20041130 tuesday

amazon is evil. evil i tell you. you start with a simple RotK EE preorder and end up 70EUR or so worth of books in no time. and they'll even ship them ahead at no extra charge! bastards the lot of 'em!
anyways, finally i ordered the davinci code. note how i countercyle the rest of the world by ignoring books for years and reading books the world will ignore for years. that's just the kind of weirdo i am.

20041129 monday

woohoo new Stargate Atlantis episodes. and people tell me this ones aired on uk but not on usa yet. i'm all confused but who cares.

20041128 sunday

i'm feeling slighty better but not better enough to do anything usefull so i went back on the nwn wagon. i found my last good save and god moded through the 3h or so game hours i lost. maaaannnnnn.

20041127 saturday

Vasco is being a sick puppy so today we stayed in. That was of course great news for vasco who could show granpa all his stuff.
And it's not like i'm feeling all that hot. There's clearly a bug going around.

20041126 friday

Good stuff happened today. I got new stuff, i got a new job, i got to choose a Dell.
Ok, not all good.

20041125 thursday

O meu trabalho deu frutos. Infelizmente, estavam meio podres. De qualquer modo, vão lá ver. É bem giro! quer dizer, é mais ou menos engraçado. Pronto ok é triste. Tão contentes agora ?

20041124 midweek

i'm getting really used to the megane break and i'm pretty after the break in it will be fairly fun to drive.

meanwhile, the future is at hand.
on other news, i'm a refactoring god. bow.
on related news, my wrists are shot.

20041123 tuesday

more blosxom fidling. it's fun. it's cute. it does stuff i want it to do! woohoo.
actually, most of it was css fidling. there's a web designer inside me waiting to get out!

20041122 monday

driving with 3m of car behind you is kind of harder than driving a twingo. mostly driving backwards.

played a bit more with bloxsom. there's some cute plugins. stay tuned for news.

20041121 sunday

NWN decided it was a good idea to eat up my Lord of Terror save. bastard!
maybe this is time to start using a standalone server JustInCase.

meanwhile, been playing with blosxom. it seems cute in a refreshing not-MT and very-unixy way.

20041120 saturday

picked up the new car. drove home like a newbie.

i miss my twingo buah. i will accept donations to the "get chbm a new twingo" fund.

20041119 friday

woohoo. the megane is ready, insurance is sorted, i'm picking it up tomorrow!

20041118 thursday

ok so, i decided on insurance. if all goes well it will be sorted tomorrow. woohoo.

also, there's some new vasco pics up on the gallery. enjoy you rugrat freaks.

also, is pretty much official now i'm changing jobs next year. so, stay tuned for a cprm.net special.

20041117 midweek

seems like my new car is actually turning up this week. which means i need to sort out insurance till the end of the week. gaaah! it's not that it's hard. it's just that it's damn expensive.

20041116 tuesday

i forgot to mention i bought the 2 new nwn extensions cause i figured they'd JustWork. They don't. BOOOOHHHHH. i have faith in bioware though.

20041115 monday

*bzzzzzzzzzzzzzt* *bzt* *bzzzzt*

20041114 sunday

it's good i can play nwn now. it's also very very bad for my productivity. that goes to say, The Lord of Terror community module Rocks!

as a result of the upcoming xmas process i ended up with a toy rc airplane. it's made out of a styro type plastic and quite simple, no rudders at all. it's a dual engine and just uses power to pitch and roll. that would be fun if it was overpowered but as it's somewhat underpowered turning is dificult and if the nose pitchs into the curve most likely it ends up on the ground. great fun!

20041113 saturday

updated sal to FC3. it went pretty well apart from a couple of things:
. gcc didn't seem to get updated but since i can't remember how pure my fc2 was i can't really old this against anaconda
. the fc3 kernel doesn't know about the sil_sata on my a7n8x-e. tsc tsc tsc.

converted from galeon to firefox at home. i'm happy too! after a few extensions of course.

20041112 friday

got fed up with the ati driver and went back to the gf4ti. binary driver for binary driver, nvidia works much much better. and most important of all, now i can play nwn!

20041111 thursday

while the ati driver seems to be working, the results are ass and nwn is totally unplayable.
also, everytime 3d goes into action the kernel tells me the ati driver sucks. this is depressing.

20041110 wednesday

people mention nwn and new mods and such and I can't help myself and try to start playing again.
however, the radeon doesn't seem interested in cooperating.

20041109 tuesday

ibooks must really really rock. you mention one to someone and all of a sudden he's all about buying it.
i'm going to have to get one at some point. probably next year :)

20041108 monday

woohoo. my new car is geting delivered next week. 2 weeks left of happy fun twingo.

20041107 sunday

i'm kinda geting used to sundays runing after vasco. while not very educational or productive, it's damn fun!

the problem of buying 2 newspapers on friday is still not having read them on sunday!

20041105 friday

my word. where has this day gone ?

20041104 thursday

today was "fun at the bank" day. old accounts closed, new accounts updated, bank employees dazed and confused.
on other news, i finally got an haircut and was shocked by how much planed insurance for the new car costs.

on even other news, fat people is costing airlines money

20041103 wednesday

and when usa had the chance to retake its place as the leader of the free world they seem to have chosen to confirm themselfs as the buffons of the free world.

i just hope their economy doesn't crash as fast as predicted, that would destabilize the whole western scene.

20041102 tuesday

the weather seems to be holding up and vasco doesn't seem to be reacting to his vaccine yet so the holidays are going quite well.
there was a bunch of pictures snaped today. hopefully, some came out good.

20041101 monday

i found our bowtie guy! there was a debate on local teve about the efect of the usaian ellections on portugal and europe and there was a guy there that always went "you said some wrong things. it's not totally disproved that the efect of the non existance of ...." and not only was he utterly right wing but also he was *always* factually wrong. man he was annoying.