20040131 saturday

it was 11:30 past well afer i sat in front sal, probably cause today was unusual in the way it included an haircut and big5 chinese windowsXP.
but then extra geekity to make it all better

<penguin42> hmm, a power of two's date - 01/02/04

20040130 friday

woohoo weekend. i feel a scrubs marathon coming on!

20040129 thursday

orkut is back. and orkut is so much menacing than friendster.

today was probably the worse comute ever. rain, foging, garrrrrrr.

20040128 midweek

orkut is back. and as expected, kapitalism is taking over.

I *should* write a tray icon for balsa. However, I'm lazy.

20040128 tuesday

you know, dying is an heap of trouble. mostly for the ones that remain.

20040126 monday

oh. hum. i don't think i did anything remarkably evil today.

20040125 sunday

MpG = Marines per Gallon

omg! we killed orkut. we're bastards! well, not really, Orkut decided to take orkut offline. btw, if you know someone from finland be sure to ask him if he's on orkut!

eventually the grief subsides but the seeds of pain stay and creep up on you when you least expect. fortunatly vasco doesn't know it and only feels the unsetling and awkward void. however i'm sad he's left with no memories. I wouldn't trade a single memory for all the pain.

20040124 saturday

today was full of novelty and wonder. And I don't mean just food.
not only did I get in the orkut clique but also deviantart got geourled which resulted in a rather largish near me page.
surfing the web is starting to be fun again like years ago.

20040123 friday

weekend woohoo

20040122 thursday

ghost recon basicly stoped working on the game box which isn't a big surprise considering i have a ton of mods installed. it only took a total reinstall of GR + expansions + mods and a video driver upgrade to make it go again!

20040121 midweek

it must be damn cold. the car heating system failed to totally defog the windows in the duration of the trip home.
i guess living in a top floor facing north near a large river made me impervious to unextraordinary cold.

20040120 tuesday

homework is definitly eating into my play time.

Guess the quote:

In connection with GNOME, please remember to speak of it as
"free software", and to call the system "GNU/Linux". Many people
refer to the GNU system as Linux, but please don't do that in
connection with GNOME.

20040119 monday

uh monday and all. gah.
i may also need a new SpamAssassin as the one I have is leting a bunch of crap through.

TeVe is reruning Northern Exposure. Oh the memories.

20040118 sunday

choose diffing arcane drivers. choose irrelevant statistics. choose building rpms noone will use. choose wardriving in your own home.

choose a fscking big pizza and mineral water.

20040117 saturday

news on the ZyDas front - this post on the sf.net forum links to a working driver. so, 802.11b goodness will happen tomorrow when get around to actually seting it up. woohoo.
also, the one-instance-balsa stuff got into balsa-2 today so stay tuned.

on non geek mode, had a remarkably good lunch today which ended with cheesecake. gaaah :)

20040116 weekend

today involved stress. that's all I remember.

20040115 thursday

even more building, more furniture (well still the same furniture) and this time gpgme and friends and the bigass balsa.

people pointed me at magnatune. I think i'll be giving them some money in the future.

20040114 midweek

more building, furniture and balsa and libesmtp. while furniture is unsharable you can find the new rpms at ftp.chbm.net.

20040113 tuesday

back to work and then, assembling new furniture. maaannn

i pretty much ignored the fact pawel released balsa 2.1.0! walk carefully.

20040112 a lot has passed.

My mother died last thursday. The last few days were spent trying to keep busy piecing back together broken lifes.
I'd like to thank my dear friends who helped me through all this. I'd like to apologise to my dear friends who are just now learning about this.

while this was happening I was mindlessly banging at the zydas 802.11 sticks. the only interesting piece of info i gathered was the thingy is a TwinMOS Netkey USB WLAN Adapter in disguise. I also found out the vendor suplied driver for windows suplied on their site doesn't actually work with my hardware as it's for an atmel usb stick. the joys of cheap-o.

20040107 midweek

picked up a couple of Zaapa wireless compact usb adapter which is marketing for 802.11b dongle. As it turns out they are actually

0x0ace, 0x1201, "ZyDAS ZD1201 Wireless USB Adapter"
which is supported by this branch of linux-wlan.
I needed the usb patch in there to get most (2 out of 3) of my usb bridges to see the damn thing. And from there on it was mostly wishing I'd started by reading the docs.

20040106 tuesday

didn't actually do anything to benefit mankind.

20040105 monday

back to the silly commute, blah blah blah.

20040104 sunday

oh lazy lazy lazy. however, balsa's bonoboization seems to be OK.

top reasons why cd sales seem to be down:
* people probably managed to replace all their vinil by now
* the editors are puting their money on crap. utter indistinguishable crap. trying to target the 14yo market doesn't work.
* people tend to buy albums a lot more if the album is actually good. the formula now seems to be 2 singles which are played on radio till everybody can't stand them anymore and the rest of the album is pretty much vanilla filler.
* some pseudo cds people would actually otherwise buy don't play on all players.
* a cd costs 15EUR. a dvd with twice the content in 5.1 Dolby Digital costs 22EUR.

20040103 saturday

catching up on nat's diary I casually discovered ettore died. I met ettore probably once, we weren't friends and i'm pretty sure he couldn't pick me out on a lineup but I felt a sinking feeling none the less. on the rare ocasions we interacted i quickly came to respect ettore.

on unrelated gnome news I coded a bit more of balsa's bonobozation

on even more unrelated news, sniped on irc:

* oGALAXYo starts porting Atlantis to MorphOS

20040102 friday

Turned out to be a rather productive day. Not only did I finish NWN:NotU but also I finally got mastering of one of the dvds just right. go me!
And to top all that balsa's pt.po finally got updated.

20040101 new years day

Hey, it's an holiday! Apart from family and friends it was mostly dedicated to NWN:HotU. It seems nothing else will get done till I end it ...