20050831 wednesday

holidays are such hard work. i tried to stay up to watch a rerun of the history of reggae and popular jamaican music and just fell asleep. my word!

20050830 tuesday

my typing habilities never cesse to amaze me. currently my left index finger is taped solid which means 1/5 of the of the keyboard is pretty much off limits. neverthless, i'm touch typing at pretty much my regular rate thanks to magic brain rerouting (yes kids, just like star trek!) habilities.
my conclusion is a) i don't actually know how to touch type b) i memorized the keyboard layout from all this years pouding c) i just tell my fingers to go where ever i think the keys actually are.

rock on!

20050829 monday

ah. in the time honoured tradition of holidays, i hurt myself. this time i butchered off a thin slice of index finger with a bread knife. claudia, who is luckily proficient at battle style wound dressings, quickly stoped the bleeding and patched me up (ever tried patching up a gushing cut on your own hand ? it's pathetic) till i had it looked at by a trained medical professional.
it wasn't exactly life threatning but i never did have my blood soak through a kitchen towel exactly that fast. also luckily, i'm not easily impressed by blood so i'm actually quite helpfull in this kind of predictments. particularly considering i'm the one stoping my own bleeding with my tongue.

20050828 sunday

Finally, we're off. Complete with dog apendage. This is clearly not the holidays I was looking for.
If you lost a dog and need a new bundle of joy, drop me a line.

20050827 saturday

And just as I was packing for holidays a little doggie fell into our lifes.
Which is most unfair. We'll have to see what to do about that.

20050825 thursday

there's a new GR3 trailer. it's shhhhhhweeeet. let's just hope the game lives up to the hype.

20050824 wednesday

clearly phone sockets hanging from walls by threads isn't exactly the best cabling for dsl. but somehow it works. not particularly well, but it works.

20050823 tuesday

hum. my home phone instalation is clearly not up to par with adsl after being guted in the isdn -> pots transition. time to get screwdriver happy fun ...

20050822 monday

this is clearly not the correct time to shop for a64 x2 on the local market ...

20050821 sunday

vasco was being pure evil on lack-of-sleep juice so today was not particularly happy fun. he shows an extraordinaire strenght and resolve for a 2 year old, too bad he shows it against me. seems like we have the product of a lineage of headstrong males.
sweetness follows :)

meanwhile, transcode is pissing me off. mostly cause i don't have the time to fix it.
and guess what, after shelling out 135EUR for OSX you have to shell out an extra 20EUR to play MPEG2! now, that's value for you!

20050820 saturday

there's sun and water but vasco is being a silly puppy and doesn't feel like cavorting. buuhh.

meanwhile, all was rebuilt or redone and still transcode makes libdv segfault on export. i'm not having fun yet.

20050819 friday

ok ... so... transcode hates me. and the transcode necessities are all scatered and old so rebuilding transcode will be a pain. *moan*

20050818 thursday

transcode seems to be segfaulting from under me. hummm.i whish i still remembered all the transcode tricks ...

20050817 wednesday

noticed i have GR:War of Infamy sucking up space on my disk so i figured i'd do something about it. and i did. i managed to wipe out my squad quicker than usual.

20050816 tuesday

woohoo. finally bob the builder vasco's new toys are here :) can we fix it ? yes we can! more work for dady ? sure it is!

20050815 monday

holiday! i'm not exactly sure which. but it's summer and there's small children laughter so who cares ?

20050814 sunday

took a fairly vicious hammer to old balsa bugs. someone should clean up bugzilla ... /me looks around ...

ninja bears with laser eyes. or sumeting ..

20050813 saturday

there's sun, and water, and jumping little boys and new stargate episodes.

what an interesting life i lead! unfortunatly, it's more tyring than actually interesting.

20050813 friday

and in a bold inovative move, microsoft patents search.

20050811 thursday

found out paypal won't let me send money to other people. i feel so cheated!

20050810 wednesday

being part of a community means if you feel like helping people you're not particularly friends with. that annoys me.

20050809 tuesday

while my right ear spewed out some ungodly goo and it's almost functional again the left side is still holding on to the goods and being pretty annoyed.

ok so sg-1 is picking up some pace ... lets hope it keeps that way ..

20050808 monday

waking up prompted me to go see a doctor. which in turn prompted ear drops and brufen. fun fun fun!

20050807 sunday

right. so it seems my mild ear annoyances are building into full blown ear infections. this isn't going well ...

20050806 saturday

life gets wierder everyday.

other than that, saturdays must be vasco's favourite days :)

20050805 friday

my word, you can't get anything done on an august friday afternoon.

20050804 thursday

i'm not exactly sure atlantis needs a new guy ...

20050804 thursday

paypal is annoying. what do you mean i can send someone money funded from my CC ? bastards.

20050803 wednesday

so this Ori fellas .. don't seem all that cool bad guys.

20050803 thursday

'Sony says that the Cell "new multi-core 3.2GHz Cell processor developed jointly by IBM, Sony Group and Toshiba will support a variety of operating systems, such as Linux or Mac OS X Tiger."'
oh no. another expensive toy!

i do hope stargate picks up some steam ...

20050802 tuesday

stumbled upon a black hawk down inspired mod for GR and had a go at it. the mod is fairly well built but fails at some points like deltas don't carry m209s like rangers. also, the campaign seems to be written for multiplayer. i managed to get through the 1st mission ok but 2nd mission involves scores of nasties that basicly apear out of nowhere ...

20050801 monday

disturbance in the force i tell you!

the main problem about craving new sexy computers is not knowing exactly what to do with old ones. namely, a perfectly good, well built and working first model k7.
maybe refit it and donate it to charity ....