t ._/ what am i up to \_.
20030630 monday

post holidays monday. figure it out.

20030629 sunday

a fairly productive day. some balsa musings and preparations to move the book of days to MoveableType. lots of template wacking but it turned out OK.

this week was localy funky. the funkiest bit was probably the president refusing to sign the govt request to condecorate an ex-PIDE operative. 'PIDE' was the political police in our old fascist dictatorship. you gotta love this wacky right wing govts.
another wacky wacky happening was the special tax payments for corporations and self employed type people. special tax is special in the way it taxes last year gross income instead of this year's profit. even if you're having a loss this year. and of course, this is on top of the normal profit tax. so, after electing a govt that promised to lower corp taxes people are errmm .. upset.

20030628 saturday

I figured why all "hi-tech" tv programs blow huge stinkin dead bears. TeVe realized how to harness the pc rag business model. the pc rag business model is: send us free stuff, buy big ads, get nice reviews for your products by people who didn't even see the products.
'hi-tech' tv shows follow more or less the same line, they find someone who has seen the global intarweb once at a cousin's house and corps buy PR space. instant revenue!

ohhh i think i found a bug in balsa. i hope it's in gpgme!

20030627 friday

for reference, if you want to run nwn in window mode you need the following lines in the [Display Options] section of nwn.ini

FullScreen=1 AllowWindowedMode=1

However, running a separate X server and switching consoles is way nicer cause window mode is well, somewhat sucky.

20030626 thursday

finally got around to installing Neverwinter Nights on linux. it's wonderfull! it's stable! it's fast. the bioware people have my luv forever. in fact, i believe the linux version is better than the windows version under xp.

of course, getting nwn working on linux brought forth dire concequences in the form of 'just one more quest' :) and 'nah, it's not almost dawn yet just bit of online party whoopassin'

20030625 midweek

so, obviously despite all the cvsing and downloading nothing actually got done.i blame Civ:CTP and daystar related stuff. and most of all, I blame Neil Stephenson's Zodiac which i read pretty much compulsivly.

got back to the too-wired-sphere and caught up with the world.

20030624 tuesday

so, GWB wants to stop Europe from stoping GE foods for the sake of ... Africa ? oh right. That's cristal clear
So Europe, remember those bits about defending american interests by any means necessary ? I wonder if dubya is getting reading for "democratizing" EU. After all, we have lots of "nuculear" capacity and we're even in league with France!
it's sad when your connection to the outside world is Euronews on teve format.

20030623 monday

oh yeah, more blue room stuff. one could get used to this in small doses.

while shops here don't have NWN:SoU and amazon can't get it to me (duh) I'll have to settle for another Civ run ...
damn amazon.

20030622 sunday

cvs update cvs update cvs update. fetch fetch fetch. yeah right like if i'm going to do anything while i'm offline :)

so i took some time and trawled bugzilla a little ...

20030621 saturday

so, sun and water and big blue room type stuff.

finished Surely You're Joking which I read in pretty much 3 days (considering me, that's scary). go mr feynman!

20030620 friday

lots of laptop cvs updating went on in preparation for a resort style (*style* operative word) smallish holidays.

so, i obviously forgot to checkout gnome-pim. bah. that's one of the bad sides of being netless. the other is being googless (or is that googleless ? sorry anyway Google - Google is registered servicemark of Google Inc. or something to that effect, you get the drift, please don't sue me mister google sir). otoh, you have the advantage of no distractions.

20030619 holiday

much battling with building old stuff on new stuff. realized no mather how much i bang gnome-pim-1.4 conduits don't fit gnome-pilot-2. i wonder if the gnome-pim-2 people are doing anything about the conduits.

damn it's hot. no i mean it, HOT. hot as in the lack of office cooling and the excess heat from all the hardware is causing major heat waves. unless i solve this problem i can only use the gf4ti full potencial (read: overclocking) in the winter! *gasp* otoh, the office winters will stop being chilly.

experimented a bit more with SerialBridge. It Works! :) however GPRS is so damn expensive it don't use it that much. i also realized i need to add a battery gauge and a radio indicator to it.

20030618 wednesday

woohoo horah for holiday-extending-holidays.

so, i failed to convince the americans they should help me squash the spaniards. they of course, foolishly left me alone to stop ferdinand in his tracks. i failed. we lost.
I'm obviously talking about Civ: Call to Power.

20030617 tuesday

worship me at the risc of repeating myself, OpenSSL needs to be taken behind the barn. I won't dwell on the API, I'll just mention 0.9.7 isn't ABI compatible with 0.9.6. And why is that you ask ? Well, cause 3 functions are gone. If they're gone they're prolly useless right ? Not quite - they got turned into macros which probably means they should have never been exported in the first place but OK let's not go there cause accidents do happen. Soooo, instead of using the beautifull compiler magic that lets you have inline functions and still emit them *gasp* or basicly making the symbols not go away by emiting stubs or whatever NOOOOOO.
the maintainers decided it would be acceptable to make 0.9.7 ABI incompatible with 0.9.6. go OpenSSL! go to hell.

And now a Warning: my 96 mobile number was disconnected. you know where to reach me. you also know who you are. and mostly, who you aren't.

20030616 monday

OpenSSL needs to die a fiery death.

20030615 sunday

oh my god! i got sucked bad into Civ:CTP. welp!

20030614 saturday

hum, k, right.

20030613 friday

turns out i was being a dork yesterday and was playing ut2k3 without AGP support. one driver update and some config tweaking later, AGPx8. Result, 60fps in Tokara Forest @1024. horrah

finally managed to install Ximian XD2. After draging the installer kicking and screaming till the point where it actually did install the damned thing (or was it the other way around ?) lo and behold, a shiny new desktop. After installing a WORKING galeon and matching mozilla, this is the result of the first 5 minutes.
otoh, I must say the bitstream vera fonts are pwwwety.

20030612 thursday

horrah. got myself an asus v9280td which is just a fancy name for a gf4ti4200 with 128M. finally, over 30fps average on ut2k3. hihihihiih. and so ends my summer geek extravaganza.

on less geeky mathers, the twingo may be due for a pit stop soon. hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

20030611 midweek

you know when you spend most of your day imagining it's monday but it's actually wednesday ? that was today.

meanwhile, decided now was the time to get a gf4ti!

20030610 tuesday

horrah for holidays. having said that, mine was mostly spent cleaning up the house and wacking old mod_perl+CGI into shape. on short, I've had better. but it all turned out OK in the end :)

so far my wingman-fu isn't all I hoped to be. mostly, GTA doesn't seem to work right away. I guess it will need some serious controls remaping.

/me looks at the new cdrom on the floor next to him instead of inside bean. sigh.

20030709 monday

la la la day off. took my sweet time and went see matrix reloaded. the session picking proved quite wise - there were like 10 people in the cinema all told. and only 2 endured the credits to see 1 minute's worth of revolutions credits.

gave up and bought .. no not a ps2! but a controller pretty similar to a ps2 controller. rock! now all i need is a cheap gf4ti *grin*

perl-CGI blows dead bears. otoh, I prolly just don't know how to give it scheet luv. being old code and all. and CGI being the scourge of death. garrrr

20030608 sunday

nice country type lunch and country type afternoon. i must say at some point it becomes booring :)

the reek is fading from the lego tracks. however, running them through the 55C cycle of the washing machine prolly didn't prove particularly bright. lets see.

if i was really futile i'd buy a PS2 just to play enter the matrix. i'm not. unfortunatly.

20030607 saturday

kiddie parties and birthday parties, and meeting good friends and good times all around. oh and food. don't forget food.

despite being left on the outside of the balcony window the lego tracks retain their stench hummmmmmmmm.

20030606 weekend

my lego bricks here here! some pointers for people buying used lego bricks:

20030605 thursday

my lego bricks are here! by here, I mean portugal of course .. not here.

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20030604 midweek

something weird last night and a bunch of people round here had problems sleeping. i blame the aliens!

meanwhile, trying to use CallWithCommand for addrAppLaunchCmdCallerID is not yelding particularly good results. mostly cause I have no docs or reference code and it seems to change paramaters it shouldn't. baaaaad.

20030603 tuesday

i realise now i lost another chance to move this to movabletype. sigh. on the plus side, the palmIII seems to back to life and some more work got done on treogroups.

20030602 monday

it was obviously a sad mistake leaving NiMH bateries in the palmIII. it died a miserable death and lost all its data. hopefully my GPS/ directory holds a true and up-to-date backup. sigh.

20030601 sunday

june is already here ? *eeek* midyear! baby is comming SOON.

took a 5 minutes whack at balsa. but the highlight of the afternoon was finding *more* bugs on hpose and figuring out some of my bugs don't actually happen on the real thing. go piece of crap. anyway, I'm almost at the point where I get to use handspring's undocument s3cret palmos extensions to figure out who's calling me.