20030531 saturday

so much shopping. omg so much shopping. after the amazon run and bricklink the weekend shoping wasn't so fun. even if includes presents-for-dad type shoping.

handpsring's pose makes me sick. sick. sick.

20030530 weekend

some evil person pointed me at BrickLink. as you might imagine nothing good came from that. it seems there are 20 dirtcheap Scouts i could buy if they weren't in japan.

20030529 thursday

ok so, I found out the lego spybotics are actually weird rcx bricks so they can even be programed with NQC (despite i'm more into brickos - but that's ok). also, after some digging around news.lugnet.com I found out they have a bunch of leds and light sensors. I've been so missing out!

20030528 midweek

this day was unintentionally made sucky. i mean, even lego techics sucks nowadays. how sucky is that.

oh, and btw, why is it so damn hard to find good pr0n ?? they told me the global intarweb is chocke full of it! i want my money back!

20030527 tuesday

ok. gta3 on the pece is kinda sucky cause well ... it just wasn't made for keyboards. apart from that thumbs up!

20030526 monday

gta3: vc is mighty fun. I should get it!

20030525 sunday

wine can run handspring's crap pose now! the fact that wine can run it with great efectivity doesn't mitigate the fact that it's crawp. i blame that particular piece of crap for the lack of progress of treogroups!

20030524 saturday

babylon 5 so rules. i meant it! i wonders if there's a game out there that will lemme fly the whitestar ... hummmm
meanwhile, the GR Stargate 1 mod people are hard at work and 10mm keep chuging at th mogadishiu maps for a blackhawk down inspired pack. i see a bunch of play in my future!

20030523 friday

no. i didn't go see the matrix: reloaded. i'll let the craze go away tkx!

20030522 thursday

uncanny. stay oh 20h away from the net and there's a world of catching up to do. sigh.

i'm getting fairly proeficient with the berimbau and can carry a basic rythm! go me!

on the hacking side, i must have some very stupid and subtle errors spread out throughtout the code! argh! suck! suck!

20030521 midweek

clau bought me a berimbau. it so rules in an loud annoying way!

20030520 tuesday

i don't have anything witty to say today.

20030519 monday

ok, so nvidias fx are running a reasonable price. except nvidia seems to totally ignore the non ultra 5200 and I can't find real info about the diferences except pictures of the cards. my unfunded opinion as EE is the ultra and non ultra cards have a diferent enough layout to make the regular 5200 suck more than a 4mx. how do i know ? engineers intuition!

20030518 sunday

house work, civ (omg!) and not much more. *gasp*
oh, and this

galileo thermomether - click for better view

20030517 saturday

ok, so ... i *knew* i shouldn't have started playing Civ: Call to Power again. oh what a mistake to make!

meanwhile, kudos to fnac for carrying Treos and the accessories! of course, it's all way expensive cause they come via the evil italian handspring buuuut i couldn't help myself and got an action pack case. hum, now that I look at the handspring price, it was actually *cheaper*. woohoo.

20030516 friday

woohoo woohoo weekend! except trafic delayed it for like 1 hour. oh well.

20030515 thursday

found master stuart on irc. horrah for that, haven't talked to him in a while.

speaking of stuart and balsa and all, netcabo's mail as been sucking more than usually lately but it's a good stress test for balsa.

write(21, "a0004 LIST \"\" \"Public Folders/%\""..., 34) = 34 read(21,

very very booring testing indeed

mental note: buy new guitar strings

20030514 midweek

spent a weee bit more time debuging my stupid TreoGroups crashes. execept a) handspring pose kind of well, sucks and b) for some reason gdb wasn't knowing all about the symbols despite the fact they were in the exec. so, after some convincing by one of them crazy japanese rocket scientist dudes i decided to blame either gdb or my executable but then, nm and objdump both said the symbols were there and indeed gdb found them soooooo, i'm blaming handpring's pose or handspring's rom for doing some crazy ass relocation. go me!

20030513 tuesday

so, the veridict isn't in as to a) the toshiba batery is shot b) the battery controller is shot c) something of the sorts. anyway, if you find yourself with a legacy free toshiba satellite and the battery sudenly drops to 50 minutes, run the battery dry (really dry, no windows auto-hibernate shit), charge for 12 hours, rinse, repeat. at some point the battery will probably recover some capacity (you can check with linux acpi - don't trust windows "100%" - look at Ah capacities)

20030512 monday

got sucked into a dinner. it turned out nasty as i expected. got that over with as fast as i could, got home, and set the clothes to 'defume'.

20030511 sunday

a fairly productive day! really!
a bunch of time spent trying to debug TreoGroups (humm, i should have a TG release in hope someone will fix my obvious mistakes - all i need is a logo contest and i'm set for freshmeat!)

and then, there was domestic work waiting for me too. boys, hear me, i know what i'm talking about, don't leave your parent's house.

20030510 saturday

so, shopping and nice dinners and stuff. and in between, an afternoon wasted with GR.

20030509 weekend

finally caught up with balsa's pt.po. so damn booring, but someone gotta do it.

note to self: buy some feynman books. what a lacking gap on my book rack.

meanwhile, the k5 moderation crack monkeys attack again.

20030508 thursday

you know what's nice ? geting home early! you know what's not so nice ? being so stressed out you have to waste the afternoon playing GR. honest. i mean it. :)

20030507 midweek

this space is unententionaly blank

20030506 tuesday

master shaver, I must refute you on your points against MySQL, not on MySQL defense though. You are considering the binary representation of MySQL data on disk but you should think SQL as we do have the code to magicaly go from binary files on disk to SQL. And proping XML against SQL as the OneLanguageForTheFuture seems a bit pointless to me.
Also, your point about backups is a falacy, I always do my MySQL backups via mysqldump and on this point MySQL shines as it implements such a small and basic subset of SQL compatibility is a given :)
As for browsers not being able to display "MySQL database files" (you meant SQL there, ok ?) master mpt was on the dot. I fairly doubt Gopher can display XML, futurology is best left for someone who has nothing better to do. I didn't enjoy being called a webgeek though ;). As it happens, when I started this there wasn't any useable bloging tools. In fact there wasn't even 'bloging' as such and I sure damn wasn't about to write a tool to do it, writing an emacs macro to create entries templates is much easier.
And to end this <p>, shaver, I think you have way to much faith in 2nd year CS students.

ok, so back to uninteresting stuff, goodbye rain, hello typhoon type winds. garrrr

20030505 monday

first of a regular after a bunch of short weeks. and it's raining too.

droped drupal and moved to moveabletype. you see, drupal is very cool but it's meant to make slash type sites and all i want is blogs. also, moveabletype generates static pages i can just upload. actually, i'm thinking about moving the book of days to moveabletype go me.

so, this toshiba satellite is barely 1 year old and the battery only charges up to half capacity. i must say i'm not impressed.

20030504 sunday

got tired of fishing urls around newsisfree and decided to setup a drupal blog system so that i can post links directly from newsisfree. the actual time savings aren't well determined yet ;)
anyway, you can find it at expre.ssive.net or via the mediasnipe link.

20030503 saturday

so, here i am looking at low end tfts for bean after my dad's very-old-and-crapy monitor croaked. all fingers seem to be pointing at a samsung 151, cheap and not particularly sucky.

decided (again) i'm going to redo the site using webmake and a new design to boot. somehow i believe this will lead to nothing (again).
i did however finaly sort out the pics after the multiple disk crashes that scatered them over 4 peces and a bunch of directories. that lead to the shocking discovery that i nearly need a dvd burner for photo backup! eeek!

gasp. i'm nearly out of geek books. otoh i'm fairly well suplied of to-read non-geek books, all my friends seem to think i only read geek books. it's a lie! anyway, to set the record straight i made an exploratory forage into amazon to see what their evil plots are to take my money.

20030502 day off

nothing like a day off to get that stuff you never get the oportunity to do done. like say, dloading new GR maps and beating them.
no really, like geting your hair cut or geting that tetanus shot you forgot about. except they didn't have grown up doses so it was a big waste of time.

20030501 may day

holiday. excelent day for a bbq!

i'm so falling behind on balsa. commited one of albrecht's patches and resynced my tree with his gpg work. gpgme makes baby jesus cry. really.