20060626 monday

"Hon Hai Precision Industry's Foxconn factory has now come forward to admit that it has indeed been in violation of Chinese labor laws."
uuhhhh does that involve wipping ? shooting the lazy ones ?

20060625 sunday

i usually don't talk about soccer. but in this case i'll make an exception for Mr Valentin, the referee on Portugal-Holand.
i'm not even talking about the crazy handball game towards the end, that can be accounted to general bad shape and short sighteness.
I'm talking about Deco's expulsion. dear mr. valentin, you got it the wrong way around you twat. someone had just pushed him into the ground with the game stoped. right in your face.
so, dear mr. valentin, go suckle on the 5th member of a noble specimen of the equine persuasion.

20060615 thursday

bee song is such a cool song. really.

20060614 wednesday

wishlist for GR:AW
* ROE/Fire discipline. don't you just hate it when you guys just spot a tango a rock and roll away while you were planing a covert move ?
* a sniper riffle with a semi-auto mode. really, we have the technology!
* binos

20060612 monday

did i mention firebug firefox extension rocks ? it does. really. it's almost better than venkman. except when it blows up.

20060608 thursday

"Cpt Mitchell what's your status ??"
"Well General, it isn't particularly good. My head is on the ground 50 cm from my body which is lying in a pool of blood as you can see on my helmet cam. I don't think this will be a particularly good day."

20060603 a given saturday

stuff has happened. mostly being out on holidays, packing, unpacking and finishing GR:AW.
that's not a particularly descriptive paragraph about 2 weeks but there were also birthdays involved and vasco grew another couple of cm.