20060430 friday

GR:AW feels a whole lot like R6 except the capt-controls-team stuff doesn't work so well in an open urban environment. it's pretty good on CQB but it's hard to get going efectively on an open skirmish.
everything else otoh, OMFG!

20060430 sunday

had another go at the GR:AW demo after tweaking the setting a bit. turns out my silent 6600 can do 1024x768. this is totally a game where lowering the resolution to get better fps definitly won't help as you probably won't see the rebels.

on other news, i'm keeping with my web2.0 adventure and found out internet explorer doesn't have the faintest idea about visibility:collapsed.
my word, i pitty "web developers" that need to put up with this crap. otoh microsoft keeps them in business as 7.0 will break 6.0 page as seruly as 6.0 broke 5.5 pages.

"Microsoft Internet Explorer: proudly setting Web2.0 back 4 years"

20060429 saturday

it's a nice sunny day and warm and cuddly and all i can do have a lie down in the shade. damn you GR:AW! damn you to hell!

anyways, i finished the demo level. it's quite easy once you get your head around it.

20060427 thursday

GR:AW creamed my system. i'm shocked.

that was easily fixed however with a quick nvidia update.

20060426 wednesday

GR:AW demo. can't talk.

20060425 tuesday

in case you didn't notice today is a fairly big national holiday.

spent the day not feeling quite so bad but not up to par yet. and mostly attending kiddie parties and trying stupid JS tricks.

20060424 monday

it's here! low fever, sore throat, coughing, sinuses backed up all the way to the ears. good thing i took the day off.

anyways, rico doesn't have what i need, mochikit is another thing altogether and dojo seems to have an healthy collection of widgets including the find-as-you-type combobox.
of course having no clue about JS to start with diving into an object oriented toolkit that makes the DOM its private bitch it's kind of disparing. and not being functional enough to read docs doesn't help either.

20060423 sunday

oh yeah i'm surely and steadily coming down with something.

started trying to decide what to use on my little ajax project (a point of sale type interface). there's a lot of stuff to chose from but nothing seems to be quite there yet. dojo seems to be a strong contender, so do rico, mochikit and plex.

20060422 saturday, one week after

wow the week just zoomed by. I'm pretty sure there was gaming involved and runing after vasco.
there also finding MS's webmail unsurprisingly dishes out a less sucky layout for IE than for other browsers trying to figure out what ajax/json lib to use on a side project.

not an amazingly interesting week.

20060414 friday

new GR:AW movies. and they made me scream like a giddy school girl. that's how good they were!

my word, draging perl from 1998 kicking and screaming into 2006 isn't happy fun.

20060413 thursday

today was mostly spent out shoping. boooring.
and to top that vasco was very very lucky to go through the day without having is bottom stoping my hand while it moved at high speed.

anyways, i learned about < canvas > which got me all excited. now, if only there was something usefull to do with it ...

20060412 wednesday

so much to plan, so little time to do it. anyways, tomorrow is holidays!

20060411 tuesday

i nearly forgot how broken my old palm T2 is. i think the slider connector are messed up which isn't very amazing considering the number of times the little beast fell out of my pants pocket into the floor. i *really* should open it up and check it out. as it stands it isn't even an efective solitaire machine.
or an lcdproc terminal :)

20060410 monday

and to top off a tax day ? an evening spent balancing bank statments! yeah baby, that's hot ledger on ledger action right there!

20060409 sunday

tax filling day! well, at least that got over with.

20060408 saturday

happy, sun, frolicking, that's the stuff.

20060407 friday

i don't think i did anything usefull today apart from work.
i'm turning into a dull boy.

20060406 thursday

microsoft windows now officially boots on intel macs. the shape of the world is shifting.

20060405 wednesday

quotes from the scene
"Macs use an ultra-modern industry standard technology called EFI to handle booting. Sadly, Windows XP, and even the upcoming Vista, are stuck in the 1980s with old-fashioned BIOS."
Let's just put it this way... ACPI and PXE tells us just how well this will be handled

20060404 tuesday

finished the condo minutes and started up on taxes. that's me baby!! rush all the way

20060403 monday

my mad computer skillz were put to good use typing up the condo meeting minute

20060403 sunday

played mario bros today, but in a wrench and putty in hand kind of way. lets see if it holds!

my word, vasco has got the wickedest evil laughter you've heard on a 2 yo. i got record it and put a mp3 up.
on other vasco news, spent a good part of the afternoon upgrading gallery and uploading new pics. the upgrade cause the user/pass to change, ask me about it.

20060401 saturday

the nice weather is finally kicking in!

got up-to-date with scrubs and watched a few more episodes of house. seems like all i do nowadays is watch series featuring evil doctors. hiihih