20070624 wekly round up

david is doing very well despite not being panpered like the first born was :)

been playing a lot of gr:aw2 demo. seem like there's something to this online multiplayer thing. and i get to cheat myself by claiming i'm testing online gaming on our network

tiao farrajota is evil by forcing my hand at finally buying a ds just for zelda

on other news, wireless keyboards suck for need of batteries

20070620 nvidia

the gr:aw2 demo made my ancient 6800xt look even more ancient so i "upgraded" to a 8600gt. it's on the same range except like 3 times as fast as it's more than one year newer ...

20070616 more fingers

people thought i was being mean with the fingers thing. look at this and realize!

20070611 SE

sonyericsson is putting out new phones real soon apparently.
hey dummies, how about focusing on putting out the w660i instead ??

20070611 leopard

leopard is purty. they reashed some old cool ideas like drawers on the dock (from say, step :)) and previews on finder (2002 nautilus anyone ?). but they took it a set further with quick look and the coverflow view.

i can't believe 10.1 didn't have spaces. c'mon ... virtual desktops is so 1993!

time machine is cool in the way it makes it easy my hardlink+rsync script from '98. lets see how well it works. the fun thing about time machine is going to be seeing the damage and tear microsoft's copy will generate :)

mail is even more granny centric and pushing business people to entourage. sigh.

ichat is even more impressive and opposed to mail in the middle of all the granny stuff actually has some interesting news like sharing presentations (keynote hehehe)

ical sharing is cool and improved, but only for companies who have their heads enough out of their behinds to use it ... sigh ...

if only safari could import all firefox's stuff ... i have like, 8 years worth of .mozilla ... c'mon

and there's the full 64b thingy. yummy.

how much time exactly did you say we have to wait steve ?

20070611 pearl jam @ oeiras

again. pearl jam was playing reasonably near I MISSED IT!!!!
the universe conspires against me. is this a cruel joke ? is it ? BRING IT ON UNIVERSE!!!! let's get it on!!

fortunatly, god invented the internets and the tubes and the youtubes. so we get the vloging from the scene!

lemme just say this again. black is the best song. ever.

20070608 fingers

less informed people are wondering, "is the htc finger phone an iphone killer".
i'll work them through the answer.
first, the iphone. the iphone was designed from scratch by the people who churn out some of the best UIs in the planet and built on top of years of ipod support.
the htc finger phone was designed by people who routinely churn out fugly bricks running windows mobile.
see where this is going ?
one type of people will use the htc finger phone. people who believe bill gates is god incorporated (pun. ahah) and use anything sporting his royal piss. mostly cause it will be damn expensive and only desperate people will shell out for it.
one type of people will use the iphone. people who like to listen to music and watch movies while not carrying around a number of lumps of fugly tech (htc+zune ... uuurgh) and still keeping to a digital and mobile life style. and a lot more people will be able to afford it as it costs about half the rival offerings (htc+zune ... uuurgh)

myself, i'll stick to my palm t|x for everything that requires a 320x480 screen and try to get a w660i if sony ericsson ever gets around to sell it. that's the kind of guy I am.

20070606 film at 11

Google: IIS twice as likely to serve malware as Apache
gee, wizz. I wonder why. maybe cause IIS is twice as broken. or maybe cause microsoft encouraged aspx code is twice as crappy as cgi code running on apache.
you get what you pay for. in this case is a crappy http server running scripts written by minimum wage programmers on visual something. and then you get malware as a bonus!

20070605 iphone!

haven't been here in a long time!
just to let ya'll know the iphone ads are making me cream myself. and you should too!!

c'mon sonyericsson make good with the w660i. or else!!