20060729 a saturday

stuff happened this week.
for starters, last weekend one of the discs in hal acted up. good news is it was one of the raid5 discs. bad news is i was an ass and decided it was just an hissy fit so i decided to wedge the disc back into the array.
so, to cut a long story short some time after i had a 4 disc raid5 array with 2 active discs, one failed disc and one spare disc. how did the disc go spare ? i have no clue whatsoever.
so monday i got a new disc and the only way to unwedge the array was to use the dreaded -B --assume-clean and hotadd the new disc. turns out the data was still all there but damn i sweated it.

and that was only monday. the rest of the week was spent having fevers and stomach pains and dizzyned and headaches.
so friday the doctor told me my sinuses are all backed up and sent me home with god awful tasting drops and enough antibiotics to stop ghonorreia.

not bad for a week's worth eh ?

20060717 sunday

broke one of the wings of my heli today. and it wasn't even flying high, it was a stupid capsize i didn't even understand ...

20060715 saturday

woohoo sg-1 and atlantis are back. giddy shrieks

20060709 sunday

news of the week: gave up and got myself a walkera micro RC heli. i was also a dumbass and the first outing was outdoors on a windy day. needless to say, a screw socket on the swashplate went south :\
in hindsight, forgeting the training weights was dumb.

20060702 sunday

man, NWN Infinite Dungeons can really waste up your time!

i wonder if wired fits my mailbox ... humm...