20040531 monday

i like jell-o.

also, today i realized how much cups rocks.

also today, "the situation is out of control". lets just hope we can still get it under wraps.

20040530 sunday

cheapo router technology isn't all there. most noteceably this surecom thinguy doesn't put out dhcp requests the cablemodem can grok. "not happy fun" but nothing a firmware upgrade can't fix i hope.

meanwhile, my dad liked the w98 interface better and my wife thinks the XP look is confused and confusing. so much for inovating and making a better experience for non techies eh ?

20040529 saturday

you know, for about 40EUR you can get a nat/firewall router with a 4 port switch. I don't understand why windows worms like blaster are so succefull.

20040528 friday

Choose Life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big television, choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players and electrical tin openers. Choose good health, low cholesterol, and dental insurance. Choose fixed interest mortgage repayments. Choose a starter home. Choose your friends. Choose leisurewear and matching luggage. Choose a three-piece suite on hire purchase in a range of fucking fabrics. Choose DIY and wondering who the fuck you are on a Sunday morning. Choose sitting on that couch watching mind-numbing, spirit-crushing game shows, stuffing fucking junk food into your mouth. Choose rotting away at the end of it all, pishing your last in a miserable home, nothing more than an embarrasment to the selfish, fucked up brats you spawned to replace yourself. Choose your future. Choose life.
But why would I want to do a thing like that?

PT 20040528 clã

Hoje comprei o Rosa Carne dos Clã. Hoje claramente não foi um bom dado que não reparei no autocolante que dizia "contem proteçao anti-copia, pode não tocar nalguns dispositivos". Por isso,

Clã, Rosa Carne: 0/10 (não porque a proteção esteja a funcionar, por uma questão de principio)

20040527 thursday

god windows XP localization is atrocious, for lack of a better word. so far i've found wizards where the latin-1 characters stop being displaying midway through, a cmd.exe that doesn't know at all about latin characters but has localized apps resulting in garbage on the screen and a windowsupdate that doesn't work cause IE doesn't understand the page charset and just doesn't work.
so yeah, i guess my dad will be pleased

20040526 midweek

i'm looking at bloxsom. it looks good.
it removes the web frontend to the entry editor and removes the evil database but i'm still not sure it does all I want, which is mostly having a sane approach to generating static pages.

20040525 tuesday

nothing much happened. found a couple of balsa-HEAD bugs and went to bed in crash mode.

ah, e fiz um updatezinho ao curriculum

20040524 monday

spent most of the evening reading the bugzilla.redhat thread about the fc vs. xp thing. my findings:
a) peces suck
b) windows XP tries to maintain compatibility with DOS3.3
c) peces suck
d) with IDE you get what you pay for
e) i'm sorry, has this bios been written in 1995 ?

anyway, i seem to have gotten lucky and my bios agrees with what the kernel believes the disk geometry is and everything is at peace. either that or I can configure my shit right.

20040523 sunday

more copying and shufling and such.
also took the chance to reinstall hal from scratch as fc2. unfortunatly I didn't have the fc2 dvd here so it had to become fc2t3. oh well, close enough.

god xp install sucks. also, the pt_PT windows update page seems to break the IE version that comes with wxp. go security!

20040522 saturday

family day and all.

decided for moving to wXP on a trial basis. this of course means a new rule of 2 disks per dual boot box (which are 2 in case you're wondering exactly how many dual boot peces i have around). anyway, this means a lot of shufling and copying ... sigh ..

20040521 friday

i'm still trying to figure out what will hapen to gamebox and backedbean. will they remain w98se waiting for total bitrot or move on to total suckiness but hope for better gaming support. hummm

20040521 thursday

thumbs up for the nForce2 and a7n8x deluxe. i even swaped the sb!live for the onboard sound which certainly didn't happen with the a7v8x

thumbs down for dvds. geting a given media to burn on in one given drive and then read on another is pretty up to luck. this is so 90s

20040519 midweek

picked up the sal III parts.after some assembly and some indecision the nForce2 chipset on the asus a7n8x-e deluxe just worked.
the only "problem" was usb which "didn't work". as it turns out I had usb2 support and usb1 devices which didn't show. when I realized the controller is ohci and not uchi it all came together.

20040518 tuesday

oh man, i have more cds than I remembered. fortunatly the plex is making short work of them.

20040517 monday

woohoo. shop says my stuff is ready for delivery. shinny new pece kit to play with.

20040516 sunday

you know what I hate ? not being doing anything really important and missing your favourite show. the one that's only 25 minutes. damn.

on football news, nothing really exciting happened on the cup final today.

20040515 weekend

woohoo sun and water and frolinking and staying up late. a baby's life is such fun.

aparently the GR2 footage was x-box. which explains the sillyness of it all. let's just hope they make the pece version for grown ups.

20040514 friday

looks like the bloging cool kids think static pages are a nuissance and dinamic pages rule. i only have one thing to say

20040513 thursday

seems like the MT people have gone insane. i need to find something else. sugestions ?

20040512 wednesday

watched the trailer at the official GR2 site. is it just me or GR2 is nothing like GR1 ? and I don't mean just the 3rd person view, I mean the demoed mission uses 1 team and is all go. the guys are always running and shooting, the bad guys can't shot for sh*t and there doesn't seem to be any planning involved. in short, UT2k4 is much better.

20040511 tuesday

so, looks like I forgot to update a serial number in the chbm.net zone and it was somewhat RFC ignorant for a couple of days. "OPS". if you got mail bounces on mail for me, sorry, please resend. it's all good now.

20040510 monday

the stockmarket has been bad. naughty stockmarket!
want to ruin a company ? gimme some money and let me loose on its stock!

20040509 sunday

which pulp fiction character are you ? i'm marcellus. man I was aiming for Jules.

anyways, enough sillyness. there was work on balsa (well, almost) and proxy profiles applet (definitly) and boggling at more autocrap problems.

meanwhile, Clã released a new record. how was I not informed ?

20040508 saturday

family day.

decided for giving ogg a go and set hal and sal loose on my cd collection. the result so far isn't very depressing.

20040507 weekend

remember when friday was the start of the weekend ? now is just more like, ok, where's bed, i'm fscked.

20040506 thursday

so gcc actually wasn't able to create binaries. it involved crap left in /usr/i686, the fedora dvd and a few reboots. sigh.

20040505 midweek

this day was unintentionaly left blank

20040504 tuesday

i figured out the "solution" to my "voice memo will just sit there pretending it's recording" problem. aparently people on foruns say it goes back to normal after a reboot which did work for me. you know, it looks just like the adc goes nuts and palmos doesn't do proper initialization when you open it. of course, NO HELP FROM PALMONE THERE. THANKS A LOT PEOPLE.

20040503 monday

British Infantary mod is turning out excelent.
otoh, autocrap decided my fc2t3 gcc can't build binaries while I know for a fact it can. probably up2date --i-know-what-i'm-doing-damn-it wasn't a good idea.

20040502 mother's day

where: Alvalade XXI Stadium, one of the key stadiums for Euro2004
when: lisbon's derby, Sporting - Benfica, one the most dangerous games of the season
what: after a visitor's goal the home team fans rushed into the field. the bigest obstacle they had to face was the fieldside publicity. fortunatly, some were too drunk to run and the rest had the good sense to turn back.
so mr. professional holigan, we're making it easy for you guys. don't break a lot of stuff. tkx!

meanwhile, i discovered i'm one password short of being able to file my tax return. drats! foiled again!

20040501 saturday

I've been playing some more GR mods. For some reason I tried BlackHawk Down despite the authors not claiming it to be very acurate. The kits were a disapointment after playing NMN's Downtown mission but I figured I was losing my time when in the middle of a rescue mission, when I was about to secure the downed pilot a whole slew of tangos materialized around me. tsc tsc tsc
Otoh the British Infantry mod is turning out quite good. Good kits and hard well scripted missions.