20050731 sunday

going to the sports store always ends up in much spending. blah.

torrents run slow today. i feel a distubance in the force.

20050730 saturday

nothing like a new shovel to make vasco happy. there's a simple joy to being 2 years old that can't be captured at any other time.
and there's also a simple wide eyed evilness that just goes away ...

20050729 friday

wtf ?? why the hell does IE7 looks *exactly* like firefox ? could they be any more desperate ? (btw, scroll down to the acid test screen shot ...)

20050728 thursday

languages i should learn:
* german
* japanese

anyone got a language disk handy ?

20050727 wednesday

there seems to be a lot going on about 6to4 relays. maybe i should investigate that ...

20050726 tuesday

what's this i hear about new sg-1 staff ? and daniel jackson annoyed ? let's see how this plays out ...

on other news, we're moving to a tropical climate. today it started out cloudy, then it rained and now it's hot as hell. gar

20050725 monday

work work work. what a booring life i lead.

20050724 sunday

you know, finding there are no new fc2 updates after you actually download 2G worth of stuff isn't very happy fun.

there's a plot flaw on atlantis s2e1. i bet you'll find it!

20050723 saturday

you know what's sucky about new plastic stuff ? when it breaks it breaks. it's damn hard to fix broken plastic mold injection parts.

apart from that, vasco is starting to eat ok again. rock on!

20050722 friday

oohhhhhhh. sg-1 and atlantis series restarted. *taps fingers...*

gar. there's a slew of FC updates. yet, pilot-link is still borken ...

20050720 thursday

ok so i lost touch with my mail. i have like a pile of unread mail. sorry if i'm forgeting someone!

20050720 wednesday

playing that much is pretty tiring.
also, there's nothing like taking a day out in the middle of the week to turn your schedule into a 40 car pile up.

20050719 tuesday

happy birthday vasco!

the day started with new toys which off course means loud excitement. And then a visit to oceanario de lisboa and then more play time and then party with cake.
such an exciting day!

20050718 monday

omfg. preparations for kiddie parties are hard work!

20050717 sunday

"Eweek has a story stating that Microsoft is telling web site developers to prepare their sites for IE 7. "
That's Microsfot creating job security for web crack monkeys and crap content for users. Rember IE5->IE6 ?

20050714 thursday

whoah. when i was geting back on the R horse the campaign went over on me. buh.

20050713 wednesday

took up the back to somalia mod GR campaign. it's well done but the bad thing about going back to GR is play much worse than you actually remember.

20050712 tuesday

for the first time in a long time (uh) i'm running out of books. amazon and neal stephenson to the rescue!

20050711 monday

we're having a lot of fires in unusual places. and as usual, nothing is geting done...

20050710 sunday

today was fairly uncanny has vasco spent most of the day clinding to daddy *and* was a good little boy most of the time. i usually don't get both together!

20050709 saturday

vasco loves the water and it was good fun all around. except dady was too tired at the end of the day to do anything other than going to bed.

20050708 friday

this pulling teeth stuff sucks. a lot! anyways, it's friday and i can eat solids again although i'm not quite sure the icecream diet did wonders for my recovering bowels ... kids, don't try this at home!

20050707 thursday

ouch. so it turns out this time the tooth had to go. huge gaping hole time.
on the plus side, most of the daily meals were constituted of ice cream. i scream!

20050706 wednesday

damn. it's hot. did i mention that ?
i'm fearing (again) for the safety of my boxes. i'm also wondering about the way the mini will handle this. ...

20050705 tuesday

yup. i sure did. this wasn't a nice surprise. anyways, while most people get sick 3 days i just got a bad morning. not toooo bad but annoying.

on other news, unmistakeably busted my busted tooth. good thing i have a dentist apointement in 2 days.

20050704 monday

uh. i think i caught one of the stomach bugs that's going around.

20050703 sunday

tried to go watch star wars III but there was an utter and complete lack of ability on the theater's side to reserve me a ticket. tsc tsc tsc.

vasco's mollars are coming out and he's cranky and still daddy bound. that means most of my day was spent calming down a sobing 2 yo and singing the bob the builder song.
and yet, i was happy all through it!

20050702 saturday

fun and sun and water and vasco not letting dady out of sight. my word!

anways, it's incredible the ammount of email that piles up in just a few days. and that's after the spam spam.

20050701 friday

the bad thing about being working away from work for a few days is work piles up back at the office. man that's fun!

vasco wouldn't let me go to work this morning. you never know when dady might disapear for days ...