20051130 wednesday

what a waste of time. network, up2date, yum, bad mirrors, blah.

on the plus side, my ps2 power brick isn't scheduled to catch on fire and explode any time soon.

20051129 tuesday

the evening was dedicated to building related stuff and window shoping for a openwrt compatible box with gigabit switch. i failed.

20051128 monday

mental note. buy proper lighting for eyetoy.

20051127 sunday

tried to do stuff. vasco wouldn't let me. the office is still litered with computer parts. sigh.

20051126 saturday

took on updating the laptop to fc4. wtf! it worked flawlessly. i'm dazed and confused.

20051125 friday

the word is in. i still suck at GR. however, i now suck in 1024x768x32b max detail glory.

20051124 thursday

You have:
this thing is broken

20051123 wednesday

everytime i reinstall windows xp i decide i hate it more and more. internet explorer crashed on a fresh install. network properties crashed. the dvdrom drive disapeared from the my computer view. explorer freezes while scaning the dvd drive. explorer freezes while copying files. explorer gives randomly diferent view of the same folder.
and that was just 30min.

20051122 tuesday

this day was unintentionally left blank

20051121 monday

i can work through kinetics warmup without getting tired!

20051120 sunday

they're not even trying with harry potter any more. now it's just "hummm ok so, what can we steal from Tolkien ? there's a good catchphrase 'the dark lord shall rise again' yeah that's good that gandalf guy said it sometimes. humm and dragons yeah dragons are good too."

20051119 saturday

"ZDNet is reporting that enabling Intel's new Hyperthreading Technology on your servers could lead to markedly decreased performance"
you mean this isn't common knowledge ? isn't this pretty much obvious to anyone with a masters in EE/CS ? oh ... wait ... right :)

20051118 friday

picked up a sata cable with an angled connector. turns out the connector is angled the wrong way. eventually gave up and screwed the damn thing into the side of a 5.25 bay till i get proper rails. booohhh
anyways, i have the old 160G raid1 and the new 250G discs inside hal so i got onwards to building the raid5 new array. the trick is creating the raid5 in degraded mode so that one of the discs in the old raid1 set is left alone and full of data. after the raid5 set is constructed in degraded mode (that means with a 'missing' disc) you copy everything into the raid5, unmount the old raid1 disc and hot add it to the raid5 set. then you sit back and wait for it to rebuild ...

20051117 thursday

picked up the 4th disc for hal and a couple of cheap sata controllers (sheer luck!) so the evening was dedicated to hardware. i rearranged sal and discovered nvraid is crap soft raid. then i rearranged hal and discovered the LC power PSU i got wouldn't fit into the aerocool baydream. after some fumbling i figured out the trick was to remove the psu's fan grid and moved on to discover the case wouldn't close with a sata disc installed in one of the traversal slots cause the lid fans bump against the sata cable. sigh.

also, who came up with sata connectors ? it's the crapiest most fragile set of connectors i've seen in a while

20051116 wednesday

the pain. no, now it's real. the pain! kids, you should really only do the kinetic sets every other day.

20051115 tuesday

so kinetic is much more bearable in english. also, someone told me about the slightly out of focus trick. aparently the thing gauges the distance you need to be at by the focal distance or something so if you set focus short you don't need to be like 5m away from the camera.
in other news, the pain god the pain. it hurts.

20051114 monday

woohoo our eye toy:kinetic arrived. it would be much funner if
a) it worked without the 100W bulbs i'm sure are mandated by law in the americas
b) the guide shade wasn't so annoying
c) the portuguese version didn't have *wrong* directions
d) you didn't have to be 5m away from the camera

20051113 sunday

did i mention my ye old beige plextor cdrom looks like ass on my black aerocool case ? oh wellllll

ordered gifts. with such joy. i don't remember felling so fuzzy about geting gifts for people in some time.

gawd. i'm starting to think i'm better off ordering the sata controllers i need from somewhere far away. suck suck suck

20051112 saturday

finally got around to building the new hal with the new pimpy aerocool case. it came pretty spiffy and case is actually quite good, you just need to get used to it being upside down. the only not so good thing is the pimped case fan which is a bit noisy and well, has blue leds.
i'm still 4 sata channels short of a full system and i realized i need a new psu. that sucked :\

i can't activate windowsxp cause i don't have network and i can't install network drivers cause windowsxp isn't active. ah the joy!!

20051111 friday

finally uploaded the balsa x86_64 package set. i had to reroll libesmtp as it wasn't kosher and i finally figured out the problem with libtool. it just needed some bootstrap love!
mental note: roll some gpgme enable rpms

20051110 thursday

is it just me or spammers are getting more and more wicked ? i have to see about upgrading my spamassassin or something ...

20051109 wednesday

why is buying pci sata controlers so hard ?

anyways, my glxgears are doing softgl which might explain the suck in ut2004. hummm

20051108 tuesday

leading a shielded life such as my own i sometimes forget how much steaming pile of donkey manure windows actually is. nobody has bothered to buy the installer a pci enumerator so you get to spend 5 minutes loading drivers for devices you don't have. let's face it, pci has only been around for what ? 10 years ? it's way too much for windows to cope with!
then it goes to naming ide0, ide1, sata0 and sata1 all as "bus 0 id 0" and telling me the sata discs are unformated. not happy with that it tells me it wants to put files on the sata discs despite me telling it to install on ide0.
of course, i'm not exactly new to this so i took the only sane course of action. i unpluged everything but the dvdrom and the target disc. that seemed to confuse the windows installer a lot less.

20051107 monday

ha. work is back. with a vengence.

anyways, i started assembling the new hal. the aerocool case has a huge fan with blue leds. hurgh.

20051106 sunday

vasco is being a sick puppy so today involved a lot of pacience and nearly no geekness at all.

20051105 saturday

had to go grossery shoping and tried to get some computer trinkets needed for the big swap. that proved to be a big mistake has it yelded absolutly 0 and took up a whole afternoon. booh.
the ati in the wife's computer died (gar) so i took to speeding up the rebuild of bean. that just made me love linux a bit more :)

20051104 friday

vasco is definitly down with something so we drove back tonight, in time to get some mail read and some more jabs into getting a clean build of the whole balsa stuff.

20051103 thursday

vasco is definitly homesick. he pines for his toys the little guy :)

20051102 wednesday

we visited zoomarine today. it's much better than i remember it and i totally recomend visiting it. some shows are exactly brilliant but the overall experience is quite good, particularly the museum.

20051101 tuesday

vasco might be coming down with something. urgh.

the gift's music video has been around for a while now and I haven't mentioned it yet. i'll ignore the illegal mexican LA imigrant look and move on to the editing room debacle. people, have you heard about rythm ? either have no rythm at all in the video or make it sync with the music. if you break beat the music it just sucks.