20040629 tuesday

computeruniverse.com are being suspiciously silent with my order. hummmm

otoh, everybody is feeling really hiped about the big game tomorrow. boohya!

20040628 monday

had a meltdown and ordered a canon S1 IS. I'm so weak. gah.
is it here yet ?

20040627 sunday

i don't have much time for balsa nowadays but when I do it sucks

20040626 saturday

I'm *SO* considering a canon S1 IS. I'm such a spoiled brat.

Meanwhile, you better not be reading this with IE. Or else. eheheh just messing with you. This site didn't install anything on your windows. Or did it ?

20040625 IE day

So it made big news. A group of criminals is hax0r1ng web servers runing Microsoft IIS to modified served pages to exploit an unfixed Microsoft Internet Explorer bug. See Microsoft twice in that sentence ? You can count.
The point is installing a little crafty program on your Microsoft Windows (oh, there it is again) to record your interaction with the computer. And when I mean interaction I mean you typing your personal data, CC number, homebanking login, that kind of booring stuff.
So far the best advice the anti virus crowd has is "don't use Internet Explorer".
Luckily, there's something better.

Boys and girls, how long have I been saying "With an external firewall your mswindows is moderatly safe as long as you don't browse any pages or get any email." Don't come crying you haven't been warned.

(trademarks and servicemarks are owned by their rightfull owners. blah blah blah)

20040624 match day

portugal won against england! after the full time and extension and one penalty series, the portuguese goalie not only stoped a ball but shot the winning goal.

and for the first time in a while, criticism for the referee. not for the penalty he forgot but for not keeping up with uefa's standards for fairplay. the referee let england play their rough game which be fine and dandy for their national league but clearly isn't the way we play it. a big boooh for the referee who couldn't keep the game under control.

20040623 wednesday

another shoping run, this time a rather successfull one. maybe even too successfull. hummm

20040622 tuesday

i hate LG right now. i'm told I should hate all DVD writers but at this moment I hate LG specificly cause it's LG that silently messed up scrubs s03ep02 on a dvd-r. In fact, that unit silently messes up random data. In fact, that unit burns dvd+r coasters that confuse the bejesus out of it when you try to read them.
And aparently there is no hope.

you know what I hate ? shopping runs that amount to nothing but wasted time. god I hate shops.

there's much hate in the air today.

20040621 monday

so, we're playing england. either the brits will pull a riot cause they lost or the brits will pull a riot cause they won.
in all fairness the brits involved in riots don't have much to do with football at all. the fans that are actually going to games have been fairly quaint in a fun drunk loud way. it's the ones that came to be pissed and break shit that's we're having problems with.

20040620 sunday

vasco was particularly bad today so nothing got done.

on unrelated news, portugal won one nil against spain and qualified for the next euro2004 round. who would've thunk it ?

20040619 weekend

vasco is trying his best to do stuff i don't allow him to. i'm told this is a good thing, despite somewhat precocious. oh well.

20040618 friday

this is starting to get booring but yes, more riots with brits. however, as far as I could understand from the news everything was fairly quiet till the police went in to get some thugs who were trying to stir things up. at that point trouble started and blah blah blah.

20040617 thursday

seems like today the brits didn't even wait for the evening to get pissed and get into trouble. seems like their working up to organizing shifts and keeping the riots going 24/7.

for the record, white skull valley is a great map!

20040616 midweek

milling over some old bookmarks i stumbled across streetshirts.co.uk. they seem so cool I'm just going to have to order stuff from them!

in other news, portugal won 2 nil against russia. seems like we're back on the race! also, more confrontations between drunken brits and local police.

20040615 tuesday

brit thugs have managed to make a mess every single night since the begining of Euro 2004. rock on! our shock police is having the workout of their lifes!

20040614 monday

found the White-Skull Valley GR mod. looks nice, plays nice. thumbs up!

20040613 sunday

blah blah blah. usuall sunday lazyness, euro2004 and euro elections.
france won in a shocking turn of events and the elections turn out is at 40% like last time.

made a shocking discovery, system-config-printer-tui doesn't know about cups!

20040612 saturday

euro2004 started today. portugal managed do lose 2 to 1 with greece. we're off to our usuall good start.
otoh, the brits are off to a good start too, managing to make a fuss downtown and geting both arrested and chased off by locals.

meanwhile, more froliking. side note, i updated the vasco gallery. good photos too!

cddb is scary. it knows about a local kiddie cd.

20040611 friday

day off. in my book days off are even better than holidays!
ended up wasting a good deal of it on groceries shopping and geting an haircut.

but I did manage to find a SD -> CF TypeI adapter which allowed me to load new stuff into the palm sd card, namely fresh oggs. mental note: palm doesn't know about utf-8, i need to see about an iconv script for file names.

20040610 Portugal Day

Today, 10th of June is the Day of Portugal, the portuguese communities and portuguese language. Most of all, it's an holiday. Which for me, nowadays, means a family day froliking in the sun with the best baby in the world

Decided Niposon isn't going to answer and contacted surecom directly. Let's see if *they* answer

20040609 midweek

the dovecot people aparently already knew the bug, however it's not getting fixed till after 1.0. let's face it, having done rfc2047 before i can't blame them :)

news: the lack of news.

20040608 tuesday

seems like i managed to kill another surecom 4504AX. let's see if niposom says anything about it.

20040607 monday

took out the holiday to try and catch up on stuff.
i ended up uncovering a dovecot bug while chasing an imagined balsa bug. rock on! turns out some rfc2047 headers confuse dovecot and it ends up serving invalid headers. oh well.

20040606 sunday

even more work. but the afternoon was so full of vasco happy fun and pizza it's all good.

took some time to finally upgrade my gallery installation and put up a few more vasco pics.

20040605 saturday

work work work. no happy fun today.

"A new virus is on the prowl that can infect your Windows XP/2K system and record every key you hit on your keyboard. The keys are then sent back to the virus creator where he/she can steal your passwords and credit card information." PHEAR!

20040604 friday

work work work. blah, got home and snuck into bed.
no hackery got done today

20040603 thursday

nothing like a lilttle firmware upgrade love to make a cheapo router work. and you can't get more specific than this
'(1). DHCP client renew issue for Portugal user.'

20040602 midweek

the decision is on. the ok was given. i'm (eventually) switching jobs.

20040601 tuesday

exciting stuff happened today. stay tunned.