20030731 almost friday

today was hoter than yesterday. you know what's nice this days ? a server room full of cooling BTUs goodness.

vasco at this point already knows that my voice at night means a nice lie down on my belly. grrr :)

treoHF progressed another few lines. no release this weekend though i fear.

20030730 midweek

today was damn hot. tonight is still damn hot. and meanwhile forest fires keep raging on. if you're considering a career in crime in Portugal,you gotta consider professional arsonist. arsonists are never found, even if there are eye witnesses claiming they saw a choper overhead droping firebombs.

finally rolled some balsa-2.0.13 rh8-ximian rpms. you can find them in the usual place.

getting vasco to sleep mostly at night is proving harder than we expected. hummmmmmm

20030729 tuesday

TreoHF progressed, but just a few lines. However, I have a pretty good idea of what I'm doing now. horrah.

got home just in time to catch some grub and put vasco to sleep. redeemed myself by bringing home a huge bag of nice clean soft diapers that will make him happy for a long long time. actually, it will make him happy for a short long time considering the rate he goes through them.

fishy need luv. dady needs sleep. oh well. fishy must wait for weekend for nice clean fresh water.

20030729 monday

oh the wonderfull joy of going back to work and then returning on the evening commute. as it seems, all the pointy haired people managed to get on the road at the same time for some unexplainable whim of the limbic system which no doubt rules their herd behaviour.
in short, a comute which should be painless was turned into hell.

vasco had his first real bath today. he was really brave and didn't even cry, I'm so proud.

20030727 sunday

CDs I would like very much to own but I won't because the editors decided to treat me like a common thieve and went to great lenghts to keep me from listening to them on my prefered media:

friends came around to meet vasco. he sleept through most of it but managed to be cute and cudly and was a major success. food, fun, and childish froliking. horrah.
meanwhile, both our digital thermometers claimed vasco was at 36C. hint: don't panic till you use said thermometers to measure yourself (and everyone in reach for good measure). in this case, said thermometers claimed i was at 36C too. which means either both thermometers are stuck at 36 or everything is OK.

that of course steped way in the way of hacking. figured a way cool feature for TreoGroups, but at some point said feature emerged into an whole new app called TreoHandsFree. stay tuned, same bat log, same bat domain.

20030726 saturday

vasco loves to lie on my belly. he rug rats around till he finds my heart beat and clenchs my chest hair. *ouch* then he stops :)

tip of the day. how to check if "100% juice" is actually 100% juice: when the juice ends keep the carton around for a while. at some point 100% orange juice will smell like wrotting oranges. fanta, will not.

tkx metafilter for telling me the usa flag is the one of the most desecrated symbols in the world. Not by arabs in far away lands who don't have any obligation towards that particular rag anyway but by red blooded americans, everyday. patriots desecrate their flag. 'all american' companies desecrate their flag for greedy profit.
the devil is trully in details.

started my very own deviantart galery. go me! i may even setup gallery and upload a metric assload of my photos.

20030725 friday

another good nights sleep. did I mention vasco managed to turn last night ? well, he did, we found him sleeping face down. my word, that kid will be nothing but trouble ;)

after some years of ISDN i'm back in the wonderfull world of POTS and slow-as-molasse dialing. POTS can be reassuring however as it's so much easier to debug - you either go bzerrt or you don't. if you do, it's working. where will I find an external serial modem now ?

vasco went to his first doctors apointment. he was very brave. right up to the point where vaccines were involved and the neddle poking started. then it was time to cry, kick and scream. kung-fu style.

20030724 thursday

vasco let us sleep another night. horrah.

tried rh severn. it showed it didn't like my disks by locking up when it gets to diskdruid. oh well.

20030723 midweek

Saw something on teve about the making of Crash Bandicoot and there it was, in all it's glory, xemacs running on a sun.

Went through much of the "tell various organisms about vasco" stuff. The most depressing was the national person registry who gives me a paper saying vasco was born and his our child. That's not the depressing part. The depressing parts was me going there twice cause I forgot a necessary paper and, most depressing, the nice lady there typed everything into a computer. Except said computer had nothing pluged into the ethernet so she typed everything into a computer, printed me a paper, printed a paper to store in huge heaps of paper and deleted everything. So, if I ever need a copy of the paper she gave me or it needs to be referenced anyway I have to go to that particular registry office, she has to find it in huge heaps of paper, look it up, and write me a copy. Am I the only one to spot the stupidity here ?
This of course, took me the better part of the day.

I feel asleep in my chair at 11pm. This is so weird.

20030722 tuesday

k, so, vasco didn't cooperate last night. we're operating in zombie mode, I managed to squeeze in a few hours of solid sleep (like, 3) but claudia is in the drone zone.
we're at about 10 minutes invested in rocking per 20 minutes of baby sleep. this definitly needs to be optimized.
vasco also developed a mild pimply rash but google says it's ok. parents this days are averaging google search results to gauge their baby's health. scary isn't it ?
it's 11:30am. do you know where your stack pointer is ?

Started using MTMacros for my dilbert and sinfest plugs. It takes away the boreness of typing a href img sequences.
Meanwhile, SCO is trying to push unixdare licenses on linux users. I wonder if they are doing that on EU. As i seem to recall, they're still embargoed in Germany and trying to pedle fake licenses would open an whole can of whopass on them.
Meanwhile, downloading severn over cable makes baby jebus cry!

On the day USA claims saddam's sons are toast life on PT is same ol same ol. El Corte InglÚs opened up a shop in Lisbon in the end of 2001. El Corte InglÚs is basicly a tacky department store, nuff about that. Back then, everybody said "wow, they must have spent about as much in mortar as in pocket money for city officials" as the building pretty much violated every city construction rule for that zone. Nevertheless, the town mayor happily stood by the construction. Now, it's oficial, ECI is utterly illegal. Bring that huge hunk of crap down I say.

vasco seems to have settled his gaseous problems and haven't put the hurt on my hears for a while. horrah. will i sleep tonight ?

dilbert been there, done that, the tshirt sucked.
sinfest tell me about it

20030721 monday

I was going zombiish and mindless about the morning routine when I was interrupted when the news my wife and newborn child were being discharged and comming home today. after some waiting we found out vasco is big and strong and could come home. horrah. and then, chaos broke loose as he seems to not be taking kindly to the excitiment of a new home.
it's 1:35am, do you know where your stack pointer is ?

meanwhile, in the excitement i forgot to mention i got a nokia hdb-5 headset from my treo. the sound quality is excelent and I got it for almost nothing. that's the good bits, however the cable is just a couple of cm shy of the distance from my hear to my cargo shorts pocket and the mic faces forward which makes for nasty effects on the other side when you're in a noisy environment.

NMN has 2 new screenshots of his blackhawk down GR mod. just *excelent*

20030720 family sunday

vasco is doing great, eating, sleeping, geting his iner workings going. :) people came from diferent floors to see the huge baby. he's pretty much the same size his cousin was at 1 month. muahahahahh

checked email, deleted the spam, checked up on the worldly news, caught up on my readings.
as you might imagine, nearly no hacking got done this weekend. nat is working on something that might just be insanely cool. however, considering nat, it prolly uses mono and c# and java and python and whatnot.
CVS makes the process not entirely unlike something that sucks completely -- shaver rules


20030719 vasco!

vasco was born today, a big 4.4kg healthy baby. that means that yes, i'm a dad. *gasp*

I wasn't exactly nervous in the sense you see people in the maternity waiting room nervous. I was just eager to see him and claudia. And they were both beautifull.

this has been a ohhh .. 17h day. I'll just crash into bed now.

20030718 friday

vasco is coming. and his first action will be draging me out of bed tomorrow at an ungodly hour. nasty.

20030717 thursday

some more steps away from chbm.nu and towards new domains on my bytemark box . at this point i have too much domains and still can't choose what to use. however, chbm.net seems like a keeper - if in doubt mail there :)

20030716 midweek

finished NWN: SoU. the end was too soft imho, and too easy to figure out (hint, it's not very diferent from the end of the original chapter). did I mention Archane Archers rule ? they do :)

fixed the birth date. sounds weird doesn't it ? well, we did :)

20030715 tuesday

Started moving my stuff off chbm.nu, registrations and mailing lists first. Sigh.

so, I guess I'm almost at the end of SoU, I'm climbing the tower to find the hydra or whatsherface. Oh well ..

20030714 monday

vel is back to writing. since january *gasp*. i'm a bad bad friend. however now that i actually noticed it *without any help* i'm updating my links and giving her some google karma.

damn the dead wind is annoying.

the royles pretty much rock. the perfect picture of nobhead druggies who bicker about 2.5 pounds worth of phone but puff away pounds all day long.
meanwhile, teve started playing b5 again from the begining. don't you love summer ?

20030713 sunday

house work stood in the way of SoU. damn. house work and balsa bugs. damn them to hell. Archane Archer rules. it just damn plain rules.

meanwhile, I'm going through books like crazy now (considering my usual rate). I finished all families are psychotic in a jiffie and moved on to QED. Did I even mention zodiac ? i prolly did :)

20030712 weekend

i trigered the zidan bug on SoU. i tried the stuff i found on this thread but nothing helped so i redid it from the start. and it still didn't work. so i ended up spending some time nudging the guy into place and gave myself a couple of levels for my trouble.

20030711 friday

teve played the v5 season 3 episode and seems to be getting ready to go into the summer rererun zone ... oh well seems like i'll have to either wait for fall season or arness the power of the internet. hummm

meanwhile, dragons are easy provided you have the right tools. however, manticores are the damn pits

20030710 thursday

so, j'nah wasn't *so* bad. you just have to trick her into believing you're on her side and then hit her hard. te he
too bad i lost my faithfull bear :( i wonder if i can find another one ...


20030709 midweek

i see now why the frost dragon sent me to go after that j'n bitch. it's damned HARD. oh well i will manage somehow but drudging around in caves isn't fit for a ranger.

meanwhile in realer life i'm starting to move my stuff to bytemark.co.uk. involved is a change of domain as i decided the .nu people are humm .. greedy. 10usd to change NS PTRs is a bit too much.

20030708 tuesday

k, so i spent a good deal of the evening playing SoU. does that surprise you ? :)

those wacky lemming kobolts jumping around!

20030707 monday

You wouldn't believe the ammount of spam that can gang up on you in 2 weeks oh well ...

As expect the post got my NWN: SoU here today. A case of linux gaming goodness. wooopass! I'll be such a kickass archane archer!

20030706 sunday

you know, house type stuff sucks. it even sucks worse when you burn yourself with hotsteam.

decided to take their advice and steal some buttons. i even made one for Portugal but it's kind of sucking cause i didn't use the silkscreen font.
i'm also using moveable type's linebreak conversion now. it's nice, except at some points it disagrees with my html (not quite disagrees - the generated html is invalid cause i stick html elements where there shouldn't be after MT's p and br insertions) i have to typereallylonglines :)

After some pondering and looking for docs I decided TreoGroups won't integrate with the Treo addressbook simply cause I can't find how to invoke the AB+ callerid search. Instead, it will keep its own callergroup number lists. Oh well.
On related news, Pawel released Balsa 2.0.12 (codename 'Paranoid Android') which is without doubt the best balsa release ever.


20030705 saturday

weekend shopping. a poor indian person right off the plane (I could tell cause he was trolling around his suitcase - and I mean poor in the unfortunate sense) was trying to shop for powedered milk for his tea. Except everything was obviously in portuguese. After some not-very-helpfull help on my part he ended up settling for daily milk for now.

1:00am up 70 days, 22:27, 1 user, load average: 0.18, 0.06, 0.02

you know, that's fairly good for an UML box :)

20030704 weekend

woohoo. amazon.co.uk sent my stuff! if all goes well i'll have NWN: SoU goodness by monday.
meanwhile, more balsa stuff, 2.0.12 "Paranoid Android" will be coming out RealSoon

barry white died.

barry white
saved my life
and if barry white saved your life or got you back with your ex wife
i'd say barry white
he's allright

20030703 thursday

I realized I kind of got disgrunted at hacking Treo stuff after I realized I can't get real docs for most of the handspring specific stuff. However someone hinted Handspring laied off the pay-for-dev-support stuff sooooo ....
Just as I'm mentally commiting for balsa-2.1. And the baby is coming. fun timming! :)

googleless computers suck. rocks.

20030702 midweek

so, i guess i'm in a sleep slump. i'm kind of used to that i guess ...

one more push towards balsa-2.0.12. that will sure be a schweeet release! albrecht outdone himself with the gpg support, not to underestimate others of course :)

20030701 mailman day

new month. this means moving to moveabletype. smooth smooth.

one would think someone who slept 4 hours the night before would sleep like a log last night. not quite so, seems like i'm still errmmm 'adjusting'. oh well

Around 2000 elementary schools are scheduled to close and gas is cheaper today. Oh what joy our PM loves GWB so much.