20060228 tuesday

so, i restored my T2 onto the TX and some stuff broke. aparently it didn't like m e instaling older versions of stuff it has in rom. luckily i'm mostly a mater of deleting the wrong stuff.

20060227 monday

broke down, went to fnac and got a palm TX. it's purty. and it plays video.
however, it has the same annoying white noise in the phone connector as in T5.
palm, could you please hire someone who made it past undergrad EE. i mean, having your digital ground noise *not* leak into the analogue sound bits is not rocket science.

20060226 sunday

"I believe my story is not atypical. A friend of mine and I attended the same university and received high GPA’s in engineering and physics. We both entered excellent graduate programs at the same time. He completed his law degree in 3 years, and I completed my PhD education in 6.5 years. I now generate patents in industry; he codifies them as a patent lawyer. These are both valuable activities arguably comparable in worth. However, the market does not bear this out. My friend’s salary is 2.5 times my own." -- EE Times
And this is why our race will die bickering over round rocks and funy looking sticks.

anyways, i decided for safe and expensive. i'll get my palm TX at fnac and pay their ridiculous price. nothing beats brick'n'mortar for some stuff

20060225 saturday

mee word. shops this days. you wouldn't believe it. fnac is trying to pimp me for 20% extra on an article they don't even have in stock.
and pixmania is aparently sticking people up and tried to sell me the warranty i already have.
i just blame palm for not having a .pt representative.

20060224 friday

it's official. my T2 is pissing out. it's either the battery or bad memory but my money is on "both". now, to decide what to get next.

20060223 thursday

so, looks like the battery on the t2 is fairly shot or the charging circuit is werd. plus i think the memory is weirding. clearly, one knock too many

20060222 wednesday

seems like treo is bad m'kay and i want either a tx or e2. that is, of course if my t2 stays as dead as it was today. i could *try* to claim warranty on it but the case is like, broken :)

20060221 tuesday

the T2 is acting even more broken. not wanting to wake up, aparently having memory corruption. it has clearly fallen one time too many.
otoh, this is making me crave a treo. bad.

20060220 monday

my T2 is acting strange. and when i say strange, i mean broken. this is making me very very sad.

20060219 sunday

why the hell is my GL stuff being softrendered ?? this is driving me nuts.
that and coming down with a cold.

on other news, i bricked a dlink adsl modem today. rock on!

20060218 saturday

we tried our best for an wholesome happy fun sun day but the rain didn't play ball. baadd rain baaaad.

also discovered there isn't any XCompose hapy funness with xinerama so no showing off eye kandy on the lappy.

20060217 friday

work work work.
play with vasco.
have a go at GR or something.

another news, i bumped my X2 3800+ to 2.2GHz without any glitches. that's overclocking for the masses!

20060212 sunday

it really shouldn't be all that hard to make a dvd from a mpeg+ac3 stream. i'm obviously doing something very wrong.

20060211 saturday

back to playing in the clear cool winter air. too bad we're still a bit dodgy

i sure hope sg-1's plot line is going somewhere.

20060210 friday

humm... did atlantis se2 end already ? damn!

dude, i haven't played NWN in a year!

20060209 thursday

didn't the colonial fleet find earth on old bsg ? i'm all confused now!

20060208 wednesday

Difference Engine mechanical computer made from legos
there's still hope for us!

20060207 tuesday

you know, i hate python. xen makes me hate python. hate it to hell.
would it kill them to give out slightly helpfull error messages ??

20060206 monday

work work work

20060205 sunday

gave rome total war a go. it's a bit too crowded and messy if you don't pause the game every 3 minutes. that doesn't make for very fuild game play.

20060204 saturday

vasco is still being a sick puppy so we're keeping to home this weekend.
that would allow for all kind of geekery if well, vasco weren't being a sick baby.

meanwhile, i redid my iptables stuff. as it turns out i was using an overly complicated set rules and a mechanism derived from a mechanism first used in slackware. pheeewee

20060203 friday

harntrox hx missions are showing me how much is suck at GR. fun fun fun.

meanwhile, if you ever try to install xen3 on a rhes4 booting off lvm, remember to install the updates.

20060202 thursday

work work work.
or something to that efect.

20060201 wednesday

as it seems, our government will be paying for 1 million microsoft courses. microsoft stands to gain about 600 million euros.
this is *clearly* a bold move forward into our bright technological future!