20050131 monday

felt generally wacked so i decided to sink into the couch watching Basic. The story isn't exactly the best ever but it has Samuel L. Jackson. and that's pretty much all a movie need. damn right, fool!

20050130 sunday

vasco is being a sick puppy again. that's even worse than vasco being an evil puppy cause you worry more. oh well.

turns out a fairly nice athlon64 box is around 1k which is a lot less than a mac G5. too bad for apple, or would be if i was just about to rotate computers.

20050129 saturday

it's a) cold b) sunny c) somewhat misty d) january. wtf kind of weather is this ??

anyhoo, i really need to stop watching sg-1 series 6 and 8 in parallel. it confuses the hell out of me. otoh, it reveals some plot devices are ... ermm ... reused.

20050128 friday

new all time balcony night temperature all time low: 2C. brrrr

is a nagra aware dvb-c box that puts out DV too much to ask for ??

20050127 thursday

outside temp low for the night was 4ºC. it's cold!

if you're thinking about donating to a tsunami relief fund, don't chose the one run by British Telecom. you might just find yourself in jail.

i want to go to bed but i have The Gift playing. booh.

20050126 midweek

the news of the cold wave were clearly greatly exagerated.

instaled ubuntu. it's a rather polished desktop distro and i was impressed with the out of the box overall quality of the GNOME Desktop they offer. their theme has a professional feel and clearly had some effort put into it despite the fact i don't like the colours myself :P
the instaler is a fairly ordinary rebranded debian installer and install went smoothly. the only kink was the fact X didn't get configured with the pt keyboard layout so i had to edit it by hand. while it wasn't exactly a problem for me it would be a show stoper for a 1st time user.
i also don't like the osx-like security model where the user doesn't have the root password but can sudo everything.
clearly a contender with FC on the desktop segment.

20050125 tuesday

i'd like a word with the people who declared yesterday the worse day in the year. today:
* i thought i'd lost my car keycard for about 20 minutes.
* i had a) a fc3 dvd b) a cdrom reader c) a cdrw burner d) dvd-r media e) no cd-r media
damn damn damn

stuff that gets my seal of aproval today: inkscape which claudia started using with no problems and with no vector experience, cups which allowed me to configure a bunch of remote printers with no hassles

stuff that doesn't get my seal of aproval: the lack of boxes that have a tvtuner and spit out DV on a firewire interface.

20050124 monday

i'm told i can't have a macmini till roun easter.
Apple, I HATE YOU. You finally come up with a product I want and falls inside my disposal income bracket and you taunt me with delayed gratification. bastards.

20050123 sunday

firefox is still gaining market share.

Get Firefox!

what happened to me today:
* vasco tore the only hoodie i currently own
* got a bed droped on my left big toe
* vasco spit the remains of an Halls candy on my hair
* vasco nearly dislocated my right foot by droping on my leg unexpected
i feel so much safer at work!

strugled a bit with blosxom and decided it's impossible to do prev/this/next month links. it kind of peeved me ...

20050122 saturday

caught up with inkscape and scribus. they're both turning into excelent desktop publishing packages similar in function to ilustrator and framemaker or quark (not to imply they have similar function sets or quaility).
inkscape seems to do most stuff needed in a svg editor and scribus can create pdfs (which is as you know, don't you ??, what real people use) quite nicely.

in other news, i cleaned up my $HOME somewhat. phew! there's something to be said about having a Stuff dir.

people sometimes ask me why my default page background is black. this is the answer so that i can refer them here and save some time in the future.
paper is a reflexive media. this media light is reflected from it. reflective ink is a) hard to do b) expensive c) pimpy looking d) potentially poisonous so it makes sense to use white paper and black ink to maximize contrast. screen however is a transmissive media so IT'S THE OTHER WAY AROUND. also, the most black you have on the screen the most a) you save the screen b) you save your eyes.

20050121 friday

you start with a bit of css tweaks and before you know it it's 2am. and in the end pedradas ends up looking nearly the same.

quote from the scene: "his typing makes me feel dizzy"

20050120 thursday

damn nwn:lot is geting hard on the cripts. GAR. such a time waster ...

20050119 midweek

this is pretty amazing. i wonder how many mips went into each of those renders.

20050118 tuesday

more time wasted with nwn:lot. i started to cheat and the crypt is still beating the hell out of me. gggaarrrr i think i'm just going to give it up.

today i lusted an ipod mini. i almost bought one. someone stop me!

20050117 monday

you do some banking and whatnot and woosh, there goes the evening. sometimes i wish i was like those people that only need to sleep 3 hours ...

20050116 sunday

the day was completly and totally spent with vasco. it was not a bad day.

oh, and i snaped a couple of pics of seaguls but haven't had time to see them yet. pheeew.

note to self: this is where the huygens pics are

20050115 saturday

boooh. vasco doesn't let daddy sleep. dady sleepy. what day is today ?

20050114 friday

more time wasted with nwn:lot.

20050113 thursday

the evening was spent in bed due to an unexpected blackout on my block. wtf ?!

20050112 wednesday

competitors are quickly pointing out ipod shuffle is crap. they're right.
also, if you already have an ipod you can quickly hack it into a shuffle by:
1) delete all your music except the 100 songs you like less
2) select shuffle
3) apply masking tape over the display
4) you're hip!

20050111 tuesday

apple released 2 new products today, the macmini and the ipod shuffle.
the ipod shuffle is a revolutionary gadget that well, has as single functionality shuffling. iCrap.
macmini however is what i predicted apple wouldn't release cause it would actually be sellable. it's basicly an headless imac in a small box. and it's cheap. i'm pretty sure i'm going to get one.

Zero-One-Infinity Rule: 'Allow none of foo, one of foo, or any number of foo.'
(this is not exactly rocket science people. why is it so hard to follow ??)

20050110 monday

"India may be the first country to explain to the world about extra-terrestrial and UFO contacts"
"China and India both know about underground UFO base in the Himalayan border area deep into the tectonic plates"

this is either totally wacked out or justification for all the time i wasted with x-files!

stealth manager: A manager that appears out of nowhere, promises undeliverable software to unknown end users, and vanishes before the programming staff realizes what has happened.

20050109 sunday

"Dolby bumped the sampling rate from 640 kbps to 6 Mbps.". Mr Reporter, what's that i'm hearing ? Oh must be a swing of THE CLUE SPIKED 2BY4!

also, despite getting a bit late to late i'd like to drop my lines at the headless iMac rumour. dunno if it's real or not but this is what i have said about the iMac before: "wtf! i have a perfectly good monitor it's not like i'm going to drop 300 or so monies for a crap tft and i don't have room for. idiots"
just in case i'll put the ibok on hold.

Infinite-Monkey Theorem: 'If you put an infinite number of monkeys at typewriters, eventually one will bash out the script for Hamlet.' (One may also hypothesize a small number of monkeys and a very long period of time.) This theorem asserts nothing about the intelligence of the one random monkey that eventually comes up with the script (and note that the mob will also type out all the possible incorrect versions of Hamlet).

20050108 saturday

vasco was not only slighty sick but also extra naughty. and i even managed to get my weekly nwn fix and up2date everything.

on other news, the bytemark renumbering is supposed to be done for me. if you notice something werd, please do chime in.

also, have you noticed how all computers on teve are macs ?

also, somethings are hard to both forget and remember.

Duff's device: The most dramatic use yet seen of fall through in C, invented by Tom Duff when he was at Lucasfilm. Trying to optimize all the instructions he could out of an inner loop that copied data serially onto an output port, he decided to unroll it. He then realized that the unrolled version could be implemented by interlacing the structures of a switch and a loop: [follow the link for the shocker]

20050107 friday

oh well. a week as passed. and i'm still on top of my game. lesse what happens next :)

a repository of the before/after sat pics from eastern asia.

lenna: The Internet's first poster girl, a standard test load used in the image processing community. The image was originally cropped from the November 1972 issue of Playboy Magazine, which anglicized the model's name with a double n.

20050106 thursday

ok, so, this whole getting stuff from home on the wrong end of cable is kind of suckier than i imagined.

spaceship operator: The glyph <=>, so-called apparently because in the low-resolution constant-width font used on many terminals it vaguely resembles a flying saucer.

20050105 midweek

wooooo. shiny new atlantis and sg-1 episodes.

Great Renaming: The flag day in 1987 on which all of the non-local groups on the Usenet had their names changed from the net.- format to the current multiple-hierarchies scheme. Used esp. in discussing the history of newsgroup names.

20050104 tuesday

"a preemptive breakup"
-- jerry seinfeld

GWF:'Common abbreviation for Goober with Firewall'. A luser who has equipped his desktop computer with a hypersensitive “software firewall” or host intrusion detection program, and who gives its alerts absolute credence.
(not to be confused with GWB)

20050103 monday

woohoo. not only the new commute is shorter but trafic today was extra happy fun.

anyway. more designing less coding. with some luck i'll be up to speed with balsa in no time.

Aunt Tillie:The archetypal non-technical user, one's elderly and scatterbrained maiden aunt.

20050102 sunday

omfg! new job tomorrow!

ebg13: [Hfrarg: sebz 'ebgngr nycunorg 13 cynprf'] Gur fvzcyr Pnrfne-plcure rapelcgvba gung ercynprf rnpu Ratyvfu yrggre jvgu gur bar 13 cynprf sbejneq be onpx nybat gur nycunorg, fb gung 'Gur ohgyre qvq vg!' orpbzrf 'The butler did it!'

20050101 saturday

vasco decided the first day of the year was an excelent oportunity to be extra bad.

anyway, happy 2005 people.

wizard: 3. A person who is permitted to do things forbidden to ordinary people;