20050531 tuesday

finished high fidelity. this book shouldn't have an happy ending. it doesn't fit. anyways, i don't remember the movie to be like this. i might be missremembering. i prolly don't remember the movie all that well.

anyways, i'm 30, reading high fidelity and thinking back. i'm oficially old.

20050530 monday

coming back from small holidays is such hard work. a) you don't actually fell like you went on holidays cause they were so small b) there's still unpacking to do c) there's photo sorting
d) there's monday. there's always monday.

20050529 sunday

drive back blah blah blah. did i mention i really really like the megane break and i'm really happy i didn't spend any more money on it ?

20050528 saturday

mountain roads are tiressome. really. but good fun.
anyways, there's something to said about valleys with water streaming from mountain tops and green all over.

20050526 thursday

roadtrip! my megane break held up pretty well. my maps however didn't and seem to be all out of whack. that means i read the military chart wrong and/or the thing i used to convert UTM to people coordinates suck.
anyways, my efforts were pretty useless and the getting there part was a bit suckier than needed to be.

20050525 wednesday

the day was mostly dedicated to map deciphering and making. i'm dusting off the old gps. let's see how it works out!

20050524 tuesday

as it turns out the gps thinguie isn't seeing any satellites which is bad. also, my old mapleach script relied on mapblast which is gone baby gone. this isn't turning out to be a good experience ...

and to make things worse i found a 17" LG tft with dvi, vga, scart, svideo and tv tuner. ie. exactly what i wanted. why is it worse ? welllll, i kind of blew my gadget budget for the time being. blah. having a bit of money is nothing but trouble!

20050523 monday

revived my palmIII mcnally gps module and installed my gps stuff on the IIIxe. everything seems to still work. my oh my.

did i mention imovie is slow ? but oh well, maybe the macmini isn't helping ...

20050522 sunday

more on imovie dv import and clip list. it's b*r*o*k*e*n
effects otoh seem pretty easy to get right and i have great hopes for the menus

20050521 saturday

imovie hd dv capture stucks. i mean it sucks compared to dvgrab. it has this weird idea about naming clips "Clip 1" "Clip 2" ... instead of meaningfull stuff. then it orders them alphabetically so you get 1 100 101 102 2 201. then, it if you import into a project that already has clips it fills all available gaps in the numbering instead of starting from the last one. and then, at one point, i managed to make the existing clips go away with an import. i'm just assuming i didn't get it right ...
and then it's worse than kino as there's no easy way to get timecodes from dv.

altogether it's not being a very positive experience ...

20050520 weekend

broke down and got myself a lacie d2 250G. it's pretty good except for the noise. now all i need is some 6-9 firewire cables ... :\

xen is looking pretty good. i think that might be the answer to my ubuntu dilema and some "god i don't want to uml this" problems

quote of the week: "we had a plan. the plan was a good plan. the execution however, sucked. we have a cleanup plan. it's a good plan"

20050519 thursday

urgh. booring tenants stuff. blah.

20050518 wednesday

started reading hi fidelity (tkx dani!). i have fond memories of the movie so let's see how the movie works out for me.

20050517 tuesday

so xbox360 is going to be a media center player and you'll be able to play the contents from your windows peces in your living room xbox. what content would that be exactly ? the videos of your kid ? the music you recorded yourself with your bongos ?
or is microsoft building their business around piracy ? are they planing on you using your xbox to play the dvds you riped ? the movies you got from the internet ? seems to me xbox360 is a piracy device.

anyway, it's a damn sexy machine. microsoft gave up on peces and just copied the playstation design and churned out a machine with 3 powerpc cores at 3.2GHz. that's a lot of flops and i'm just waiting for someone to get linux running on it to buy one. yumy.

on other news, IE7 will have tabbed browsing :)

20050516 monday

so, GR3, which if you remember was the cause GR2 for PC didn't come out, is turning out even crappier kiddie stuff than GR2. it's coming out for xbox360 in futuristic shooter format instead of mature realistic stuff. ubi, if i wan't to play fantasy stuff i'll go with unreal tournament all the way. ok ?

20050515 sunday

more excavators and heavy machinery. brrooom brrooom. dady must admit he likes this!

anyways, aspell is proving a bitch to build on osx due to g++ stuff i don't want to know about. and balsa depends on aspell. grrrrr

20050514 saturday

vasco has a thing for excavators now so he spent most of the day digging holes. such a precocious boy :)

20050513 friday

"Microsoft’s posted up the official specs for the Xbox 360 over at Xbox.com. Still haven’t seen a word about backwards compatibility "
sure. it will be backwards compatible with all previous Windows XP PowerPC software titles.

20050512 thursday

as it turns out, there's micronet and micronet. and while the first is fairly easy to find roun here the second makes the minimate. oh well.

as it turns out the libexif problem was just a broken sf.net link. aspell otoh involves gcc and c++. i'm not touching that with a very long stick.

20050511 midweek

libexif seems to be broken in darwin ports. boohh :( unfortunatly i'm too sick and too sleepy to figure it out

anyways, notice how 250G disks are expensive ?

20050510 tuesday

the mini goes on happilly churning at gnome. bless its little soul!

20050509 monday

today involved shoes, temporary tables and oxibuprocaine. confused ? yes. me too.

20050508 sunday

tax day! you can't beat that for fun!

anyways, darwinports 1.0 seems to actually work and have moderatly recent stuff, as oposed to fink which has old stuff and gentoo-osx which doesn't work.
the long road to being able to build balsa lays ahead.

20050507 saturday

i wouldn't like to be the guy that broke all google dns.
l.google.com. 900 IN SOA ns1.google.com.l.google.com. dns-admin.google.com. 1115309515 900 900 1800 900

20050506 weekend

gentoo-osx still doesn't work on tiger. plus, ppc gcc has all kind of weird switches i don't know about. plus, i don't know what kind of libs are suposed to get linked in osx. oh well.

the search for cheap good 17" 1280x1024 vga+dvi tfts is hard. about as hard as the search for nice firewire enclosures with good bridges on the local market.

20050505 thursday

tiger is nice. not ground shaking, but nice.

20050504 midweek

upgraded the mini to tiger. miauuu! dashboard doesn't seem as good as i was promised. lets see ...
anyway, that took the greater part of the evening :\

20050503 tuesday

went off the deep end and installed gentoo-osx. after some tweaking it's now promising to not scater crap over my / and keeping to /gentoo. lets see...

20050502 monday

investigated gentoo-osx. it seems tempting but it's gentoo. its only redeming quality is having up to date stuff. however, it's garanteed to make me reinstall everything at some point in the future.

20050501 sunday

today involved moving furniture and messing with cables.
it also involved trying to get the macmini to boot from cd which proved damn impossible with a logitech usb keyboard. i guess you actually need an apple keyboard for this stuff.
also, the openfirmware cosole is pretty impossible to use. and lets face it, i succefully used SRM console.