20050630 belgium

to belgium and back. they do have beer. lots. and they do try their best to consume it all!
apart from that Gent is very nice for R&R. Lots of nice walking space and friendly people and beer and desserts.
just one thing, belgians smoke at french level. peeeewwwww.

vasco missed dady a lot. after just a few days he wasn't so self assured as usual. breaks your heart :(

20050626 sunday

vasco seems to be ok after all and we had ourselfs a nice fun family day. vasco still doesn't seem tuned in with dady not being around. i can't tell if he doesn't understand or if he's trying to ignore it. oh well.

20050625 saturday

vasco eis being a sucky puppy. also, it's fairly hard to explain a 2 yo daddy is going to be away for a few days. boooh.

20050624 weekend

did i mention i'm going to belgium ? i'm going to belgium. i hear they have beer.

20050623 thursday

the t630 is bitching and rockin. that's all i have to say about that.

20050622 wednesday

woohoo wohoo my t630 is here. it's a very nice phone, specially considering it's about 140EUR. I used to swear by nokia but onw i'm totally sold to sonyericsson. it's clearly the most bang for buck.

20050621 tuesday

wohoo my new toy as shiped. now for the get here fast mojo!

20050620 monday

nomatica wants to check id. it's all good business practice till someone's order gets delayed!

20050619 sunday

took a fairly big stick to idvd and produced a couple of fairly passable dvds from stuff i already had edited lying around. imovie otoh is making very angry with it's crap sorting of clips. blah. i guess it's apple's way of making shell out for final cut

20050618 saturday

new bouncy little babies. weeee

shoping this week has been fairly evil. even amazon.co.uk was confusing has the date of release of the baroque cycle paperbacks is uncertain at best.
this is why the economy is in a recession.

20050617 friday

there's a lot of stress in the world today. good thing it's weekend.

went shoping and gave on local shops to produce a buyable SE t630 so i headed up to trusty nomatica which gladly took my money in exchange for goods.
and, is it just me or firewire 9/6 cables are hard to find ?

20050616 thursday

my word. fc4 updates already.

20050615 wednesday

i was -><- this close to ordering a t630 on pixmania but then i reconsidered and wondered if i'll won't just find it at fnac. earth to sony ericsson, people here trying to give you moneys.

20050614 tuesday

my word. 4 days away and everything goes to hell.
anyways, i've updated sal to fc4. seems like cisco vpn client works!

20050613 monday

sonyericsson is being fairly useless about telling me about the european warranty on their stuff. the contact form is b0rk b0rk b0rk.

btw, it rained. i'm shocked!

20050612 sunday

dang. sony ericsson t630 is nowhere to be found locally. i hate local shops.
and i hate sony ericsson for v520i

20050611 saturday

i'm coming to the conclusion a non-networked computer is just a fairly useless lump.

20050610 friday

whooohoo holidays and stuff. and sun. and stuff.

20050609 thursday

local gsm operators, or more acuratly 2 out of 3, are again failing to have available the phones i want. or have phones i almost want and sell them locked at the same price as the unlocked ones. uhhhh. actually, one (the one with 3 letters nudge nudge wink wink) is selling a nokia 20EUR over the unlocked street price. go guys!

20050608 midweek

microsoft day. they're planning to have an hypervisor mode in longhorn. also, ie7 will have search and rss and lowered priv. microsoft, bravely inovating into last century.

20050607 tuesday

welpo. imovie hd import is slow. did i mention that already ? good.

20050606 monday

so, the big news is apple is actually switching to intel. my musings on this subject:
* but, G5 is so much better. Apple says so. I'm all confused now.
* this kills my "g5 or x86_64" dilema.
* there will be 2 types of peces now. overpriced peces and good fast peces

20050605 sunday

vasco was a bad boy all day. as result nothing else got done. buh.

oh. i'm definitly considering buying a sonyericsson t630. rock on.

20050604 saturday

word on the street is apple is shifting from imb ppc to intel.
"hi, this is steve, yeah, you need to convert all your altivec code to sse. huumm humm. bubye"
"hi, i'd like to purchase this piece of Mac software" "surely, do you have a ppc or x86 mac ?" "hi, i'd like to purchase this piece of Mac software"

otoh, it makes my "x86_64 or g5" dilema easier!

on other news, iterm rocks. it knows about button2.

20050603 weekend

i don't think i mentioned GR3 yet. after the gr2 pc debacle it seems gr3 is back on track. while the official word was gr2 was scrubed cause there weren't enough development resources to make a good release i'm fairly sure it was cause pece gamers critized the dumbing down of the consoles gr2. gr3 is promised to have a grown up pc version and the people behind it seem fairly commited so i'm making GR3 my new new-pece target.

20050602 thursday

i was wrong. actually high fidelity the movie is pretty much equal to the book. which is turning out to be a nice surprise. otoh, i figured out i don't have any recolection of how or when or with who i saw it. actually, i didn't remember much of the movie except the lists and jack black.
i'm pretty sure i wasn't drunk so this isn't turning out to be a good experience. if you're reading this and you recall watching high fidelity with me, drop me a line. tkx.

20050601 wednesday

and as soon as i put high fidelity down i launch into neil gaiman's neverwhere which looks as if it's pretty much an acid baby.