20031031 weekend

upgraded lappy to ferdora 0.95. it wasn't quite as easy as i expected, mostly cause the severn installer wanted me to have ungodly amounts of free space. and so did yum. and so did up2date so ended up up2dating (after i hammered it into getting severn stuff as oposed to rawhide) a few key packages like glibc, gcc and the whole of gnome. all nice and pretty till now!

oh. the week gone by and I didn't release proxy-applet.

20031030 thursday
You are in a maze of corporatic paths, all alike. What do you want to do ? >

20031029 midweek


20031028 tuesday

the commute was EEEVIILLL. EVVILLL I tell you! (no, I didn't just copy'n'paste last entry)

vasco was EEEVILLL. EEEVIILLL I tell you! vasco's tummy was upset and nothing stayed inside very long. boooooh. obviously that meant lots of cleaning and getting upset. daddy is not happy.

20031027 monday

so. the commute was EEVIIILLLL. EVVIILLL I tell you!

'building apps that are as smart as Outlook.' This is almost as good as the 640k quote. Let's face, outlook is pretty dumb but I guess it's still smarter than your average windows user so it's OK.

20031026 sunday

did i mention teve started showing buffy repeats ? well, it did!

it's been a long itme since the last vasco update. he's about 7kg and 62cm now which is considerably big. has the kid he most interacts with is his 8 mo cousin he now believes he's a big boy and spend most of his playtime trying to sit up and asking for help to stand up. he's also geting his teeth early warning signs so everything he can grab (which usually involves some degree of cooperation from the target) ends up in his mouth geting chewed and sucked on.
vasco's also on his way to kick his mummy dependency and can now spend a good two hours with daddy before going into an incurable tantrum (dadies: your baby does love you, thing his, mommy Got Milk) and he's starting to have dreams.

I almost released proxy-applet-0.1 today. The code is there but I noticed I hadn't written any release type suporting files. I also noticed I never actually did it for a gnome thing. I also try to know as little as possible about auto* to avoid brain damage. That obviously makes writing configure.in and Makefile.am and everything else involved rather tedious.
So, stay tuned. Tomorrow proxy-applet will prolly show up in this space!

20031025 saturday

went out on the normal saturday morning shooting^Wshooping spree. it gets stickier and stickier as the rain sets in and hordes of unwashed masses with nothing better to do gather at the modern day watering holes, the malls and markets.

jim sometimes gets it so right

20031024 weekend

it rained today. a lot. it hadn't rained in a while which means the road got turned into mush when the dirt layer and the water met.

As it seems, LG optical drivers are destroyable from software. Not only that, but the new MDKLinux is sure to destroy them! LG doesn't seem to consider this a problem. I wonder how they will react when a bunch of angry customers send in their drives for RMA after the inevitable windows worm/virus fries them.
If this is all a misunderstanding, what crack is MDK smoking this time ?

Meanwhile, found out Handspring has new foruns for Treo developers. However, I couldn't find answers to my TreoHF or TreoGroups questions. Oh well.

20031023 thursday

The EU decided PT has to pay fines for excessive milk production. The EU is going to fine us 35 cents per litre. 1L of milk costs 57 cents on the supermarket. FSCK YOU very much EU.
It's not like children are dying from malnutrution throught the world and the EU could give this milk away. It's not like EU could redirect the money it gives to cigarette companies, sorry to tobaco farmers so they can sell they crops piss cheap, to milk producers and give the milk to underdeveloped countries.
And lets face it, EU could fine the PT govt for charging illegal taxes on cars or multiple environmental crimes but no, EU chooses to fine milk producers.
(EU isn't fining just PT producers, it's fining producers from 7 countries)

20031022 midweek

not only am i breaking balsa but i'm also trying to break gmime. phear!

20031021 tuesday

i wish there were beter docs for the handspring palmos. really. it's all a scam you see, you pay for incidents and they tell you stuff. no wonder handspring pretty much tanked.

maybe i should clarify the last entry a bit. I expect a modern civilized western society to treat nicotine like any other hard drug. Or to treat any other hard drug like nicotine. I expect it to treat nicotine dealers like any other dealers. Nicotine planters like any other hard drug generating plant planters.
Read what you will into it.

20031020 monday

i heard something funny today. I heard a tobaco planter saying oh if the EU subsidies go away there will be an economic collapse in the Beira Interior (Portuguese region). Oh if the tobacco plantations are forbiden there will be an economic collapse. Oh I would so much like to plant something else but tobacco is much more profitable.
You know what I heard ? I heard the small poppy planter in Colombia who was forced to plant bananas and sunflower and went back to poppy because it's so damn profitable. How come this other person doesn't get sprayed with Monsanto poison every other day ? The world is a funny place.

20031019 sunday

vasco was glorious today. which doesn't mean he isn't glorious on other days, I just wanted to remark it today.
and part of that glory stood in the way of the grand balsa masterplan. that and a sutle gmime buglet which kept me hamering gdb with just one hand for most of the afternoon.

as promised, pics of the new fishtank decoration. whaky.

meanwhile, spam got patented!

20031018 saturday

the great project for the day was remodeling the fish tank. and oh what a project it was! tomorrow some pics will prolly make their way to the site but hint, it involved MegaBlocks :)

some rather bad code got commit to balsa HEAD today. i promise i'll redeem myself tomorrow!

20031017 weekend

tweaked the css a bit (actually, i stole the trick from shaver) to avoid IE breakage. I should disable css altogether for IE and leave it something i'm pretty sure it can chew. but i'm soft.
I feel sorry for web designers. I don't mean the idiots who went to the 6 week design course seeking a thrilling life in the world of marketing, going to meeting in the bahamas and snorting coke, and found themselfs being ofered monkey boy positions. said dolts then discovered the intarweb and frontpage, changed their business cards to "web designer" or the trendier "e-designer" or even the bold "web developer" and started churning out big huge steaming piles of manoure in the pre dot.bomb madness. those deserve to pitty, mostly cause they didn't understand the first sentense. they've heard about html and some of them even know what "IE" is (as oposed to "the internet" or "the browser") but lets face, frontpage is their tool.
I meant the guys who already were designers and professionals when they found wired on the newstand and discovered the web. and then went on to learning html and css and js and have good tools and tweak stuff by hand to get it just right. and then, when they're using all the cool stuff css2 gives them they have to keep thinking, "am I hitting an IE bug ?"

20031016 thursday

you know, seting up a cyrus imapd can ruin your whole day. but once it's done, it's beautiful. no uw-imapd crap. hum. I said beautifull ? I'm sorry. I meant not so bad imap crawp.

20031015 midweek

balsa pitpats
vasco tries to stomp
this haiku sucks

20031014 tuesday

ouch. i seem to have been sucked into a vortex of stupidity. dilbert style.

on other news, i proved again i suck at GR.

20031013 monday

i've heard slightly less weird stuff on other mondays. that's all i have to say about that.

20031012 sunday

today i had Nestum has oposed to yesterday. Nestum isn't quite as i remember it. it didn't fill me with warm fuzzies inside, it just left me with some happy feelings and a filled tummy. vasco seemed to think my concrete-fast-mix honey Nestum looked interesting but i don't think his tummy can handle it yet.

where did the day go ? my word! oh well, i did get some paper/cardboard out of the house and into the recycle bin (a REAL recycle bin, not some stupid windows-like recycle bin where stuff just rots and then magically disapears. you know why mswindows has that stupid name ? cause 'trash' was already taken by Mac) and a couple of balsa lines and whatnot.

20031011 saturday

you wake up and what do you do ? you see about fixing breakfast and having a sweet tooth you figure a nice bowl of Nestum would be nice. so you put some milk on the fire and go about finding the box. you find the box, open it and find it's half. good news! this should be enough for a serving. however, the box wasn't so much stored as forgoten so the cereal isn't so much cereal flakes but a solid brick of cereal that sucked up air moist and fused together. then you find out this isn't going to be a good day.

however, it turned out to be a rather decent day.

20031010 friday

nothing particularly fun happened today, except vasco interaction of course.

20031009 thursday

it's amazing how many stupid people are legally allowed to drive. this can only mean 2 things. either the law is wrong or someone is doing some unlawfull. or both.

i've been utterly lazy and haven't written a line of code in a while. eeek!

20031007 tuesday

it's amazing the ammount of time email consumes.

20031006 monday

oh yeah this was a fun commute.

anyway, i gota get myself a TFT. I'm taking sugestions for a nice 17" game-capable tft.
meanwhile, more bugzilla spam, zebra bugs, and rugrat hackery.

this entry sucks. i'm sorry.

20031005 sunday

what a family day! house stuff, getting a wicked spankin from the wife at soulcalibur and then getting even on ISS3. oh how the families changed! (well, at least we aren't blowing ourselfs up in Unreal)

oh, and then when I was just about getting ready to do some clever balsa hacking bugzilla started spamming without mercy (thanks bugsquad friends!) and I decided i had to get some spam of my own.

20031004 saturday

oh the sweet sway of the family type person. grocery shoping elbowing your way through the unwashed (oh the smell) masses and wishing the old lady in front of you at the checkout line would just do her shoping any other day considering she's retired and all.

and then you play a bit of soulcaliburII and feel really tired and go to bed at godly hours.

20031003 weekend

this is all the energy i have now.

20031002 thursday

amazon.co.uk was nice enough to send me ISS3 and soulcaliburII. my thumbs can vouch for that!
scII seems a bit too easy, i managed the arcade in a few goes. i wonder what the hidden characters are like.
anyway, say what you will about puerile use of scantly clad girlies in fighting games! i like it damn it! :)

20031001 midweek

At the first hint of rain everybody starts playing bumper cars on the street. rather depressing.

i really should redo the site. except i'm lazy and utterly unartistic.