20041231 new years eve

people was crazy over a man made calendar oditty. again.

me myself i used it as an excuse to stuff my face. right on!

XXX: A marker that attention is needed.

20041230 thursday

my word, vasco is the reincarnation of atila the hun!

found the talking bush sidequest on the excelent Lord of Terror user mod for NWN. lots of fun!

Wintendo: [Play on 'Nintendo'] A PC running the Windows operating system kept primarily for the purpose of viewing multimedia and playing games.

20041229 midweek

the 14" ibook bends. this is unsetling and shied me away from a nice 12" ibook. my "get a mac" saga continues!

and now, for something totally diferent: The Word of the day.

foo: 3. First on the standard list of metasyntactic variables used in syntax examples.

20041228 tuesday

got an haircut. woohoo. i no longer got an helmet.

google is serving crappy ads on my pages. boooh.

20041227 monday

steped out for a quiet shopping run. or so i thought. the traffic was a mess, the mall was crowded and we took forever.
it was monday after xmas, kids were supposed to be passed out from playstation and everybody else was supposed to be away. it took a while to dawn on me.
kids were blowing the wads of cash they got on xmas.

20041226 sunday

a major earthquake has hit southeast asia with tsunamis rolling over a great deal of coastal areas. babies were riped from their mother's arms and fathers carried their child's broken bodies.
is this the work of the almighty god ? if so, can someone else help us ?

20041225 saturday

xmas day, over excited kids with new toys. woohpdido.

20041224 friday

happy eve of a religious holiday of uncertain historical accuracy that was strategically positioned over a pagan holiday and now is just a tool of capitalism.

spent a good part of the last days doing video stuff. this is what i learned:
* kino is coming along fine and almost there
* mpeg2enc has great quality but is waaayyyyy to slow
* dvdauthor is all there
* the dvdauthor gui isn't
* someone should write a script to automagically generate scene menus

20041223 thursday

personal stuff got deleted. goodbyes got said. access cards were returned. this was it. btw, my 96 is gone.

i'm sure i'll meet cool people at the new job and there'll be interesting stuff, it's just that i suck at change.

20041223 midweek

xmas is coming. final loose ends are being tied. backups are being made.

it's very likely i do write up on cprm and why it was like, the most kick ass job around. in some near future.

20041221 tuesday

it's amazing the amount of crap you can stuff into drawers over the course of a few years.

finally gave in to the hype and included google ads on some of my pages. more like a new toy than actually a revenue source. my pages get so little love.

20041220 monday

work work work. my word, where does the time go.

as it seems suprnova is down. this is bad news. wtf will i find my series now ??

20041219 sunday

so, i wasn't as cured as i thought. drat!

omfg! only one more week to go!

on less cryptic news, thanks to my dns mastery it seems i don't actually have to do nothing in the process of bytemark renumbering. go me!

20041218 saturday

the megane has finished the break-in period. *grin* not that i did anything silly or illegal. of course not.

anyways, nothing interesting happened except vasco breaking stuff.

20041217 friday

whelp. i'm feeling like an old man. vegged out on the sofa and went to bed at 23:30.

omfg. i'm turning into an old man!

20041216 thursday

i'm feeling somewhat better tkx to chemical drugs and much needed dark time rest.

oh, and sg-1 is back.

20041215 midweek

finished the davinci code. clearly a record time for me. now, it's time to go dig up the "facts" and see how much of the truth was made up. dig up where you ask ? the intarweb of course!

TeVe reminded me by chance Pearl Jam is still The Band for me.

20041214 tuesday

felt a bit better. and that's all. urgh. i'm turning in.

20041213 monday

luckily, it's not everyday we have a light earthquake. as if we didn't have enough stuff to worry about!

20041212 sunday

Given the wealth of evidence that smoking damages your health, you would have to be stupid not to kick the habit. Now a study suggests this could be a self-fulfilling prophecy, because smoking reduces your IQ.
I knew it all along.

20041211 saturday

spent most of the day fairly sick but did accomplish a bunch of stuff:
* found the hidden track in AM-FM with the help of the nice people at orkut and was even able to rip it. `cdparanoia 0` is your friend!
* stuck the ati9600 in bean. now claudia can enjoy AA 1024x768 sims2.
* fixed this atom feed (oooops)
* did a bunch more editing on vasco's dvd. kino is coming along fine but it still lacks some features. anyway, so far it's proving "good enough" for the task at hand.
* watched a couple of new galactica episodes. boooooring.

20041210 friday

been pretty much only listening to AM-FM. i fear i'll soon grow tired of it. unlikely though.

anyways, i think i correctly added an atom feed to this thing. tkx for caring!

20041209 thursday

The Gift's AM-FM didn't really hit me till the 3rd listening. That seems to be the magic number for all The Gift albums. And as usual, the most incredible sonds aren't the singles.

and we can meet The Smiths at any time of our lives, cause sounds will help you every time, just try to wake up one day rewind, we were only 17.

20041208 midweek

another midweek holiday. it wasn't a bad day but towards the end i felt like getting out on the town and getting slightly drunk.
like we used to.

instead i watched the gift dvd, an atlantis episode and got my video stuff up to speed to restart working on vasco's dvd.

started on the davinci code. it's an evil evil book. it kept me reading it well into the wee hours. evil i tell you!

20041207 tuesday

as it turns out, a snafu involving impressive's upgrade, bytemark's renumbering and my postfix config caused mail to not show up in my inbox for the last couple of days. the backup mx seems to have catched it all but in the unlikely event you got a bounce, "oooops" please send again.

20041206 monday

he slices, he dices, he refactors, he reengineers. he rocks!

20041205 sunday

today was dedicated to bringing impressive up to fc2 from fc1. this was mostly harmless except for the redhat python weird ass crap.
it only got fun when up2date borke python.

also, there's the flaming cases WHY GOD WHY that showed up in cleanup [erase: pyxf86config 0.3.12-1.i386] I will erase these to satisfy the dependencies: [deps: rhpl 0.143-1.i386] [deps: system-config-keyboard 1.2.1-2.noarch] [deps: up2date 4.3.19-1.i386]
[erase: XFree86-libs-data 4.3.0-55.i386] I will erase these to satisfy the dependencies: [deps: gd 2.0.15-1.i386] [deps: mrtg 2.10.5-1.i386]

but then someone reminded debian is worse <neil> mozilla-firefox (1.0-3) unstable; urgency=low <neil> * Changes by Mike Hommey <neil> * The "becoming more and more an iceweasel" release. and Fedora Core felt better.

usability quotes from the front: 'When I told him to just middle-click, he said he did not like to do it. "I hate clicking the wheel, I feel like I am breaking the mouse."' you see, this is why i hate usability people. they try to break everything for the sake of this buttmonkeys.

20041204 saturday

vasco was still being a sick puppy so we stayed in a except for a quick pop to IKEA of Sweden which got me some work and a new pillow.

Have you noticed how swedes always call everything 'of Sweden'. There's IKEA, there's Jens, ... i'm sure there's something else.

20041203 friday

amazon sent me the davinci code. now that i see its lenght i'm almost sorry i ordered it. oh well.

20041202 thursday

yup, seems like a have a new job alright. i might even have 2 jobs for a while! eeek.
all this stress is seriously eating into my NWNing!

amazon shiped me another heap of books. bastards!

20041201 midweek

good news: it's an holiday
bad news: it's cold and damp

i think that combo didn't go well with vasco. he's feeling sick again. booo :(