20040229 sunday

while food poisoning is great for losing a good 2 pounds it sucks for life in general. light sucky food, being zaped, dehidration, the works.

20040228 saturday

oh. mild wee food poisoning. this didn't turn out to be an happy fun day unless you're into feeling generaly sick and puking.

20040227 weekend

horrah for friends with new babies. little wee babies! unlike vasco :)

20040226 thursday

"We have never had vulnerabilities exploited before the patch was known," [David Aucsmith, who is in charge of technology at Microsoft's security business and technology unit] said.
that's easy then! stop releasing patches! that will probably even stop MS offices from being raided.

anyway, this wonderfull proposal made it to k5. make business replies that come in snail-spam cash redeemable! Just walk into a post office with a stack of business replies and donate them to charity.

20040225 midweek

horrah goodies from amazon arrived. however, I was a dork and got myself a Feynman book I already owned. anyway, it's all good!

20040224 carnaval

la la la carnaval mardigras etc etc. it was an extra fun day for vasco not cause it's carnaval but cause mummy and daddy dedicated most of the afternoon to play time. the joys of being 7 mo :)

anyway, got some new fish! a bunch of swords and some bottom cleaners. let's see how this works out.

and finally, finished GR: Operation Stabilize. It's a pretty good campaign but I expected the final mission to be a bit more fire heavy. The whole blair witch thing while being clever was a bit annoying though.

20040223 monday

vasco can now reliably crawl forward and turn. ph3ar!

20040222 sunday

woohoo success. all it took was about 3 days but now I have GR goodness back and I can continue Operation Stabilize.
In the end I burned a dvd with the extra boot disk, an image of a working partition and the tens of cds involved in the complete install process. ah ah!

20040221 saturday

more wrestling with gamebox but today involved some family quality time too!
I must really love ghostrecon to go to all this trouble. As it seems you should totally ignore dos7's checkdisk as it is a humm ... clusterfsck and just use w98se's checkdisk. You live, you learn.

20040220 friday

geting gamebox back to working order is proving harder than I expected. checkdisk aparently has a builtin "kill all fats" function it uses quite often. sigh.

20040219 thursday

out of pure careleness and lax permissions my regular user managed to wipe the begining of hda. this could be a problem if that wasn't ocupied by the gamebox so no real data was lost. i get to reinstall the game box. again! fortunatly my GR data is elsewhere la la la.
so kids, learn from my mistakes and don't make /dev/hd* g+w

20040218 midweek

and sudenly, the game box stoped booting. there i was playing GR yesterday and now w98 just won't start. bah!

20040217 tuesday

blah blah blah GR: OS

20040216 monday

k5 article about the comments on the leaked w2k code. AHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

oh man, ut2k4 is all about blowing stuff up!

20040215 sunday

there was something non kickass about today, mostly cause i'm still feeling pretty yucky and it involved some house type stuff.

computer time was mostly dedicated to GR:OS so no manly hacking. don't hold your breath.

20040214 saturday

What preocupies the current portuguese government:
* criminalizing creating personal backups of music CDs
* allowing police to access Internet connections personal data without control

What doesn't preocupy the current portuguese government:
* we're so behind on our renewable energy usage EU quotas it's hopeless to try and catch up
* our fuel eficiency is the lowest in EU
* we're over our polution quotas
* there's hundreds of quaries strip mining protected forests
* we have the lowest education levels in EU
(data collected from major media outlets)

20040213 weekend

took the drive enclosure back to the shop but as expected they didn't have stock. RMA city, here we go!

so, Operation Stabilize rocks prety hard. the plot isn't true to history but the situation is pretty much there. this is probably the first non official campaign i'm playing to the end

20040212 thursday

go flu! spent the whole day feeling sick and mucky bah.

got a new toy, a usb2/firewire 3.5" HD enclosure. after some fumbling with the firewire port which didn't actually ever work it just stoped working, as in not even registering with the host controller and sucking the life out of the bus altogether. i don't forsee happy fun.

the last episode of B5 played on teve today. it made me sad. on a number of levels.

20040211 wednesday

got 'Operation Stabilize' to stop crashing GR, all it took was moving the quality setings from max, which the gf4ti takes easy on all other missions, to default. needless to say the evening was wasted playing :)

20040210 tuesday

AUS Viper did a GR mod about the 1999 intervention in East Timor. The mod itself is awesome and the plot line has some historical elements. If you're a GR player, go get it. Now, if I could just get the 1st mission to run without crashing ....

20040209 monday

new toy day. this mms thing might have something to it. i might even be persuaded to use it time to time.

20040208 sunday

little time was dedicated to LEgo today, most of it wasted trying to figure out why nqc couldn't talk to the spybotics brick. at some point I just tried changing the cable from ttyS0 to S1 and it decided to work. I fairly doubt nqc's serial code - I just wish I had the time to go at it!

quote of the day: "Can't I be offended by everything at the superbowl?"

20040207 saturday

a family day mostly spent minding vasco who spent most of day making dady and grandad happy and wondering why mommy was sneazing so much and feeling so yucky.

seems like spybotics and RCX use diferent ir protocols (go Lego!) however spybotics can send RCX style messages which is nice but fairly useless to me. Anyway, BrickOS doesn't use the Lego protocol so i'd need to figure something out. the compromise seems to be VLL which spybotics can txrx and brickos has code to emulate.
meanwhile, I remembered the parts left on the balcony to air. despite soaking in soap water the damn cigarrette stench didn't clear off so I had to break out the bleach based detergent and after 2 wash cycles most parts stenched as much as they reked of wc cleaner and I decided to call it a day.

20040206 friday

woohoo my new Lego parts are here. now I have a blue spybotics brick. needless to say the evening was wasted investigating NQC and ways to control the spybot with the RCX.

20040205 thursday

vasco update: vasco now tries his best to jump out of his trolley and smash his head on the floor. and tries to crawl backwards from anything no mather how high. being 6mo is dangerous!

20040204 midweek

balsa bugs. imaginary balsa bugs. chbm bug. it's all good till someone gets hurt. anyway, balsa-HEAD is rocking. you know you need it!

orkut was all fun and fast and much much better than friendster. then it actually got popular. and then the hurt came :)

20040204 monday

pickled brain, sore throat, aching body, slight fever, the whole ensemble.
this wasn't a good day.

20040203 tuesday

horrah i'm feeling much better, thanks for asking.

pawel is keeping up making balsa kick ass! go pawel!

chbm.nu will expire at the end of this month. i will most likely not renew it. if you are still referencing chbm.nu anywhere this is a good time to change it to chbm.net.

20040201 sunday

blah blah blah booring booring nothing got done.