20050331 thursday

the more wacked out my stories the more success they have with vasco. please don't draw any conclusions.

20050330 wednesday

dady has to tell a bedtime story now. this is hardwork!

20050329 tuesday

i want donka konga! instant gratification now! damn local shops for local people. BOOH.
meanwhile in other news my GR2 delivery got delayed has aparently not actually been released in time.

20050328 monday

the sleep like a big boy experiment was a success. woohoo.

fact: all the apple stores in europe have macminis
fact: apple portugal doesn't have macminis
fact: apple portugal says there are no macminis in stock in europe
fact: apple portugal store has stupid high prices for kit it doesn't actually have

anyways, the day was dominated by a shopping trip from hell. there was a lot a rain involved.
meanwhile, there was another session of metroid. i found a new save point. 'duh'

20050327 sunday


we're trying to get vasco to sleep in his room. alone. lets see how this works out. he seems excited about it :)

i hate games with save points like metroid prime. they're clearly for people with no life.

20050326 saturday

sent apple a nastygram about their lack of macmini stock. lets see how this works out.

vasco has a bike. it's red. vasco likes his bike very much. vasco rides his bike well.
it's something of a surprise has he doesn't like his trike too much. oh well.

went back to late night cube metroid prime sessions and figured out why i don't remember likeing it too much. i suck at it.
i was going to bed fairly early today. but then summertime steped in. damn summertime.

20050325 friday

vasco was a bad bad little boy all day and daddy ended the day a wreck.
hint: displays of power don't go a long way with nearly 2 year olds.

to counterbalance the pleasant surprise with acroread 7 acrobat for palmos is still a useless turd as it can't actually read pdf.
here's what i want it to do: someone says "here, read this" i say "oh copy it into this card" and then i read it on the tungsten.
here's what it does: someone says "here, read this" i say "oh humm mail it to me" and i read it on the pece.
instead of actually displaying pdfs the palmos adobe reader takes preprocessed versions which need to chewed and synched in a windows desktop. c*r*a*p

20050324 thursday

acrobat reader 7 for linux is out. and shock! it stoped sucking 1986 libXt ass.
adobe moved into this century and acroread is now full of gtk+2 niceness. such a nice surprise.

seems like paypal figured out how to use IBAN and can now transfer money to portuguese accounts. my word, this century's banking must confuse their usaian minds.
now, would someone people paypal me some money so that i can test it ? :)

20050323 midweek

geting stuff done to go on holidays is such hard work. buh

20050322 tuesday

tuesday felt like a monday.

tried my had at GR again after a few months. in hindsight, trying a really dificult mission was a waste of time.
isn't gr2 suposed to be out real soon now ?

20050321 monday

gave up and place a new order for a macmini. my theory is apple is out of the computer making business and just stuck to their core business, hype.

20050320 sunday

this gota be the coolest thing today

quote of the day: "segway is made in america of course so fat yanks can go to the fridge without expending any energy"

i so want one of this. please please please.

20050319 saturday

this was diferent. my dad is in the deep of africa. that's a pretty non normal saturday.

anyways, for the record, garden state rules. and it's the 2nd time Zach Braff is involved in something that makes me cry.

lftp tux.cprm.net
i made that possible. it's weird how you can be proud of the simplest things.

20050318 friday

this sucks. no scrubs, sg-1, no atlantis. wtf am i supposed to watch ? tv ??

anyways, there's some neat surprises in life like "damned hyperthreading crap. humm .. there weren't any HT pIII were there ? hummm woohoo a dual!"

20050317 thursday


20050316 wednesday

silly ciscos with broken arp tables. booh. go away.

20050315 tuesday

my dad is off on his dream trip.

that prompted me to visit Lisbon's international airport (LIS). despite the multiple no smoking signs throught the airport the marble floor is litered with cigarrete buts. you can see nicoheads geting their fix pretty much anywhere which doesn't seem to catch the patrolling police force attentions.
and to really mark you've entered portugal, there's a uniformed security type person leaning against a wall smoking just beneath a no smoking sign.

20050314 monday

don't have a 1.5 year old. it's nasty.

RMS is almost as annoying as the evil RAR cabal.
'If you support the free software movement, one easy way to help us is
by saying "free software" rather than "open source".' [cause you know, ESR is dumb!]
(not that i like ESR. RMS is annoying cause he's spliting hairs totally out of context)

20050313 sunday

nothing says "drunken slob" like finding beer from 2001 in the fridge. unoponed.

Microsoft to Offer Patches to U.S. Govt. First --WSJ
that means 2 things
a) USAF is the new MS guinea pig
b) corporate (you know, paying) customers get patches 1 month after they are developed. that's about 3 to 6 months after the bugs are discovered. that's your money at work for you!

got really annoyed and wrote a quick and dirty but working script to transmute oggs into 92kbps joint stereos mp3s for the muvo. and it works too! it would just so much easier if lame could grock ogg

20050312 saturday

for the record, in a meaty way for google which didn't manage to find relevant stuff on this, dual head works with Xorg on Intel Corp. 82852/855GM Integrated Graphics Device (rev 02). both xinerama and individual desktops.
however, the i810 on FC3 can't see the 1280x768 mode on "my" hp pavilion dv1170ea centrino laptop while the one distributed in intel's dri stuff can. either intel has some sekret patches for some sekret chipset stuff or the laptop video bios is broken. either way without the intel package i can only get 1024x768 uglyness.

that's a lot of uglyness

20050311 friday

stuff that doesn't mix:
mild case of stomach flu
underestimating the time it takes for 80G to go across 100bT
trying to get stuff to work by reading the wrong docs while 80% asleep

20050310 thursday

the muvo works out pretty well. the radio is nice and the mp3 playback is ok.
i can't believe noone did anything good to a) transcode oggs into low bitrate mp3s b) hopefuly rename the files and reorder them into playlists using folders.

oh. sounds like i just outlined a project. my oh my.

in real life, vasco caught a stomach bug and is feeling generaly icky. boohh :(

20050309 midweek

found a shop more willing to acomodate my impulse buys and got myself a black muvo n200. it's a fairly nice unit inside my price target. lets see how it works out in the field.
the only negative note so far goes to the head set cause a) the unit is black and the headset is black b) the head set looks dorky c) it's not particularly ergonomic

20050308 tuesday

went on an impulse buy shoping spree. the conclusion was shops suck.

meanwhile, it seems vasco is developing something ...

20050307 monday

backups don't make themselfs you know ?
anyway, one of the downsides of the huge disks we have today is there's a huge huge ammount of information to backup. creepy.
bring back the tapes!

20050306 sunday

ok, so, there's a kick-ass.net and a kickS-ass.net. and that's why my p2p stuffs wasn't working. this is like ... too much ...

anyways, vasco is playing the bad boy card and i don't have time for watching stuff i'd eventually download :P

20050305 saturday

i'm pretty sure i'm going to get a tiny mp3 player with fm radio. now, which one ?? i wish there weren't so many models ...

20050304 friday

the EU council is still trying to push through software patents. wtf elected *them* ??

20050303 thursday

it's not like i don't want to pay my bills. but lets face it, cheqs are so last century.

20050302 midweek

things to see. people to do. everything non critical like mldonkey is on hold. booh.

the hp allinone 5510 is actually pretty nice if you don't need a lot of volume.

20050301 tuesday

/me looks around. still no macmini. /me taps foot

anyways, wireless keyboards seem to be la mode and it's dead hard to find a nice wired usb keyboard this days.