20060522 monday

we got a bread maker. i forsee fresh backed bread everyday!

you know what irks me about GR:AW ? the save points. GRIN claims it makes game play better cause you don't just save-reload-die your way through it but lets face it, it sucks. my game time is very valueable cause it's scarce. i don't want to waste by replaying a whole part of the mission cause i died just as i was reaching a save point.

20060521 sunday

another week has gone by, mostyl lost to GR:AW and fighting a xfx 6800xt that was supposed to bring me happy joy.
on xfx's defence i must say their tech support was an actual human who had actual good advice which led me to eventually take the card back to the shop and get another box. that clearly did the trick has the new card runs 10C cooler and without any glitch.
rock on!

20060514 sunday, one week later

stuff happened. and stuff happened so much i forgot about it. there was clearly JS/CSS hacking and IE bashing, condo type boredom and clearly oh so clearly GR:AW.

on the real life side of things there were 2 sunny weekends involved. that was fun.

back to geekiness, got a XFX 6800XTreme. turns out it has temperature issues and goes into display corruption and locks up pretty quickly so instead of GR:AW 1026x768 joy there was "how do i fix this broken product" annoyance. lets see what xfx says.

20060504 thursday

the evening was spent on condo meetings and bank statments. not particularly exciting.

otoh, got the new pearl jam album today. on a previous life i would take this oportunity to get hammered on absolut.

20060503 wednesday

found a GR:AW tweaking guide so i went a trying for a few more detail while keeping a bearable frame rate on my fanless 6600. the veridict is i should get a 6800XT

20060502 tuesday

canon would have a much better shot at my money if the S3 used CF like a real camera instead of SD. guess i'll have to stick to my old S1 ...

20060501 monday

another national holiday. we do seem to have a lot of those.

anyways, my word! i'm not exactly sure how vasco was able to sit down at some point as seemed to be bent on testing how much he could pull on mommy and daddy's chain without geting his bottom too spanked.

on the geekness side, my web1.9 pet app is coming to port