20041031 sunday

pool, moderate sunshine and screaming babies.
seems like once again we miscalculated weather and packed for light winter instead of light summer. uff and puuff

20041030 saturday

traveling arrangements are always fun! particularly when you have to haul a good part of the house with you. i clearly need a new car.

20041029 friday

someone was leaning on the doorbell pretty hard so i went to peek. it was trick or treaters. so i obviously thought, WTF ??!?!?!?
this is a non trick or treating country. damn kid's parents. that was a bitchslap waiting to happen.

20041028 thursday

i so want one of these!
hopefully, by the time it comes out I can afford it :)
speaking of tech cravings, i'm pretty sure at some point i'm going to get myself a 12" ibook. weeelllp!

I noticed I have some invites gathering dust so I'm having my own
if you think i might remember you from somewhere and want one, drop me a line.

20041027 wednesday

waking up to an indoors pool is nice. unless said pool is on your kitchen and droping from the ceiling. break out the buckets and mops!

20041026 tuesday

slowly and steadily firefox is crawling it's way into my heart and replacing galeon. the tabs are useable, the rss bookmarks rock and i can live with the pseudo smart bookmarks. plus it has some spiffy web devel mods.

also, guys at nokia research are working on a gtk+ wrapper for apple's khtml. this must mean something.

on unrelated news, seems like winter has caught up with us big time.

20041025 monday

good news, twingo is back. and since they had to take apart the dashboard it came back as good as new. no more ratling noises and flaky dash lights.
the bad news i paid for it and a few weeks from onw the twingo will be gone.
i'm sad.

20041024 sunday

another sunday spent being a daddy. i'm getting the hang of this!
too bad it's so tiring.

anyway, i almost started editing video today. except vasco headed me off at the pass.

20041023 saturday

froliking in the sun is much easier when there is sun. without sun it's much more like being cold and damp.

20041023 friday

seems like the twingo won't be fixed till tuesday. "heck"

20041021 thursday

One way to stem piracy is to offer consumers in emerging countries a low-cost PC, Ballmer said. "There has to be...a $100 computer to go down-market in some of these countries. We have to engineer (PCs) to be lighter and cheaper," he said.
Sure! the hardware people need to magically sell for $100 an item that costs $300 to manufacture and does untold damage to the environment so that microsoft can sell for $100 something that costs $1.
Ballmer, look at me, EXACTLY HOW STUPID DO I LOOK ??

finished pikmin2. boohoo. not only that but the game is made so that you can win without exploring the full map. otoh i cheated and have a near end save copy. hiihhihihi.

found something called seblue that allows you to get statistics from a sony-ericsson bluetooth phone on a bluetooth palm. guess what, the t68 has a thermometer. and it works too!

20041020 wednesday

huau. this was a sucky 16h day.

our PM sugested out of work teachers could be employed as aids to jugdes. now i know how usaians feel.
meanwhile, in the best tradition of our fascist past the police ocupied our holdest university during a student demonstration. some students were hurt, one was arrested. pepper spray and rubber sticks were involved.


20041019 tuesday

twingo's chaufage busted the engine refrigeration system. that's what's wrong.
so in kind of backlash i gave the go for a shiny new family car. sigh.

the govt exceded themselfs by making a fool out of themselfs not once but twice today. i so wish we had a daily show.

20041018 monday

the twingo started kind of acting up today. something may be suckily wrong.

i'm almost finishing pikmin2. that makes me sad. finishing doom3 was kind of a goal and a relief and it made me very happy. pikmin however makes me so happy i don't want to finish it. this is the true measure of a game.

on local news, the govt still claims there are no problems with the allocation of teachers to schools. it's nice when they get caught up in easily verifiable lies.

20041017 sunday

there was a lot of runing after vasco. and that's about it. i played superdad today.

20041016 saturday

you know, last time i dreamt about a game it was tetris nightmares. pikmin must be really really good.

anyway, buying a new car is a lot of worrying and freeting about choice. little choices even. blah. i so loved my twingo but then your family outgrows your little cute bachelor car and poof, there goes your last drop carefree crazy living.

20041015 friday

wanted to move you mac to match your new carpet but the technicality of the task stumps you ? apple tells you how! now, how do you put it down ??

on the fishy side we now have a beta. it's blue and pwety but very shy. photographing it is proving quite a task.

20041014 thursday

you know, pikmin can get pretty addictive. the genious of it is it's so damn simple and you just can't stop playing.

20041013 wednesday

now, you too can be chiped and reveal your medic history to whoever happens to own a scanner.

20041012 tuesday

pikmin2 is like, tha bomb!

20041011 monday

day off for r&r. and hopefully to get finally get rid of this cold.

when someone makes a movie about the current president's actions and his family and govt links to players in current events, the newsmedia boycots it.
when someone makes a movie about the action of a presidential candidate 30 years ago the newsmedia jump on it.
no wonder the usa voters are so mis-informed.

speaking of which, caught up with usa politics with my reference show, the daily show. since it's running a bit late here today was the rep convention. damn bush put out a good speech where he promised well, mostly everything. i bet some usains were thinking "boy, if only that guy was already president! ... oh wait ..." while others were thinking "huau i sure hope he wins!". that thought was obviously followed by "dang, where did i put my bud ??".
well, i shouldn't be mocking usa. our previous govt resigned. "we're so out of our game we better quit while we still have a country". then there were elections and the parties sides and after a while the other guys didn't seem so bad. and then the head of that govt was invited to a EU position and he decided it was probably time to quit while some people didn't consider him an idiot. he was EU's 3rd or 4th choice but aparently nobody else felt like jumping ship. so we're stuck with the fall guy which in some aspects isn't that diferent from bush. and the previous guy doesn't seem so bad.

today arrived sims2 and pikmin2. for me pikmin is an hallmark game of the GC, simple, fun and adictive. needless to say, it consumed quite a lot of the evening.

20041010 sunday

opened up cinelera for the first time in a long time and noticed the last time i edited vasco's dvd was 24th dec, xmas eve. I kind of lost heart after that. But now i think i'll pick it up again. If only cinelerra didn't suck and kino didn't crash and I wasn't a cheap bastard.

anyways, i'm still somewhat sick. and lazy. no change in that front.

20041009 saturday

had the kind of night were you have to work and then wake up in the middle of the night to cough up flem. and then the day picked up on that.

20041008 friday

pearpc is actually fast enough this days to run on my athlon without making me feel i'm going senile waiting for the damn thing to respond.
maybe in a few months you can buy a x86_64 that will run osx in pearpc at the same speed a similarly priced mac! :)

20041007 thursday

oh man this is turning out to be such a windows week. asp.net aparently fails to check access controls if you escape // in urls.
"knock knock"
"who is it ?"
"it's the 90s, we want our exploit back"

20041006 wednesday

quotes from the frontline:

<klogd> only with windows can you run doom3 and MyDoom at the same time

20041005 tuesday

woha there's a huge 400M map pack for ut2k4. and that's when i found out my cable is being a dildo. boooo no happy fun ut fragin for me today.

anyway, the day was mostly spent runing after vasco.

20041004 monday

you know, this could be a perfectly good 4 day weekend if i didn't have to work tomorrow.

20041003 sunday

the week in review
Portugal pretty much sidesteped the whole hating thing so in fashion this days. that's cause we're pretty laid back and figured heads of diferent religions march together against war and pray together and visit each other and so on. so our xtians don't actually hate muslims and aforementioned pair doesn't band together to run after the jews with torches and gas.
But looks like the Vatican will not have any of that. As soon as they got word of the hapenings at Fatima the holiest of holy got on the case and proceded to kick out the people in charge or else. I'm not sure what was worse, the hindu ritual or the muslim mass but man, the roman catholic church will not have any of that.
Bring on the torches.

And the rest was even more booring.

20041002 saturday

decided for watching matyrix revolutions today. i knew it was a bad call when i found myself wondering "didn't i see that in dragonballZ ?"
everybody loves mechs though.

did i mention the balsa/gmime combined released ? it rocks!

20041001 friday

you try to send people stuff only to realize they have crappy hotmail accounts. i mean, it's like, you try to send 6M worth of pics and it pukes.