20050228 monday

managed to get myself sucked into nwn again. buh.

20050227 sunday

went to a christening today. 'nuff said.
anyways, my S1 was the best camera there. i haven't had that happen in while at this kind of things but it's not like there was professional there.
anywayyyys, i shot some nice pics despite the crappy indoor lighting and the huge windows doing nasty backlight efects. i wish i was better with the flash fill thing.

20050226 saturday

for the first time in like forever i went saturday afternoon shoping. the result was a pretty cool lowepro nova 1 aw camera bag and a not so cool but cool enough laptop backpack.

i'm oficially old. i said "that volvo station is really spiffy".

warning: there's the vasco pics on the site.

20050225 weekend

fell asleep on my confy chair again. i blame vasco for my keyboard face.

anyways, p2p hates me. it really does. somehow i can't connect the single donkey server i want. and worse, i'm getting old as i can't figure out why it doesn't work.

20050224 thursday

somehow i noticed there was over 1000 emails loitering on the box-on-the-rack. a good part of the evening was spent sorting them into box-next-to-me. god i hate filing.

double scrubs and sg-1 goodness. woohoo. i lub the intarwebs!

20050223 midweek

i was graced with a siemens c62.

or anoying little turd as i like to call it.

20050223 tuesday

i was this -><- close to owning a macmini today but after vain promisses the shop didn't have enough units in stock.
so it's on order now. gah!

on other news, we now have birds. it's a long story i don't wholy compreend myself.

20050223 monday

monday. people to do things to see. or whatever.

20050220 sunday

the most uncanny thing happened today. the water heater conspired to keep me from voting by making me repair till it was too late for a quick shower and a dash to the polling station.
today of all days.

20050219 saturday

i'm feeling like an old man. it's barely 23:30 and i want to go to bed.
i blame vasco!

20050218 friday

the problem with old boys lunches is we always spend way too much moneys. great fun though!

the breaking news today was FNAC had mac minis. By the time we got there it was already a lie. Seems like they're getting another batch of 10 in about 2 weeks. bastards. i'm already working in the general direction of procuring mine somewhere else.

20050217 thursday

the first day of train commute was marked by a delay exceeding 30 min. not a very happy fun start.

20050216 midweek

so, it turns out my problem with the laptoy's bluetooth was pebkac. after a lot of fumbling with modules and hakin and slashing and geting stumped it dawned on me hcid wasn't running. "duh"

on the real life side of thing the parking lot i used got reduced to the point it's full by the time i get there so tomorrow i join the ecological masses of commuters who use trains powered by electricity generated lots of km away by burning fossil fuels.

20050215 tuesday

to my great surprise swsusp nearly works. i'm using mainline swsusp with the hibernate script from swsusp2 and apart from minor glitches with sound and network it JustWorks. i'll probably need to stop using the sound volume applet to make snd-i8x0 unloadable and figure out a bit more of 8139too foo before it's flawless

20050214 monday

huge blobs of dead pixels turn into a small spot of dead pixels. this is too modern for me.

meanwhile i figured out the problem with the sound on the laptoy. for some reason the softmodem module was getting loaded so the ac97 was locked.

20050213 sunday

i forgot how much i hate laptops. craped dsdts, shody powermanagement, kind of messed up hardware.
i start to understand why people say powerbooks are worth all they cost.

20050212 saturday

blimps are evil!

anyways, i dusted off my old cheapo zydas 802.11b usb sticks and went a-looking at how the drivers were progressing. not only they actually seem to work nowadays but also there's an AP firmware image. and it works. i now have a couple 20EUR access points complete with all the stuff inside my nat host. woohoo.

someone should really really tell my neighbours about wap. otoh, maybe it's best they don't know :)

20050211 friday

new laptoy day. it's a hp dv1170ea. nice centrino stuff with intel drivers for video and wireless. apart from that it's pretty gay with blue lit keys and stuff :)
i'm not sure if my unit missed school the day they were coverding anti-glare coatings or if the tft coating is supposed to be reflective as hell. hummmmm

20050210 thursday

p2p is shunning me. that's sad.

20050209 midweek

apple still seems to be unable to sell me stuff.

vasco was extra good today. now he knows when to go get a fresh diaper and go find mommy :)

20050208 carnaval

omfg ! who stole south america ??

20050207 monday

p2p isn't easy at all. people who scare mpaa/riaa must put a damn lot of time into it.

20050206 sunday

i really wish stores would know the diference between pci-e and pci-x. actually, i really wish whoever came up with "pci-x" should be shot.

meanwhile, vasco moved on to the world of people who can use forks today.

20050205 saturday

vasco is clearly winning. i just fell asleep here.

20050204 friday

seems like sg-1 se8 is on it's way. daniel is dead (again), the replicators are gone baby gone and baal got a run for is money. the asgard now have a bit of spare time to put the smackdown on the goauld and daniel will most likelly send anubis somewhere where no sun shines.

they better come up with something good for se9

20050203 thursday

wtf don't they have zats on atlantis ? and seems like 1x20 is the season finale. bastards!

20050202 midweek

apple is still unable to sell me a macmini. figures, when apple finally comes up with something that actually might sell they don't actually build it.

i should update my resumee. just cause i like to keep it updated.

20050201 tuesday

fishtank update. we have baby mollies. our pencil fish are geting it on and the bottom feeders are still laying eggs like crazy mofos.
we have the barry white fishtank!