20061127 sunday

i'm not made to walk on roofs.

the t|x is still being repaired.


20061112 sunday

this was a sad week. the digitizer on my T|X stopped working properly in what seems to be a case of loose ribbon. turned it in for repair yesterday and it can take up to 30 days. buhhh.
now i'm trying to get the old t2 back to life from the "fallen way too many times" graveyard. if i'll take running off the card and 1 day battery life (after not being docked for 6 months :\), it's working.

otherwise, i've been mostly playing zelda the windwaker. i blame vasco!

20061101 tuesday

got the gift's new album "fácil de entender" today in the cds+dvd edition.
their stuff gives me the warm and fuzzies inside. not just one, but all the albums. honestly, i haven't felt like this about a band since pearl jam. when some songs start playing all is good in the world and life seems altogether simpler. sonia's voice makes everything bright.
the only single thing that makes sad about the gift is me not being 19 again. when you're 19 the colours are more vibrant and the sounds are louder and you just have all the time in the world to go wherever.