20031130 sunday

sparkly xmas tree

# socket -s -q 6666 | dd bs=32k of=/dev/scd2

I'm absolutly sure there are some geek points in there somewhere! (there's a tar at the other side of that socket however ssh and cpio might be geekier)

discovered i'm a bad aquarist when i took an amonia reading and it basicly went of the scale. good thing the pH is at 5 (*gasp*) otherwise the fishy would be basicly well, dead. that meant it was time for an emergency water change and to remember to procure some cycle.

and so the christmas madness oficially begun. trees and lights and ornaments all about. however, it also makes for some nice images so it all evens out, unneeded work and shoping craziness and all.
and nothing like a wee rugrat to make for xmas madness excuses.

20031129 saturday

figured out it was about time to start mastering dvds from gigs of dv. my preminary conclusion is a need a much faster cpu.

given adequate support vasco can manage a couple of baby steps. omfg!

20031128 weekend

eek! mad day! work, shopping runs! gaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrr! good think we're in for an extended weekend.

you know what I hate ? 1x dvds. i just found that out. it's just like 1x cdr-s, except twice as bad!

20031127 thursday

instead of hacking I spent a bunch of time on assorted bits and pieces like "why does dma go wonky when doing random access on a dvd+rw through a FS" and "improving my ISS3 skills"
one of the bottom feeders is dying of old age. I hate having fish on the process of dying cause lets face it, an almost dead fish is pretty indistinguishable from a dead fish, but i can't bring myself to fishing it out and send him on the great journey of the sewer beyond.

you can tell xmas is comming. mostly cause a bunch of people who only drive twice a year are driving around spending their xmas bonus on gas and stupid gifts.

20031126 midweek

went on a mildly succefull clothes shopping run. i hate shopping for clothes. garrrrr

on other news, balsa builds! i wasn't going daft after all! it was all a cunning trick by gcc and C99 to make me look bad.

20031125 tuesday

the lego parts still smell.
my tabletop nintaus can't read dvd+rw.
balsa still doesn't build.
the day wasn't exactly a success.

20031124 monday

new lego kit arrived! i just wish lego rubber wouldn't be so good at retaining cigarrete smell. oh well, off to quarantine it on the balcony. if it doesn't go away i know a few tyres which will be soaking in soap water for a while.

on related news, you need a good deal of patience to use dvd+rw as a disk. i guess i'm sticking to dumping isos at 4x.

20031123 sunday

i get a dvd burner and sudenly i'm sucked back into 1997. a weekend worth (or something like that, my weekend now are about oh 6 free hours) of work cause the LG unit doesn't like princo media and would barf out at about 3G.
there *was* a firmware update but it only claimed better speed so I tried to ignore it up till the last cause not only could it kill the unit but also it involved connecting the drive as the single drive on the secondary channel on a ms windows box. from the sound of it, it also involved a human sacrifice.
anyway, I did firmware upgrade and tada! now it actually works. not only it works but it works at 4x as oposed to failing at 2x. 1997. whoohoo.

20031122 saturday

you're out of disk space. what would you do if you were Galeon ? Think fast! You said "try to keep the well away from disk to preserve data intact and warn the user" ? You're wrong! If you're galeon you're goint to copy over all bookmark backups so that the bookmarks are sure to be toasted.

a much pointless shoping run, finding new and creative ways to create coasters and whatever more.

20031121 weekend

ok. so i might have to upgrade hal to something newer than rh7 to use the latest and greatest in dvd burning technology.
anyway, wow this feels old. burning at 2x. it sure takes it's schweeet time.

20031120 thursday

LG is off my black list. They released a firmware upgrade for the drives that imploded. In fact, I'm buying SCO kit myself.

Vasco went to the doctor today. Going to the doctor means a whole lotta pain for a baby as it usually includes a few shots. ouch.

20031119 midweek

Proxy Profiles Applet 0.4 "We're Done Here" is hot off the presses! Get it while it's hot. boooh. I should be back to breaking balsa in no time.

20031118 tuesday

almost released a new version of proxy-profiles-applet. almost!

20031117 monday

In a new way of messing up I commited just a Changelog entry. And some 4 hours later, the actual files. My only excuse is being terribly tired and most likely coming down with a slight flu.

today was non-smokers day. it was nearly missed by the news as oposed important stuff like chocolate day. did i plug my nosmoking new button.

20031116 sunday

there was drinking. there was eating. there was drinking. there was playing with expensive and inexpensive toys. vasco was a star and there was much happiness. not at all productive but rather tiring, except from some rather good pictures I have yet to put up on the gallery.

meanwhile, i figured i have to redo balsa's idl. oh well.

Ximian party sticker from 2001
memories from a not so distant past

20031115 saturday

it turned out to be a fairly productive day. I wasn't only a good daddy but I also drew a new button, installed gimp-1.3 (rpm -Uvhed is more the case, but you get the idea) *and* commited half of balsa's bonobo code. booyah!

20031114 weekend

london bridge has fallen down
As the saying goes, they just don't make them like they used to. The mid structure not only broken apart but tumbled a bit. I blame the plecos.
Meanwhile, I didn't mention last monday the fishtank lamp decided it shouldn't shine daystar goodness anymore. It turns out finding a fishtank lamp with the correct size isn't as easy as expected but after looking in 3 stores the fish there was light. if the fish were smart enough to create a belief system, i'd be their god! buuyyah!

20031113 thursday

I figured out my Engineering degree is similar to a
'Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science' degree in MIT. That is certainly nicer than working 2 more years for a Master in Electrical Engineering Degree here. woohoo

20031112 midweek

went to bed early. it turned out not to be all that's cracked up to be.

20031111 tuesday
<chbm> and lets face it. a storage server needs a chordless keyboard <shaver> you'd rather it had a chord keyboard?

that's the kind of day this was.

20031110 monday

lego goodness arrived today. woohoo. that's pretty much it.

PT 20031109 o xenhore não bem carago!

O Sr. Pinto da Costa manda dizer que não convida a segunda figura do estado português, Sr Presidente da Assembleia da Républica, Mota Amaral porque este resolveu marcar falta aos deputados que foram à bola a Espanha ver o FCP em vez de estarem a trabalhar. Assim se vê quem manda no país. E mais nada.

Parece que a Brigada de Trânsito da GNR não recebe motas novas vai para 6 anos. Não há dinheiro. Parece que os submarinos são caros.

20031109 sunday

the day was mostly spent playing with vasco which despite not being very productive is highly destressing. except the tantrum bits. and the bootle washing. oh the bottle washing.
anyway, vasco had some fruit baby formula. while mommy tried to keep food flowing into the right end and cleaned up the bits that didn't daddy was busy shooting well over 50 frames of the whole business. shooting and pining for a 300D cause let's face it, iso800 is a must!

so the day's contribution to balsa was pretty much summed up by unleashing a bit of confusion on the maintainer list. i blame the SQL hacking! my word, it sucks the brain right off of you.
and as you might note, there was no proxy-profiles-applet release. there's a bugfix to push and a new icon!
did i mention i upgraded sal to fedora ? ohh it's so pweety.

yesterday's shopping run didn't yeld any lego goodness. it was highly disapointing. this is of course good news for the briklink people.

20031108 saturday

oh what a busy day, early xmas shopping and all! oh. it's almost xmas again. like, hooraah. and stuff.

instead of doing something interesting or fun I hacked old perlQt code. ohhh joy! but to make up for it i found this pdf detailing the RCX electrical specs. Acording to that and this motors characterization I can run 2 mini-motors from a single port. whoohoo.

20031107 weekend

spent a good part of the evening trying to put together a pendular suspension from Technics. I failed, mostly cause I the parts don't have the required tension resistance. oh well. this means i have to figure out something else ..

20031106 thursday

20031106 midweek

Fedora Linux 1.0 was released today. And it was a mess. But we all pulled together as a team and managed to wade through. God Bless Us. RH should give us RHEL licenses one and all.

meanwhile, i found a silly bug in proxy-profiles (ops, i forgot to code something!) and I decided I want to know about svg icons.

20031104 tuesday

Proxy Profiles Applet is out. It's just like Proxy Applet, but with a diferent name. But I said that already.

siemens me45 unpaid endorsement: it's not as crapy as one would expect a siemens phone to be.
canon 300D unpaid endorsement: iso800. 'nough said.

20031103 monday

oh. there already is a proxy-applet. so i'm renaming proxy-applet to proxy-profiles-applet. you know, the world would be a better place if there was a cvs rename. but there isn't. so maybe this is the time to look at new stuff like subversion or .. whatever that other thing is called.

20031102 sunday

woohoo. proxy-applet is out the door! after much delay the new improved 0.2 version is up for grabs. And what is proxy-applet you ask ?

proxy-applet allows you to store multiple GNOME network proxy profiles
and switch easily between them. It's mainly usefull for people using
GNOME browsers like Galeon or Epiphany in multiple environments.

20031101 saturday

woohoo. no shoping run! i cunningly did it during the week! so, happy fun morning stuff happened!
and cleaning. oh the cleaning. boys, I think i said this before but, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T LEAVE YOUR PARENT'S HOUSE!