20061229 unboxing day

got the 2nd best xmas gift today (tkx D!)

and then there was the amazon wii goodies package fresh from post. rabid rabbits is just utterly insane and 100% good fun.
zelda is well, zelda!

20061226 get up

get up get on up!
james brown is dead.
oh well

anyways, x-mas was okish, vasco is a bit under the weather so he's really not enjoying all his new stuff as much as should be. i got mostly boring stuff except the wii of course :)) so this means i'm officially getting old.

20061217 sunday

didn't like openwrt's firewall script (mostly cause i already have one) so i looked over into dd-wrt. the web config stuff on ddwrt is much more complete but the system itself looks a bit icky so it's back to openwrt.
now i'm looking for something that can do icp but can fit inside openwrt. hummm.

20061216 misspringle's back

FNAC sent me a sms saying misspringle was ready from pickup but when i got there it wasn't quite so.
the dealer broke the 30 day SLA and didn't return my repaired unit in time so FNAC gave me store credit and i got a spankin new t|x to call misspringle.
you know, that's exactly why you pay the extra 10% at fnac :)

also got an asus wl500g premium to act as the new gateway and relieve hal from all that trouble. the original firmware is actually linux but it was running openwrt 6 minutes after first boot :)

20061209 saturday

reinstalled impressive from rh8/fc3 to CentOS4. that of course was after half wedging it trying to get it up to fc5.
the bytemark guys made it extra easy. i just switched over the rootfs and their stuff configured all the network stuff. and thanks to the way unix is not mswindows after 5 minutes i had restored dns and email services.
then it was 30 minutes to get the rest of the stuff back and 4 hours for plagger.

meanwhile, the riaa is petitioning to reduce artist royalties. i bet Lars is pissed off now!

20061208 nullity

some school teacher came up with solution to 0/0. his solution is a new nullity "number". lets review this new number:
* its value is 0/0. and 0/0 is nullity.
* it's outside of R
* as it's outside o R it has no ordinallity
* as it's outside o R it can't be operated on

so this is basiclly solving any problem by saying the answer is sploing. the answer is sploing and sploing is the answer. what's the use of sploing ? who cares ??

20061203 another sunday

i'm looking around for decent MUAs for osx. so far i'm so depressed i'm trying to build evolution. but lets recap:
* Mail.app: the frontend is nice with all the spotlight integration and the nice threading but the backend is crap crap. people left and right complain about mail.app and large mboxes (yes, mbox) and so far it hasn't impressed me on imap. also, it can't effectively deal with meetings (exports to iCal but doesn't send confirmations). sent mail is fishy too, mail.app gets confused while trying to send multipart/alternative messages with other attachments. it makes everything alternative but the text part, including the html part. rui as a good rant about mail.app

* Entourage: entourage is microsoft's outlook version for mac. as far as i can tell it doesn't actually share codebase with outlook but it's based on some older product they acquired. it as some nice ideas like the projects stuff but it's all around ms poo. threading is pathetic and general message sorting isn't much better. i couldn't even find where it stores mail (no, really. i *tried*), doesn't know about addressbook.app nor iCal and imap didn't impress me. message sending is up there with microsoft's standards too.

* Thunderbird: it's as good/bad in osx as it is everywhere else. it's well rounded, seems to do well with metric buttloads of mail and it's okish from the network point of view. it has calendar integration throught lighting but lighting isn't even alpha yet and doesn't do a lot of things like sending appointment replies. doesn't know about addressbook.app (though there's a patch that will go into 2.0) nor iCal.

* Evolution: run on x11 so it's fairly yucky by osx standards. however, it's a very passable mail client, handles my amount of email in an okish way and knows all about appointments. doesn't know about addressbook nor iCal either and never will by the rate of things.

why is calendar and appointments support for me ? cause i'm looking at a work environment so that's a big part of it. addressbook and iCal are important cause Sync JustWorks and i can have everything on the mac, palm and phone.

boo. i'm depressed.

PS: turns out I was wrong about mail.app+ical+appointments. it actually works. osx faq tells us how