20060331 friday

microsoft is most worthless brand in the world

20060330 Thursday

I could've spent the evening doing something interesting but went to a condo meeting instead.

20060329 Wednesday

You have a microsoft windows installation. You copy the disc to new hardware. You run repair to make sure everything will work. You're screwed.
Why? Because system disk was magically J: and now it's magically C: and nothing works.

20060328 Tuesday

The match today was so big even i watched. That's how big it was.

Anyways, there's still no updated nvidia drivers so the rest of the evening was spent chiping away at bank statements.

Found one gem today: "Windows is now so big and onerous because of the size of its code base"
On other news, journalists should stick to drinking beer and avoid writing about technology.

20060327 monday

oh yeah, that's the weird flu kicking in.

20060326 sunday

Finished R6 lockdown. All in all it was a fun game but the action was too scripted for my GR tastes.

Vasco is feeling a bit better but daddy is feeling a bit worse. I'm so not looking forward to throwing up.

20060326 saturday

so it turns out fsck found stuff wrong with the raid5 but everything seems to be there. now i'm faced with "how to backup 150G"
on good news, hibernate works pretty well on the laptop. i almost forgot about it.

meanwhile, in real world, vasco has a throat cold. buhhh :(

20060324 friday

this is clearly not being a good week.
the balsa libssl.so.5 thing turned out to be a stale libestmp.so lost on /usr/lib that somehow got linked instead of /usr/lib64. and it only took me a couple of hours.

meanwhile, hal's raid5 seems to have firmly wedged itself. actually, it was wedged by one of the sata controllers judging by the way both discs on that controler showed exactly the same corruption on the superblock. after a bit of freeting i figured the only way about it was recreating the raid with --assume-clean so i bit down and went with it. set the thing to resync and hoped for the best.

20060323 Thursday

FC5 on sal is not being happy fun. The udev/init vs. Nvidia compatibility intersection seems to be nil so i fell back to nv. And for some reason my pristine balsa build *and* extras's rpm seem to want libssl.so.5 which i can't find anywhere on x86-64. I'm sure a few minutes of clear headed key stroking will fix that.

20060322 Wednesday

Now this is getting anoying. nvidia won't build on 2.6.16 nor This isn't exactly happy fun. Com'on nvidia get your stuff in gear.

In other news, vasco is getting excendingly cuning and daddy is almost at the end of r6lockdown.

20060321 Tuesday

FC5 upgrade brought on one of my world infamous disk purge. Damn i had a lot ofjava crap installed! It's not like i'm gonna need tomcat and ant. And i still had some dual arch stuff floating around.
And yet i'm a few hundred megs short.

Anyways, i got fc5 going on the laptoy and let's face it, beagle rocks.

20060320 Monday

FC5 day. And as usual after the antecipation of downloading and burning came the disapointment with anaconda telling me i need an extra 1.5G free for the upgrade.

20060319 sunday

a blast from the past

on other news, i hope adobe is happy about its ass backwards reader for palmos. the desktop app churns out huge broken pdfs for the palm and the reader is slooooow.
after a few tries i just went and converted newspaper pdfs into pngs which look much better on the T5 than the adobe crap. and in the process i found pdf2png and gazed at obj-c a bit!

20060318 saturday

boohh. rain rain rain.
that and geting a crapy icedata500 going on linux. finding the newest driver, discovering it doesn't work on rh kernels (uhhh), geting a vanilla, watching it fault ....

on other news, stuff didn't seem to go well for us on SG-1

20060317 friday

the week is winding down. both decider and sagres chop let me down so there's no slightly alcoholic joy.
schweet schweet R6

20060316 Thursday

The T5 made me sad for the first time. The soft grafity area went away after an app crash. My best guess is unsaved prefs got wedged and palmos got confused. Eventually i went with hard reset and field tested rfbackup which failed at restoring succefully. Basicly a total failure.
Good news is i can fix rfbackup

20060315 Wednesday

R6lockdown is damned adictive. Too bad tangos can't shoot worth a damn.

20060314 Tuesday

Work work work

20060313 Monday

Whooop!dido a new WORK week.
Work and R6 of course

20060312 sunday

today was nice and warm and good for a nice walkabout. and carrying about 20kg for 2h showed me how out of shape i am.

on techie news,
Europe: Microsoft still out of compliance and Firefox Whips Internet Explorer In Vulnerability Tally.
kudos for the Opera people for managing the ACID2 test. konqueror (khtml) is almost there, gecko is not so much . IE7 otoh needs a lot of work

20060311 saturday

the weather seems to be picking up and spring kicking in. and vasco is diging holes and making new friends :)
if only dady could find the time to update the photo gallery ...

20060310 friday

r6 lockdown gfx and team orders are pretty nice. nice enough to keep me playing :)

20060309 thursday

more MissPringle cleanups. amazing, i have GSM! stuff left over from the treo.

20060308 wednesday

R6 Lockdown is spiffy and all but i miss the strategy phase from older R6. this is more like FPS. there's a bit about using your operatives nicely and AI is pretty spiffy but tangos are dumb and sometimes your guys do stupid anoying stuff like backing into an open door and geting shot.

20060307 tuesday

can't talk. R6 lockdown!

20060306 monday

i forgot how crapy dialup is. all that waiting and failed connections ...

20060305 sunday

vasco was so wired today we ended up going outside despite the cold wind. jolly fun.

anyways, wrestled a hp dv1546 into submission. after a bit of pci=noacpi suckness it dawned on me it's not that apic isn't actually working, it's more like it's not being used. so i dig down into FC's kernel config and guess what, apic and lapic are disabled by default. silly tossers. and then everything just worked.
i should the conexant guys a pint!

20060304 saturday

booh. there's rain today. lots!

my word, i can't believe how much laptops changed in a year.

20060303 friday

got annoyed and went old school on the TX. picked out the garbage and all the crap that pilled up over the years, backed up into the card, wiped the memory, and restored. never figured out what was braking versamail but guess what, i don't care either!

20060302 thursday

gave up and wiped my TX's memory. versamail is clearly stored somewhere inside the rom as the installer made it magically work again.

also, found The Core Pocket Media Player which seems to play all common divx,xdiv,whatnot formats well on the TX. which means i now need to buy a 1G card :)

20060301 wednesday

so versamail isn't coming back. i guess a) it isn't in rom b) i deleted something i shouldn't have. i can't find it on any cd either ... this is not happy fun!

also not happy fun, there isn't a single decent jabber client for palmos. strange days we live in.

also, wtf video format does media play ? i can't get ffmpeg to spew out M4S2.