20030831 sunday

looked at dvd burners. the dual format ones are still a bit over my target price so i'll wait another forthnight or so :) (yes, this is how fast the prices are moving). anyway, i'm looking at LG and Teac atapi internal drives and my price target is under 150EUR. you hear LG ? :)
also, there's a lot of a3.5" and 5 1/4 USB2 disk enclosures floating around now. hummm.

20030830 saturday

holidays saturdays are not as nice as they should be. it takes the edge off having fun.
more vasco visits bearing gifts and untold noise. oh well.

somehow, the day's achievements got compressinto a couple of balsa lines that may piss off some people. eeek

20030830 friday

woohooo holidays. rock on!

oh well, as if I didn't have enough to worry about already with balsa and Palm stuff I got myself knees deep into gnome-networking which simply deals with userspace file sharing. oh man.

20030828 thursday

Today I made real solutions to empower the individual while keeping the infrastructure secure.

And on today's Dilbert, he fire extinguished a smoker. I'm so proud of him.

20030827 midweek

Not only is bioware tauting me with Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark which will only be launched in the end of november, but I also discovered amazon.co.uk has GameCube and GBA games for under 30EUR.
And to top it all, the extended version of LotR:TTT in mid november.
This is a great disturbance in the force.

20030826 tuesday

i'm sleepy, cranky and mocked by silly hardware. I also don't see anything good in the near future. I wish i'd hurry up turning into dogbert.

20030825 monday

my eshirt tshirts are here! the printing is very good (i feed it 300dpi images which helped i guessed) but they use cotton/lycra fruit of the loom tshirts which are a bit a stretchy. I much prefer hanes heavyweight. oh well.

the kernel plight returned. no sooner had i instaled 2.4.22-rc3 than marcelo had released 2.4.22-final, complete with rc4. Fortunatly, nothing interesting happened.

20030824 sunday

vasco had another nice visit bearing gifts. he repayed by being cranky all afternoon but shined through in the end with little baby smile :)

random bits of hacking happened today, including a new SerialBridge version, deciding PalmOS needs a decent list widget and NPTL poking.

20030823 saturday

today was a stupid hot-cold-foggy weather. bah.

People respin my old joke. It's still funny though.

A bank just downgraded from okish normal secure login to "stupid pseudosecurity". Now you use a onscreen pad to CLICK on the PIN digits. Cause you see, people usually can't see your pin well enough when you're typing it - PEOPLE NEED EXTRA HELP FROM YOUR BANK TO SNATCH YOUR PIN. And they are kind enough to assist.
Also, from the usuability (gaarrr) PoV that's brilliant - move from the normal way of entering numbers into a computer that everybody knows and replace it for something that stumps most users.

you know what's sad ? you falling asleep typing. most likelly, your code won't build.

20030822 friday

Microsoft user strikes again.
"camera angle to force viewer on to private arts" "open face kissing" The CAPalert people are obviously too busy looking at angelina to type properly. It almost makes me feel like giving them money, but then I remember they have more money than I do to boot.

20030821 thursday

trying to hack with a screaming rugrat on your arm is rather hard. not only it's hard to concentrate but typing with 1 hand gets annoying really fast. otoh vasco looks at my code with a lot of attention. I wonder if he's silently optimizing my code in his little head and making fun of me.

meanwhile, the internet is still going BOOM with sobig. go windows go! WE LOVE OUTLOOK!
meanwhile, the people at eshirt.it claim to have sent me my tshirt. cool. however, they seem to have no concept of "customer service" as both my messages have went unanswered despite the fact one is "your CC processing thing isn't allowing me to give you money" and the other is "I can't set up shop to give you money". cafepress otoh is highly "I want to give you money" responsive but it's on the wrong side of the ocean.

20030821 midweek

wasted a bit of time on ghostrecon. haven't played in a while and the current status is: I still suck.
updated some gnome related administrative stuff. and that pretty much summed up evening hacking :)

the bank sent me a registered package. registered means, they really want me to get it so I kind of get nervous about it, meaning it might be something urgent or ReallyImportant. after a bunch of hassle it turned out to be a cheap free pen. Tkx guys!

20030820 tuesday

Run rabbit run
dig that hole forget the sun
and when at last the work is done
don't sit down it's time to start another one
-- Breathe, Pink Floyd

meanwhile, people keep blowing up stuff, SCO keeps being a little bitch and I'm still not in palmos mode.

meanwhile, vasco is nice and big and healthy. and i'm happy.

20030818 monday

Terror Alert BERT

I'm starting to get boored with PalmOS. I know I'm mostly doing palmos stuff when I'm half asleep and extremly cranky but could Categories be any more painfull ? I mean, why doesn't the API let you get all the indexes ?


20030817 sunday

more TG development, it reached the bit where the cycle is make a small change, rebuild, xfer to treo, crash, rinse, repeat. buhhh

dilbert so so true.

20030816 saturday

Sony tried to deceive me. I seen a NetMD on a shop and noticed 3 things, a low price, "plays MP3" and a USB port. Now, I already have minidisks and they fit about 4 albums worth of mp3 at a decent rate so it might be a cleaver and cheap way to make my audio collection portable, provided the netmd thingy was a usb-storage device and I could copy mp3s right into it.
It turns out they lie. It doesn't actually play mp3s. They have some piece of windows software to turn mp3s into atrack+. bah.

loads of shopping and house caring and baby oggling.
TreoGroups took another stumble forward. sigh. this whole sodipodi and tshirts thing is taking way too much time.

20030815 holiday

nearly no hacking today. fishy maintenance, house maintenance, even artsy stuff but no real hacking. i blame the heat.

msblaster is still ripping away. in a stroke of genious microsoft removed windowsupdate from the dns. yeah, that will prevent the DoS alright.
meanwhile, one of my homebankings now uses something that's broken on moz-unix. please please guys. fix it. i don't want to have to use konq.

People stumbled through darkened hallways using the screens of their iPod digital music players and Treo computer phones as flashlights.

20030814 thursday

an american told me today you have to tell the state what's your party when you register to vote. so ... biggest democracy on earth ... i see ...
also, you show up to vote and tell the people there the name of someone who's registered. it's not like they actually know if it's actually you.

meanwhile, the us norteast coast and nearby canada are powerless. nothing stops the internet! except maybe cheap colos with no AC on backup power.

20030813 wednesday

did I mention the summer commute is on ? at last, a bunch of loosers seem to have left the building and the commute is just at "wild" level instead "suckonstick" level.

CSS musings: IE sucks. konqueror sucks less.my treo page is fairly simple, 2 blocks side by side, one locked into place, another with fixed left position. mozilla gets it right cause well, its box model works and it resizes the boxes. IE and konq well, don't. after some HINTS konq gets it right, even the absolute positioning stuff. IE well, doesn't. Also, neither know about "max-width". suck.

the big evening project was the friendster clique. sigh.
phrack 61 is out. somehow, it doens't have the edge of the old days ...

20030812 tuesday

the stock market was mean to me. the internet was mean to me. boooohhhh

came to terms with "i gotta hold PalmOS's hand all the way" sigh.

vasco is still cranky. so am i!


20030811 monday

monday monday so good to be.

20030810 sunday

vasco was sleppy and cranky. so was I :)

TreoHF continued to be misterious so i threw my hands up for a while and returned to treogroups. sigh, more UI code ... :\
I also allocated a balsa slot but it was mostly sucked up by playing "where is *spell and why isn't it working". btw, if you're using my balsa rpms and have problems with spelling, it's cause spell stuff on my build box was totally diferent from the distro packaged spell stuff. oooops me.

teve is playing disney's pearl harbour. disney's. nough said.
a quick google search shows my SCO joke isn't very original. sigh.

20030809 saturday

Sumbled upon the
Eudora Palm Web Suite. I should have found this earlier, it has a very nice ssl capable browser that doesn't need a proxy. Why is not needing a proxy important ? Cause I might want to pass fairly important data through it and I'm not exactly sure how much, if any, the proxies used by browsers such as Blazer retain.
On the TreoHF front, suckyness continues. bah.

Vasco slept through most of his gran-visit. That of course, gran-annoyed :)


20030808 friday

so, it was hot as usual now. I get out of work and it's goffy outside. *wtf* ?? weird weird weather.

TreoHF is still grinding. aparently there's some relevant palmos H bugs. sigh.

eshirt.it CC handling so far has been crawp for me. blah

20030807 thursday

while I was extremly critical of the lack of judicial action about the numerous fires go around I must say despite a bit delayed suspects and culprits are starting to be rounded up (I say culprits cause they were caught in the act). Lets see what comes out of this.
However, burnt wood is already beeing traded to the extreme delight of paper companies and the state doesn't seem too keen in doing anything.

IBM opened the can of whopass on SCO. tee hee hee
Meanwhile, TreoHF is hindered by the trial-n-error approach to programing. It mostly generates errors.

vasco is now ruler supreme of our lifes. sigh.

20030806 wednesday

geting pissed at telemarketers ? keep this handy at all times.
meanwhile, I'm warming up to firebird. seems neat-o after being pumped full of extensions. now, if only i found a smart bookmarks extension


20030805 tuesday

found www.eshirt.it. much closer to home than cafepress. more to come soon, maybe.

novell bought ximian. redhat sue sco. ibm got suse CC certified. it's a wild wild world.

vasco's interests are still pretty much in the areas of eating, sleeping and soiling diapers. still a few more moths till he becomes interactive.

20030804 monday

so, everybody is supposed to be out on holidays. they aren't. liars. there's about the same amount of traffic as the other months.

the fires go on
people find firebombs
mosquitoes fly

I had forgoten exactly how broken IE6 is. If you're looking at this site with IE it prolly looks like ass. If you're looking with Mozilla, it looks good. The diference ? Mozilla knows about bounding boxes. Bounding boxes you ask ? Bounding boxes are the basis for HTML4 and CSS1 which all graphical browsers claim to fully support this days (after all, we're talking about 1995 technology). Simply put, it's the bits in your browser that calculates how big stuff is and how that affects stuff around it and where it ends up. The good people at W3C went to the trouble of puting together some tests browser writers can use to well, test their products. If you used IE to follow that link, it looked like crap and that's simply because IE box engine is so broken it just draws stuff over stuff and doesn't notice. My pages are mostly based on boxes and how boxes relate to each other.
Now, you might have noticed a lot of major sites are just one column just under 800 pixels wide which happens to be pretty the smallest screen width you find in peces this days. However most people have much wider screens and see an empty white stripe on their screen next to their content. That's annoying. Also, ever tried to browse those sites on an high dpi display like a 1280x1024 14" tft ? You get a blob of unreadble text on the left half of your screen. Then you increase font size and the formating goes all out of whack cause the guys that did the layout specified *all* block sizes and positions based on 12px fonts.
You know where all this annoyance comes from ? IE. As it can't calculate boxes properly designers have to manually place everything and then make everything fixed with. Thank Microsoft for crap pages everywhere.

20030803 sunday

vasco swinged between sleeping and complaining cause we didn't let him sleep. training a kid to sleep mostly at night is hard. specially on your hears.

TreoHF is almost 0.1 quality. killed cause a bit of stupid induced bugs, some bad-API bugs and some docs-don't-work-bugs. i'm left with a couple of i'm-too-lazy-too-read-docs bugs. release tomorrow prolly. horrah.


20030802 saturday

fires rage on. arsonists keep happy and free. nicoheads keep droping burning parafernalia.
the fishy are at 32C. summer is being hard on them too.

vasco went on his first shopping run today. baby fashion is ruthless, despite being peak of summer summer baby clothes are nowhere to be found. despites babies being born all around the year and baby clothes being good for ohhhh ... 1 month ?


20030801 friday

even more heat. and more forest fires. nicoheads are still the leading cause of bush fires.

started debuging the treohf system code. it doesn't work. at all. either i'm doing something very wrong or the docs lie. grrrr