20040731 saturday

wedding. blah! oh well, friend's weddings are better than family weddings anyway ...
it was also a nice oportunity to take the S1 for a drive. found out, too late, that if you're focusing far but not far enough and your backdrop has a lot of detail/contrast it will focus there instead of the foreground. oh well, some lost pictures :\

20040731 weekend

so, people are supposed to be on holidays. why are traffic jams here ?

btw, gord bless BT for letting me watch stargate episodes!

20040729 thursday

vasco loves south park. he just stands in front of the teve and laughs his head off. go figure :)

20040728 midweek

so, where's my stuff already ... grrrr. post is clearly ont giving me any luv

20040727 tuesday

where did this amount of spam come from ?? i guess there's another worm going roun ...

20040726 monday

why was google flakey today ? cause Microsoft has about 95% market share.

If you remember last summer we had huge problems with fires. The weather was utterly evil and our fire fighters were understaffed. The govt made a commitement about training and equiping the firefighters, hiring new teams, going after arsonists, the works.
During the winter noone was prosecuted and the firefighters complained they weren't being given resources.
This summer the wicked weather is back and so are the fires. There's still not enough firefighters, they don't have enough equipment, firefighters still say the fires in protected areas are suspicious.
So truth be told, the govt lied.

here's too accidently meeting old friends!

20040725 sunday

children and stuff. you know, this 2 day weekends aren't cuting it anymore.

got as far as installing anjuta and discovering it's quite nice this days. oh, and i fixed the silly mistake in proxy profile's applet build. i wonder if it does anything or if there's something else to fix ...

20040724 saturday

sun and water and froliking and such. nothing like being a toddler to enjoy this crazy new things.

i can't even begin to put words on this.

20040723 friday

today Carlos Paredes died. Carlos Paredes was a guitar master and an extraordinaire composer.

noticed by chance 12" ibooks aren't all that expensive nowadays. and god they are sexy, except the bit about not having pcmcia of course. am i really expected to download my fotos using usb ? my word!

20040722 thursday

my order has a tracking number!

meanwhile, i still stuck at design. it's more like being clueless than sucking ...

20040721 midweek

la la la my order is ready to ship. i wonder about the impact of using a microdrive instead of CF on the batery life ...

20040720 tuesday

i'm sure something interesting happened somewhere in the world.

20040719 monday

happy birthday vasco!

meanwhile, i got boored of waiting for expansys to send me my microdrive and went back to the computeruniverse good folks. make good on your promise of "in stock"

20040718 sunday

the day was marked by 2 issues, wtf does balsa lockup under memprof and wtf can vasco get away so fast ??

20040717 saturday

la la la happy joy fun with part of vasco's birthday presents. you can see part of it on the new photos on the gallery :)

20040716 friday

decided it was time to demess the laptoy and stuck fc3t1 on it. doesn't make sense to you ? well, you're not adventurous enough!

20040715 thursday

god damn dvds. i meant it. and damn burners too. if i took all the money i wasted on coasters and crap on a LaCie 500Gb disk i'd be so much happier.

otoh, this is a very cool read. why ms software sucks by someone who was involved.

20040714 wednesday

you know, facing the world of graphic design on peces makes me understand why some people only use macs. GAH. there's like, a world of suck and incompatible file formats to get fscked with.
why can't everybody just svg along.

20040713 tuesday

turns out i didn't read the instructions very well and the unsightly white rectangle and partly my fault. 'duh'. however the nice streetshirts people will help me get it right for free. go them!
now ... to get it right ...

20040712 monday

picked up my new thirts. one is navy blue and has yellow letters but somehow a white rectangle got in between the two. and i'm pretty sure it wasn't my fault. suck.

20040711 sunday

gmail is ssshhhllloowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Received: by mproxy.gmail.com with SMTP id d15so223116rng
for foo; Sun, 11 Jul 2004 08:00:36 -0700 (PDT)
Received: by with SMTP id 62mr32072rni;
Sun, 11 Jul 2004 06:13:56 -0700 (PDT)

not only that, but they want 6 char logins. i mean, if I can't have chbm how good can it be ??

20040710 saturday

woohoo! balsa-2.2.0! we rock!

on other news, there's new vasco pics. rock on.

20040709 friday

seems like we're not going to have elections after all. our next PM is better known for his clubing and womanizing than for his political acts but oh well. in fact, he abandoned politics forever a few years ago. or so he said.

20040709 thursday

been catching up on old balsa bugs. much work for not a lot of results.

20040707 midweek

had a small outing to test the S1 in daylight and the 380mm zoom. it was a success :) I should have gotten the 1.6x adapter tough.

20040706 tuesday

woohoo. my canon S1 IS is here. new toy happy fun dance.
the S1 is a sub-500EUR 3.2Mpxl camera with canon 38-380mm(equiv) glass, mechanical image stabilization and ultrasonic motor. This is certainly not the kind of lense you find in a camera of this segment. In fact, afaik this is the only game in town for this kind of glass. Sad thing they didn't use the s40 or s45 ccd, but 3.2Mpxl is just enough to get good prints and seems to me 4Mplx+ would just expose flaws on the lense.
The camera seems handy, the controls are well located and there's quite a few of them which means I don't have to fumble with menus so much. Speaking of menus the S1 has diferent menus and setings for each mode (auto and M at least) which is quite nice. I don't like the flash but that was to be expected :)
The bigest bug I found is AF has problems sometimes, mostly in low light or focusing on featureless surfaces. The lack of an AF assist light plays a part here i guess but truth be told I had to find surfaces where it wouldn't focus and if you're the type to buy a S1 you prolly won't keep it in Auto long.
The most marking feature is probably the tft viewfinder. It means in practice the camera behaves exactly like an SLR as you're actually looking through the lense. It gives you the added benefit of being able to see all the setings without having to look at the display as both the viewfinder and the display show exactly the same thing. Actually, I much prefer this method to real DSLR as moving to and fro the viewfinder annoys me to no end.
All in all I'm very pleased with the S1, it's a good compromise between what I want and what I'm willing to pay :) I won't be retiring the s45 though as the S1 isn't exactly pocketable. The lense retracts to a fairly compact package but it's still twice the width of the s45 and 0.5kg. If you mount the adapter ring and hood you get a SLR format so you need a small carrying case for SLRs.
Did I mention I ran clear through the suplied batery set in today ? :)

20040705 monday

euro2004 is over, flags are out, police is back on the stations, roads will go another decade without being repainted. business as usual.

20040704 sunday

big match day. we lost.
the euro2004 final was a disapointment. not only did we lose but the game sucked. greece played their usual uninteresting game, portugal couldn't find ways to make their game happen and was unable to score a goal.

20040703 saturday

huau. nothing like having a bad tummy day match a wedding day.

20040702 friday

for rent: netmonkey/codemonkey combo, slightly used.

vasco found himself in a supermarket today and commandered a ball for us. he's learning fast! i wonder how long till I can send him for computer bits.

20040701 thursday

acording to the people at dpreview transcend microdrives have issues with some cameras like failing to boot, slow start and read failure. this reports are old and stuff might be better now but I guess i'll spring for the hitachi microdrive which seems to actually work beyond doubt.


20040701 midweek

so, computeruniverse didn't actually have the microdrive in stock and that's what help up the order. blah.

we won! we're in the finals. we rock so much.