20040331 midweek

La la la my ut2k4 arrived. Actually it arrived a couple of days ago and was sitting on the inbound mail queue while i cursed the post office and amazon. Woohoo.

lt's amazing the number of people walking around with bluetooth discovereable nokias. "victims" some circles like to call them :)

20040330 Tuesday

Trying out azure. It's fairly weird UIwise but it might just be me not getting the hang of it. This whole java thing isn't all it could be ...

Got a bluetooth headset today. It's cute but i'm starting to think i should had sprung for a better one.

20040329 monday

Real for Palm could be better. It's not totally bad but it could use some improvement. Like not crashing. Or having a better playlist editor. Good news is there seem to be other mp3 players out there. and some even play ogg too.

spent most of the evening trying to figure out how FC2T2 is breaking up2date. hummm ...

Vasco update: 1 upper tooth is showing!

20040328 sunday

family day. nearly no geakness got done.
I did settle however for 96kbps mp3 on the T2. It's a good compromise size/quality and lame can transcode my already existing mp3.

also upgraded sal to 2.6. for some reason my bttv sound is intermitant - I bet it's related to the bad signal i feed the card but 2.4 was a lot more forgiving about it.

20040327 saturday

got a SD card and a usb bluetooth dongle. woohoo. bluetooth is neat, i can now sync the T2 just by setting it on the table next to me. is this an improvment over the cradle ? certainly not, but it's way neater! :) The dongle is a Zaapa thingy (I think Zaapa is just noname brand) and claims to work on Linux on the package. And to my surprise I pluged into Fedora, started the bluetooth services and it JustWorked. woohoo. now, if I only could convince the t68i to receive files. seems like I have to investigate OpenOBEX and the ftp and phonemgr apps.

I could also play with Real player for Palm the photo app. Playing with the Real for palm included playing with Real for Windows which made me realize why Real is dying. their product is .. well, not particularly good.
At some point I got sick of it and ended up with CardExport which is a neat palm app that turns it into a usb mass storage SD card reader. They claimed it didn't work very well with Linux's stack but I didn't have any problems with. I might even buy it when it comes out of beta. Meanwhile, the CF->SD adapter is still on order ... humm ...

20040326 weekend

even more T2 froliking. luckily, there is only so much froliking one can do.

20040325 thursday

more T2 froliking. there's a bunch of stuff i have in greyscale that I nice to procure colour version of. the card VFS is also news to me, except I don't have a SD card yet.

bluetooth is neat. this whole palm/t68i sync thing without wires is neat. I wonder if I can make the palm show a ring ring dialog ...

20040324 midweek

woohoo my T2 is here! I just rocks so damn much. it's fast, it's pwetty and colour just won me over.
moving from the treo was just as painfull as moving to the treo. you might recall, a bunch of stuff just crashed the treo - most noteably keycapshack. now, there's some handspring stuff that came over in the sync that crashes the T2 on boot (which means it's OS patches) so I had to play 'find what breaks'.
it only took me all night!
anyway, it would have been neat if the SMS app that came with the T2 could read the handspring SMS dbs. it would also be nice if the treo SMS could beam stuff over.

20040323 tuesday

as it seems, DHL sent my T2 to Belgium. I'm sure it's all on purpose and follows some master plan but it's THE WRONG WAY.

20040322 monday

my T2 has shipped. with some luck, it will be here by tomorrow!

20040321 sunday

i so recomend being a daddy. i think i already mentioned this but it totally rules.

worked a *bit* on proxy-profiles-applet. there might be a 1.0 coming out this week, depending on new toys delivery and overall available time.

20040320 saturday

saving sal. poped the FC1 dvd into the drive and hoped it would make it all better, which in fact it did. somehow it picked up the basic stuff I was missing and installed it. so I had glibc and such back but was still somewhere in a weird place. next step was upgrading to 1.90 (and yet 1.91 is so close duh) which went fairly well. and then, I had gnome to work out. development (or rawhide as we like to call it) moved on to xorg rpms which killed my cuning plan to have 2.6 gnome and I was pretty sick of games now so I just removed anything depending from gtk+2 and up2dated by hand from 1.90. all was well in the end. GAH

all that and family time.
and some late night shopping. no not THAT. I was looking for a SD->CF adapter which look fairly rare, and indeed are. I was almost giving up when I went to my usual outlet for PC related gadgets and there it was.

20040319 weekend

expansys seems to indeed have a T2 for me. woohoo. however, buying from them included scaning my drivers license and screenshoting a print preview of a mail they sent to me and then mailing them the resulting jpeg. misguided lot :)
not too bad prices considering they have stocks of weird stuff and same day shipping.

up2date killed my dog! obviously, this is a joke but up2date did muck up my sal. it seems to have died after the rpm removal phase but before installing anything actually usefull. for the record, I started with FC1 + development gnome stuff and was upgrading to 1.90. so, I ended up with a messed system lacking glibc.rpm ... humm ...

20040318 thursday

a study says smokers live 8 years less than normal people. that's sadening in some ways. however, this is bad news for Phillip&Morris. you might remember P&M being acused of costing the public health system real money in one of X state versus bigtobacco. they decided to claim smoker die earlier so they don't waste public health money on old age chronical deseases. so in short, their defense was "we kill people". as it seems, they don't kill them fast enough. i'm sorry P&M but 8 years isn't nearly enough to save money - try to spend some money on R&D to bump that up to 15 years, hey lets make it a cool 20, and they we'll be talking real savings.

meanwhile, a diferent study from the World Health Organization finds legal drugs like nicotine and alchool are currently a much greater health problem and carry a larger social burden than illegal drugs. haven't I been saying this all along ?

20040317 midweek

this is not turning out to be a good week. but nobody wants to read about that.

20040316 tuesday

seems like fnac.pt isn't being very effective at finding me a T2. damn them.

meanwhile, you might not have noticed but I've added new vasco pics. bouncing babby pics.

20040315 monday

the nic.nu people are still after me trying to get me to renew chbm.nu. gah! leave me alone!

20040314 sunday

the day was mostly spent being a daddy. beeing a daddy rocks. i greatly recomend it.

20040313 saturday

woohoo weekend.
as it seems the T68i has been located but no sign of an available T2. boooohoo

discovered some old ximian packages bitrotting on sal. I should reinstall sal from 0. really.

20040312 friday

my cunning plan to get a new Palm was foiled by lack of stock. hummm, i'm starting to wonder if it will actually be easy to find a T2 at reasonable price now.

20040311 thursday

I'm pretty much positive about what I want now. I want a tungsten T2 and an ericsson t68i. screw the treo600 :)
My experience with the treo180 put me off the treo600 to start with. The phone is almost impossible to use while driving and palmosH is somewhat sick with all the Handspring wacked patches making for some nasty surprises. As a developer I grew to pretty much hate handspring - there isn't one single positive aspect of my relation as an independent developer with Handspring and in fact I just droped a couple of projects cause I just hit dead ends. So, jumping to PalmOS5.2H wasn't feeling me with happy joy feelings, particularly knowing all the 3.5H phone cruft was just upported. There's also the small issue of someone who can't get the treo600 modem to Work with serialbridge, he invariably ends up reseting his t600 which means the t600 modem is even worse than treo180's
As a user, the thumb keyboard just puts me off. I found people in foruns complaining about the 3rd party apps that allows to grafitty onscreen just not working so that's a write off. (actually, middlecaps hack don't work on the treo180 either - i tracked it down to an handspring syspatch and left it there).

So, with the treo600 weighing in at 900EUR and a T2 + bluetooth/gprs phone costing less than 500EUR the choice is pretty simple.

meanwhile, today was match day at the stadium that will host the euro2004 cup final. a brand new stadium with parking and all. however, there were cars parked on the side of the road as far as about 3km away. not even discussing driving to park 3km away, i bet it will all go well during the euro!

10 bombs went off in comuter trains near madrid, spain. the carnage is almost unbelievable.

20040310 midweek

as it seems my RMA firewire-ata bridge isn't playing along either after a couple of days of happy fun transfers. i'm starting to think there's something Wrong with one of my bridges. either or have repeat cabling problems. or something.
as it stands, as soon as I connect the bus goes into reset mode and just sticks.

20040309 tuesday

"democracy means there's a knock on the door at 5 am and you think it's the milkman." well, not any more. from now on it might be the RIA making house calls in EU! read all about it

20040308 monday

so there you have it. chbm.nu expired and was removed. or so they say, I didn't check.

Saiu um OpenOffice 1.1.0 em Português! aqui está, 80M de produtividade.

20040307 sunday

more treo600 research. as it seems the lowest price in the market is about 750EUR which is closer to home but still not happy fun.

20040306 saturday

lets compare the Palm Zire 71 and the Handspring Treo600. Both have the same cpu, the same screen and the same camera. Both have a SD slot, the Treo has more memory but memory is cheap (well, almost). The Treo has a gsm radio worth about 150EUR. Lets say it costs 200EUR to include the radio. The Treo prolly has a better batery too and there's some stuff in the box so let's throw in 50EUR for those. So why is the Zire sold for 280EUR and the Treo is sold for 900EUR ? I see an almost 500EUR gap there. Considering my perceived value for the Treo is under 500EUR and it sells with service for 500 to 600 USD on USA my message to handspring is: "R U STOOPID ??? DO YOU NOT LIKE TO SELL UNITS ???"

as it seems, peter jackson will do The Hobbit. la la la

20040305 friday

woohoo weekend. however, vasco is runing fever and is deploying muccus everywhere. we sense teeth coming on but till then ... sigh ...
did I mention the day started with cleaning puke from the floor ? being a daddy rules!

20040304 thursday

it's official. usb1 blows dead bears for stuff like moving a few Gs of data. that and hauling an extra psu. hummm

20040303 midweek

I saw a man from Microsoft today saying the patch for nimda was available 133 days before the exploit. So it's official. They've taken to revisionism, or out right lying as I like to call it.

anyway, my new hd thingy sucks on usb1. and manages to not only crash itself but also bomb 2.4.25 on via kit.
the good news is it actually works fairly well on the firewire side. horrah.

20040302 tuesday

wooohoo my 3.5" HD nobrand usb2/ieee1394 enclosure is here. and it even seems to be working. well, almost. it seems to be hiffy on usb1. there's a growing tendency of crap usb2 devices that just suck with 1.1 hosts.

20040301 monday

as it seems my RMA hd box isn't available yet. booo