20070131 vista kristal

vista icons are clearly a tribute to kde krystal. rock on connectiva dudes!

20070130 vista upgrade!

"Windows Vista Upgrade, starts at 269,99 EUR"
bloody hell!! that's a whole nintendo wii + extra controller better than Windows XP.
are they insane ??

20070130 fun reading

Microsoft Windows Vista for lawyers

20070129 intarweb to be big

bill gates says the internet will destroy tv in 5 years. i'm dazed and confused by the flash of insight of his words!!
no wait, i'm pissed at him for stealing a talk i gave last year. i bet you are too!
anyways, the funny thing here is after predicting the internet wasn't going anywhere and then trying to pit msn against it and failing miserably and finally getting laughed at for claiming to have invented the internet or something like that (al gore isn't that original) bill is now taking point in predicting the overwhelming triumph of the internet. and i bet he means msn spaces or whatever it's called too!
now, isn't bill saying internet piracy will be rampant and people will just unplug the tv ? or is he saying he'll own both your pockets and your living room with vista, killing ipods and itunes and itvs in one fell swoop ?

20070129 breakage

it's official. my diagnostic is i nuked the pmon sector on my asus. how do i know that ? a) it doesn't start b) for a moment i was looking at the wrong sheet and activated /WE. WE stands for write enable. that means whatever was getting addressed at that time most likely got whatever was on the line at that time. oh well, with access to a lab i'd be able to revive it but the lab parts would cost more than the thing itself and then i'd get pretty upset cause i wouldn't have time to play with it.
so now I have a fancy 4 port switch and an extra asus mini-pci wlan b/g module. drop me a line if you need it :\

on other news, vasco as worked me almost through zelda. i'm detouring now into the side quests. an armour that runs on money. who'dathought ?

on even other news, no snow here. i feel cheated. i didn't get to see a single idiot falling on his arse.

you know, the mac microsoft guys try really hard. entourage nowadays has spotlight and sync and applescript a number of interesting tidbits but then they get stuck with the crappy backend and the retarded user interface.
speaking of crappy backend, outlook's ical support is depressing and it's ability to display email (as in not crap exchange notes) is utterly appalling.
apparently outlook2007 isn't as crapy with ical as 200whateveritisnow but on the other hand is using msword for "html" display. scaaaaary.

20070123 (un)breakage

so, meanwhile a couple of things broke.
the chipset fan on my asus a8n bit it big time and got temporarily replaced by a 486 fan (dude, i knew this would come in handy!) until the coolermaster blue ice pro arrived i had a chance to install it. the mobo was still totally under warranty but between waiting some time for a rma or swaping the noisy fan for a not so noisy one i went for the out of pocket upgrade. oh well

talking about out of pocket, i seem to have permanently bricked my asus openwrt toy. it all started when i dumbstruck it with a bad firewall config and escalated to guts open and pin9 hacking. nothing helped (well, i'm pretty i managed to at least corrupt the flash image ...) and i'm starting to wonder if something random didn't just break sending me on a wild goose chase (which, btw, could've been a simple rma process duh).
so anyways, if you're interested in buying an asus minipci b/g wireless card, talk to me!

20070118 atchim

chbm's: guide to beat a back breaking cold: go to a damp cold place in your undies and cough your head off. turn to chemicals. be sicker. get better.

20070113 arrr avast

"PirateBay.org Wants to Be Own Country"

aparently it involves moving operation to SeaLand. you know, there's some kind of irony in piratebay being overrun by real pirates. arrr!! avast!!
or missiles. from mpaa. launched by the us navy.
or something like that.

20070109 i!phone

iphone! xmas! 'nough said!
actually, not enough said. it's 500USD for the 4G model and 600USD for the 8G model. with a 2 year Cingular contract that is. which means retail will be around 700 and 800 USD. and as for some reason i don't understand we get the same numbers here in europe despite meaning a 30% markup, we can expect 700EUR. that's steep but for reference a treo680 (not the top of the line) sells for 430EUR and a qtek9100 piece of crap goes for around 600 so it's not that expensive.

20070109 reload in 5

what do i do when you're doing sensitive config on a cisco far away ? you say reload in 5 before you start. if everything goes well you cancel the reload and wr mem.

what did I do loading a spanking new iptables config into my openwrt ? nothing of the kind! instead of saying at +5m rm /etc/firewall.user i just made my router deaf.


20070108 it's way past xmas

first post this year!
so, rayman's rabbid rabbits is just insane and vasco laughs his little head off playing it.
meanwhile, zelda is just intense. so much more intense than the rest of the zelda series. i let vasco into it and now he's just hooked despite only watching me play. i guess he sees it like a scary interactive insanely cool cartoon.

on other news, macbookpros are sexy.
on other news, no news.