20050430 saturday

sunny'n'all. woohoo

anways, fink is debian and darwin ports doesn't like me. this is not going well.

20050429 friday

as it turns out, there wasn't a macmini shipment so i think i'll be holding on to this one. i'm finally breaking the seal on iLife and instaling iMovieHD. seems fairly nice and claims to have improved DV import. lets see!

otoh, after instaling the thing quicktime opened a spam window on login ...

20050428 thursday

i can't believe osx apps index options by uid. my word.
also, osx hfs need defraging. my word.

20050427 wednesday

so, isn't osx supposed to be unix ? who do i do nfs exports ? i see afs, i see samba. i don't see nfs anywhere. blah.

20050426 tuesday

this is turning into toy week. today the post delivered DK bongos and DK for the gamecube. vasco imediatly recognized them as hitting devices and started pounding them recklessly till daddy decided that was a bit too much and took them away.
anyways, to no great surprise, daddy sucks at DK

20050425 monday

revolution holiday. we rock
anyways, the weather wasn't promising to hold so we stayed in and daddy ran updates and installed silly stuff on his new macmini whenever vasco allowed.

that was about it.

20050424 sunday

whenever vasco allowed dady would run off to play with his macmini. hiihihihih

20050423 saturday

today mostly involved spending money.
vasco got a new car chair. one for big boys.

and daddy stumbled upon a brand new macmini unit in stock at a mortar shop ready for the taking. it's pretty easy to figure out what happened next!
the setup process was pretty painless but the localization bits are all off. maybe me chosing english threw it off ...

so it was head on into the world of iMovie (which on the DV import part isn't thaaaat great) and fink which is well .. debian stable.

damn the thing is cute :)

20050422 friday

'As Allchin detailed Longhorn’s many features, publicly disclosing some for the first time, he noted that many will be “under the covers.” Which means, for example, Longhorn will automatically clean up, or “defragment,” your hard drive, if it is required. You won’t even know it’s happening. ' (here)

OMFG! that's so like! hard core!
uh ? what do you mean this is not 1985 ?

on other news, still no macmini.

ObLinkKeeping: QEmu

20050421 thursday

"As of Service Pack 1, which just entered beta testing this week, Microsoft has committed to support Linux as one of the supported guest operating systems on its Virtual Server 2005 product."
my oh my

20050420 midweek

i now get pope spam. my word!

on other news, i finished Stephenson's Quicksilver. huau. everything else on my bookcase input queue looked bland after it.

20050419 tuesday

having a sick baby doesn't make for nice resting nights. and i hadn't even recovered from weekend.

20050418 monday

god, the lone gunmen is lame. i mean, "userdata.ini" and "disable their cookie" lame.

img src=".\images\thomson.gif", as seen on a Thomson ST.24.1B.04. the shame the shame.

god unnetworked computers are lame. i men, lone gunmen lame.

20050417 sunday

1. Gave up on GR:OpDarkstar. the last mission is clearly made for coop. buuuhh

2. vasco was an extra cute and cuddly baby today and shared a lot of love with dady. that means he's prolly getting sick

3a. I need more disk space.

3b. I need something to compare DV by timecode and such.

4. Failed to go to bed early again. I'm so target demo for sleeptracker.

20050416 saturday

vasco is an evil mastermind in the way he can manipulate his grandad into doing anything. so i'm left with yelling at both my kid and my father. this is not the most glamorous time of my life.

20050415 friday

ever noticed how most modern steel and glass buildings are damned hard to defend ?
i blame this idle musings on GR

20050414 thursday

back to GR adiction. i'm going over operation darkstar. as most good user mods some missions are too hard for AI and are bitch unless you're playing co-op. blah

20050413 midweek

as if i din't even enough stuff to pay too little attention to i volunteered to maintain Balsa in Fedora Extras. go me!

20050412 tuesday

my oh my. being in a building administrator is hard tedious work.

20050411 monday

"...we were forced to conclude that it was in the interest of gamers for us to cancel the PC version of Ghost Recon 2. But Ghost Recon 3 on PC will hit shelves the fourth quarter of 2005, so the wait won’t be long, and will definitely be worth it."
maybe GR3 won't be kiddie stuff like GR2.

20050410 sunday

if you remember correctly, apple told me there aren't macmini unit to sell in europe. however, my spies in the field tell me they're going fast on london's high street.
apple are liars. maybe that's why they're strugling for 2nd place now.

and while we're on the subject, "Delivery estimate: 4 April 2005 - 6 April 2005". indeed.

on a lighter note, sillyness of the day

20050409 saturday

woohoo. it's warm enough for shorts.

GR has me hooked again. GR is evil. evil i tell you. evenmoreso as i suck at it.

20050408 friday

while R is great fun i think it's not a good waste of time. too much violence! i realize this now after playing a couple of missions.

meanwhile, amazon is failing very hard at the instant gratification side of things.

20050407 thursday

while Operation Darkstar is a nice mod i find myself with a save that breaks GR. that's a waste of a nice evening. i wish software would just work.

20050406 midweek

went back to GR. old habits die hard and GR2 is *ahem* delayed.

20050404 monday

at this rate google ads will pay me a coffe by 2008

20050403 sunday

compare The Office and The Office. USA TeVe gave up and just uses BBC comedy scripts now.

20050402 saturday

dad is back from his african adventure in one piece.rock on.

now, my lg dvd burner makes baby jebus cry. i fed it a 8x dvd-r and it reverted to it's "i don't know this media so i'll burn at 1.5x" crap mode. considering fixing that involves a firmware upgrade and that involves moving the damned thing to a windows box i think i'll just a dual layer dvd burner that's not crawp
meanwhile, hal is not cutting the mustard anymore. probably cause it's a 650MHz *original* K7 with a udma2 crusty old disk. looks like it's high time to think about rotating the machines 'round here. i smell something with "nforce 4" and "sli" coming on.

on unrelated news, i managed to make balsa go into a cpu hog cycle involving polling a ssl connection. I a) hate openssl b) can't get gdb to efectively give me data on the bug. ggarrrr

20050401 weekend

april's fool AND mailman spam day. damn exciting day.

it's incredible the amount of fun you can have with pixelated super mario 64!