20060131 tuesday

billy is coming to town.my elected leaders are going to represent me in the usual ass sucking fest.

20060130 monday

i wish people who send me bills via email wouldn't disguise them as spam.

20060129 sunday

today was WEIRD. for starters, it SNOWED. yes SNOWED. it was freaky.
for reference, it hasn't snowed for 50 years.

a good deal of the evening involved the persuit of cairo and testing fc5t2. let's face it, fc5t2 is neat-o but it's not production quality yet.
there's no way for me to get gtk-cairo going on fc4 easily so i'm downloading the latest ubuntu live cd to check out what i'm missing.

on other news, vasco is coming down with the flu.

20060128 saturday

the fairly wicked weather forecast kept us indoors for the day. that's all excuse i need to try and go about some tinkerings with small computer related stuff.
the desilusion of the day was daemon-tools not actually working with cdrdao bin/cues. sup ??

20060127 friday

if microsoft had to copy a kde theme, couldn't it copy a pretty one instead of kristal ?

20060126 thursday

balsa crashes stoped after the dovecot upgrade which is both good and bad. we don't have 64 specific bugs, but bad servers crash us. bahhhh

20060125 wednesday

double scrubs dose :) neat-o

20060124 tuesday

so, the MPAA has taken to movie piracy. i do hope they rote in jail where filthy pirates belong and the judge awards every last penny they own to the rightfull copyright owner. violators! thiefs!

20060123 monday

why didn't i fing harntrox's HX missions before ? it's a no end of gr1 fun and humiliation. beeelieve you me, i liked it way better when tangos couldn't hit the broadside of a barn.

20060122 sunday

the dovecot upgrade seems to have fixed my threading and indexing issues. horray for that. my crashes seem to be gone too which is sorta bad ...

i'm almost out of GR1 mods. hurry up with GR:AW already!

20060121 thursday

scrubs double bill. woohoo.

meanwhile, i can't believe i still don't have gigabit!

20060121 saturday

the fog, my word the fog.in over a year it was the first time i needed to use the fog headlights.

on other news, i still suck at GR.

20060120 friday

hummm. i think my dovecot version is giving wrong threading results. this is dire indeed. specialy cause every dovecot upgrade i do breaks the config file in slight and nearly unnoticeable ways ...

20060118 wednesday

i'm back to balsa bugs. too bad i lost track of the code :\

20060117 tuesday

i think i forgot to mention i finished system of the world a while ago. stephenson is clearly getting soft on his old age as the book didn't end with something of the magnitude of an atomic explosion. oh well.
in the mean time i picked up the wyrd sisters which turns out to be pretty normal and uneventfull book for a discworld novel

20060116 monday

how come there's aerodinamic drag in space in star wars ?

20060115 sunday

vasco spent a good part of the day being a brat in which he had precious help from his cousin. otoh he's being much sweeter to me this days so i almost don't mind :)

20060114 saturday

damn it's cold. it's so cold the car's thermometer started blinking telling me we had entered the frost zone and strange things might happen.

on other news, i caught up with both stargate and scrubs :)

20060113 friday

it's friday already and torrent isn't helping me one bit. i wish i could pay for content!

20060112 thursday

yum cross upgraded my mplayer from .i386 to .x86_64. and that's why i couldn't play wmv3. always a simple explanation!

20060111 wednesday

my plight for gigabit is still on going, but mostyl cause i'm a cheap bastard and opose to playing twice the product value. tsc tsc tsc.

after all this time sony is going to lauch an xplod ipod adapter. i wonder if that's going to be my next money drain ?

20060110 tuesday

the mactels have been launched. oddly, Apple's comparisons between PPC and x86 have been pulled. luckyly, i've saved them so that we know just how crappy x86 macs are :)
apple G5 photoshop benchmarks apple G5 HD rendering benchmarks
anyways, more 2 wmf bugs were found. rejoice!

20060109 monday

CES ended and nothing earth shatering actually hapened. boo.
huge ass plasmas, hd-dvd, blu-ray. no star trek stuff.

20060108 sunday

hum. the joys of torrenting include having all 6 episodes you're behind except the 2nd. giving away some money doesn't sound so bad in light of this.

20060107 saturday

woohoo stargates are back! and i've been missing out on atlantis. go torrent go!

anyways, i finally got around to buying hal a new disc and turns out it's just the same model as the old one so i could just dd it over. otoh it only took 2.5h!

20060107 friday

this week media proved (again) just how dumb/incompetent/sold they are by "examining" us-cert numbers and reporting the number of published microsoft windows vulnerabilites in 2005 was 1/3 (one third) of the number for Unix and/or Linux (depending on what you're reading).
what that actually means is the combined number for all unix variants, all linux distributions and osx was 3 times the number for 3 to 5 windows variants. also, most linux distros this days come with about 3G worth of software, as oposed to microsoft windows which comes with notepad, solitaire and IE. and the numbers lump together beasts like AIX or SCO crap with NetBSD and Bastille Linux.
and as if that wasn't enough, the same vulnerability in pieces of software that among others run in *nix type systems get reported up to 5 times.

so the year opens with this -><- much media love.

20060105 thursday

scrubs is slightly diferent, but still nice.

being evil at work it's a talent, you just can't fake it.

20060104 wednesday

spent the evening babysiting a cable line amp.

anyways, there's new scrubs episodes. it's bittorrent time!

20060103 tuesday

so i guess the problem with dvdunauthor is it just doens't suck up everything it needs from the original dvd. if only i had the time to learn about how to fix it.

20060102 monday

so little time, so much people to abuse.
anyways, i *forgot* to get a new disc. i'm so tempting fait!

i wish dvdunauthor actually worked and produced xml that dvdauthor actually could turn back into the same dvd.

20060102 sunday

wuupdido new year and stuff.

meanwhile, my disc isn't showing any sign of imprevment so tomorrow it's shoping day and rsync is smoking

meanwhile, i spent a good deal of my holidays honing my LotR:BfME mad skillz and now i'm all out of time to play. poooh