20040831 tuesday

as it turns out the President came on record stating he will ask the govt why the navy is involved in the women on waves case. seeing he's still the head of state and comander in chief of the joint armed forces.

Meanwhile all goes well in vacation land. It has mostly involved pool hacking.

20040830 monday

you know what i hate ? Mid afternoon end of month shoping.
You know what i like ? Full moons and clear skies. If only i remembered to pack the tripod.

As it seems the highest concern of our right wing christian govt is the abortion ship. The navy has been mobilized to keep her at bay as it turned from a minor
detail into a major attack on our sovereignty.
I wonder if our, christian right wing, defense minister will post the army at the border in case one of his friend's daughters decides to question our sovereignty.

20040829 sunday

going on holidays is such hard work. When you're done packing up the baby stuff you're ready to colapse on the couch and pack it in.

20040828 saturday

the veredict for today is, babies rule. also, being a baby rules as people tend to give you stuff.

on unrelated news, finished doom3. ok, i cheated a little, but i did find id's secret :)

20040827 friday

original story is "The graffiti on the left reads in Arabic, 'Bush is a dog'. ". If the pic is gone, you can read pretty well in english "bush is [line] dog" written in latin arabic style characters. (as seen in dpreview

The news today are, BUSH IS NOT A DOG.

on diferent news, got a new case fan (noisy) and an enclosure to mount the new disks inside the case. i now believe i need a new case.

on even other news, the netherlands abortion ship is coming to portugal. there seems to be one right wing minister, one very-right wing minister, boats and helicopters ready to track it. if we have all that stuff available to track a medical ship, WTF DO DRUG SMUGLERS GO IN AND OUT OF COAST AT FREE WILL ?

20040826 thursday

picked up my shiny new 160G sata disks. made them up into a nice raid1 yelding a nice cool steady 50MBps sustained reads. boyah.

20040825 midweek

doom3. wtf was that noise ??

20040824 tuesday

after a few days keeping away I got sucked back into doom3. i still suck. and it's scarier. boooooh

on other news, the good people at streetshirts.co.uk reprinted the tshirt i kind of messed up (with their help :)) for free. good good service.

20040823 monday

ended up doing a bunch of stuff and having something to show for it. not much but something.

god, 2.6 scsi and memory stuff isn't anything like 2.0 :)

20040822 sunday

boy this was a nearly wasted sunday. to sum it up i was at a wedding. nough said.
the bright side is i managed to get some nice shots and even use my teleconverter for something usefull. noticed once again the most important feature on a camera is the glass.

20040821 saturday

sun, water, froliking. you know what happens on sunny saturdays with bright babies.

people tell me maxtor or seagate, but maxtor seems to suck bacdly on reviews and i'm not sure i can get seagate 7200.7 so i'll get some nice cheap hitachi deskstar (i'm pretty happy with my hitachi and i'm pretty happy with my older deskstart hitachis) and raid 0 them. at least till I run out of space that is :)

20040820 friday

busy busy busy. looking at about 1.5T of disk that weighs about 350kg reminded me i need to arrange for some storage at home.
damn lacie disks are sexy but i'll prolly turn to something cheaper, like sata.

20040819 thursday

foggy foggy foggy. today was clearly a bad day to try and finish proxy-profile-applet.

also, i'm more and more convinced i will spend serious money on external storage as internal storage invariably leeds to overheating disks and sadness. maybe something nice from lacie or one of those crazy multidisk firewire enclosures.

20040818 midweek

gah. Feynman is breaking me. the good news is looks like i'm finishing this book tonight! :)

got stuck in the cpu complex. got bored and went back to the comms tower to see what if. spoilers ahead, select the following text to find out.

so, i went and didn't send the message. as oposed to the megacorp guys saying we'll burn in hell they say meet us at the monorail. i should play this storyline a bit more and see if they show up or the game is basicly the same. the sarge however gets nasty on the radio. btw, the sarge has gone over so who cares.

this of course was about doom3.

people commented about no comments here. well, I can't be arsed to run dinamic pages just for it and MT's comment system doesn't wholy satisfy me. so there!

rock on news of the day: cannabis stops development of blood vessels in cancerigenous masses.

20040817 tuesday

last night i started one of the Feynman books that arrived on the amazon parcel. it turns out that was a mistake. as with all feynman books, i found myself wide awake and through 1/3 of it in the middle of the night.
so today was a bit foggy.

20040816 monday

today's news:
* i've joined multiply. I think it will be a flop.
* amazon.co.uk made .... daddaaammm badabadabammmm DOOM3 reach me! now i can start playing 2 weeks ago!
* the amazon parcel also contained 4 Feynman books.
* an australian news bit says surfing a bit of pr0n is GOOD for you!
* we got fish! a new tiny plecos and some black and white neon like tetras.

20040815 sunday

today was the day chosen to rebuild the fishtank. We removed all the water and washed all the stuff which pretty much sucked. we also decided against keeping the bottom plates after seeing all the crap acumulated under them. kiddies, if you're not thinking about taking your tank apart every year, avoid bottom plates.
so the news are natural plants and new oxigenizers(sp?!). no new fishies yet.

vasco is being very naughty and cranky. teeth teeth teeth. sigh.

20040814 saturday

sun is back after a miserable week, and damn right in time too! we need sun to play with water.

20040813 friday

hell is annoying. it's dark, full of weird monsters and you lose your kit. blah. otoh seems like life is retaking its normal course :)

20040812 thursday

you know, once you figure out most doom3 monsters die from headshots and you get some mad mouse skillzz life isn't so bad as a marine.

20040812 midweek

in hindsight, it was pretty predictable you can't hold a grenade forever ...

20040811 midweek

gah. the darkness. the darkness.

20040810 tuesday

decided not to play doom3 and instead chill out watching invader zim (chillout, invader zim ? lol) and sorting old pics. memories of happier times.

20040809 monday

vasco likes teletubbies. well, it's ok for 1yo to like teletubbies. he likes south park too so it evens out.

at some point i'm going to get boored of doom3 and godmode my way through it but till then i'll just keep on respawning!

20040808 sunday

vasco was totally evil today :) which means near to nothing got done.

good news sports fans, there's new pics on the gallery.
also, as you might have noticed, i've been forgeting to sync this to the server. tsc tsct sc.

20040807 weekend

sun and happiness and froliking and xtreme rugrats and stuff :)
also, shooting zillions of photos and not worrying about filling the card, reviewing images, finding out you didn't actually manage to deploy the techniques you read about and heading off for a round of doom3

20040806 friday

this whole huge thread about copyright assignment for Evo broke out on g-f-l featuring our own rms. so, far he managed to piss everybody off :)

oh, i got one those funky 4 slot usb2 card readers. turns out each slot is a diferent reader and they're all diferent LUNs. which is kind of neat but meant i needed to rebuild my kernel :)

20040805 thursday

today was pretty much dedicated to the S1. went for a round of early pics before work but ended up not choosing a very scenic spot.
also compared S1 shots to 300d shots which only served to get me depressed. of course then i realized the 300d kit was worth 3 times my S1 and got happy again.
after work i went on a camera related shopping spree. did I say spree ? i meant i got a camera bag now that i have all the kit i'm planing to buy for the S1. i went for a lowepro but ended up with a generic (fnac brand) that fits the camera snugly. the problem is the S1 is much smaller than a regular slr but the teleconverter is a huge beast so i ended up going with a bad bag for an slr :)

20040804 midweek

wohoo my stuff is here. aparently it wasn't lost in the mail, just forgot :)

the 1.6x teleconverter is larger and heavier than I expected. it rocks though. it doesn't seem to add any distortion and acording to the camera readings it's 0X.
it comes in a fake leather bag with lense caps like real canon lense. the bag is big enough to fit the converter mounted on the adapter ring, the caps and hood which if would pretty much make canon rock if it's on purpose ;)

now, what's really funny is having your camera tell you you can shoot 1200 images. the hitachi/ibm drive is totally compatible with the S1 but seems to put a bit more drain on the batteries. i'd do a comparison but it's hard considering there's motors and displays and whatnot on the camera.

20040803 tuesday

the problem with playing 0day games is when you get stuck most likely you'll won't be able to get any help from google. that's the way it goes.
and as it goes, we cheat.

20040802 monday

doom3. nough said!

20040801 sunday

today was the chosen day to cleanup the office. my word! the amount of crap we put away! i by puting away i really mean trashing.

ohhhhhhh there's doom3 torrents. this could be a moral dillema if i didn't have it in preorder on amazon ....