, this time with a much better camera. In case you're not up to date on your old world geography, Sagres is the southwestern tip of Europe. I greatly recommend standing at the top of the cliff and staring out into the ocean.

20040401 Thursday

Graffity2 is actually good once you get used to it. It requires more taps on avg than G1 but the shapes are more natural and easier to write. (i just discovered the old shape for y works! If only the inverted u worked for v too...)
I pretty much ditched Real and switched to Pocket Tunes. Not only the volume control WORKS as opposed to real's 8 step slider but also the playlist stuff is much saner too. Not to mention it's pwettier :)
i guess i'll even shell out for the crossfade thinguie
as you might have guessed i've composed this last couple of entries on azure. It's reasoneably good but sometimes forgets to save drafts which can be quite quite annoying.