20051031 monday

this might even work out, the pool is nice enough.

have I mentioned how much roughnecks:stc rocks ??

20051030 sunday

go the last things in order, like what power bricks we need and a quick sort
through unread email, and headed off to holidays.
the trip was awfull with pouding rain half the way through and the ap-hotel
has angled furniture, a too damned hot pool and overpriced intarweb.
lets see how this works out!

20051029 saturday

took a leap and installed FC4 x86_64 into sal's /. it actually worked!
and then i spent the rest of the day figuring out the small minute ways the stuff needed to build balsa don't actually work so good in this almost-just-like-x86 shiny new world.

20051028 thursday

you know how everything breaks when you're just about to go out on holiday ?

20051027 friday

finally picked up most of the stuff for the new computers. so the evening was spent gutting out sal and installing everything from psu to cable ties from scratch.
and that's not particularly easy when you're using a case 3cm too short.

20051026 wednesday

dear bmw, just because a video ad format works for cisco it doesn't mean it works for cars.

broke down a bought a ps2 for eye toy:kinetic. my ps2 came bundled with GT4 at wich i, with no great surprise, thoroughly suck.

on other impulse buy news, i bought Clă's new VIVO which turned out to be not a CD but a "copy protected disc". unfortunatly i only noticed after savaging the shrink wrap.
so i proceded to doing the only sane thing. to my great shock my old trusty plextor won't rip this discs correctly, my theory is they have a fake TOC masking the last tracks. otoh, the dvdrom drives go through them okish with a lot of paranoia so it all worked out in the end.

20051025 tuesday

seems like i won't have a64 x2 goodness till friday. booo.

20051024 monday

people got me interested in ps2 eyetoy: kinetic. people are evil and make me spend money.

20051023 sunday

new vasco pictures you know where!

do i need a new case ? do i need a new psu ? where will i find a pci 4x sata controller ? so much work!

20051022 saturday

"Well, the key issue here is that the protection scheme under Blu-ray is very anti-consumer and there's not much visibility of that. The inconvenience is that the [movie] studios got too much protection at the expense consumers and it won't work well on PCs. You won't be able to play movies and do software in a flexible way." -- Bill Gates
oh really billy ? that's not exactly your stance on your closed data formats and arm twisiting contracts is it ? but then again, they aren't keeping you from pedling your home media center crap.
But anyways, why do you hate bue-ray/hd-dvd and don't hate dvd ? The legal controls are pretty much the same and in efect neither allows users to copy content to media center hardrives. Are you using illegal technology on your media center software ? Is Microsoft a terrurist ?

20051021 friday

i forgot to check the status of the order. i'm an idiot who prolly won't be picking up new toys tomorrow.

claudia gave me a huge pengiun :) it so totally rocks!

20051020 thursday

seems like the quake4 linux engine is already out. way to suck 30eur from me idsoftware!

20051019 wednesday

it might be a pretty weird coincidence but after conecting the muvo to osx itunes it went hummm, stupid. it would react ok to usb but trying to turn it on would just show the creative logo and go blank again. formating the storage didn't help at all so i was starting to see stuff going south.
eventually i gave up and tried to do a firmware upgrade that totally cleared the device and lo and behold, it worked.
i'm going to try this again one lazy afternoon and see what happens ...

20051018 tuesday

my x86_64 stuff will be ready next weekend. rock on!

itunes kind of sucks for non apple players. it drops everything on / which makes for a prety nice mess.

20051017 monday

a tenants meeting is not a totally bad way to spend an evening ...

20051016 sunday

commited to a a64 x2 config. melp.
shortly after hitting the order button i realized i need another disk. typical.

dovecot1.0a is so much faster than 0.99. and the anoying rfc2822 header bug is gone. kudos!

20051015 saturday

spent another productive evening googling for reviews and prices but i think i arrived to a nice config. and i guess i don't actually need a 6600GT right now.
my target game (GR:AW) isn't coming out for another 6 months or so so i'll just get a replacement then if needed.

20051014 friday

chosing hardware is very hard. and gfx cards. and everything. i'm depressed.

20051013 thursday

i should have expected it but it's damn hard to find socketA cpus this days.
i'm kind of boogling at what I'm going to do about the new machines. i have a grand expensive Plan. and that's exactly the problem with it.

one of the things that irks me most about BSG is the utterly technological levels. they have FTL travel but they can't cure cancer. idiots.

20051012 wednesday

i forgot to mention amazon coned me into buying hardcovers. they did this by writing "hardocover" on the page in bold slightly larger font.
anyways, people wonder why i don't like hardcovers. it's simple, most of my books have been carried around. a good deal of them, particularly this ones, are going to be hauled around in a backpack. that's why i like paperbacks.

anyways, I already started on The System of the World. good thing i'm smart and used a feynman lectures book as stop gap.

20051011 tuesday

no boys, that's not a whole lot of cpus. that's a dual core with hyperthreading crap. i mean, if that wasn't photoshoped. but don't feel bad for having your panties riding up your butt in gidiness. it happens.

and in a world record royal mail and portuguese mail got my amazon package to me overnight. kudos guys!

20051010 monday

found something priceless today. pt.asus.com. it's asus.com except babelfished into portuguese.

woohoo amazon sent me a load of books.

20051009 sunday

today involved elections and rain. but enough about that.

got depressed at darwin ports for having loads and loads of old stuff. then went on to try gentoo-osx and damn that was a mistake. portage is hideous and it's all put together by gentoo ricers. argh.
then with great fear i went on to fink. the installer didn't work as it claimed my filesystem didn't support softlinks, but running installer on the image actually worked.
after it started working it actually works. and it has gnome-2.6 which is pretty much good enough. lets see how it works out ...

20051008 saturday

and after a very weird autumn start the rain came. damn it came.

20051007 friday

finished the lotr:bfme good campaign. it wasn't very dignified but it ended well. legolas was my top ranking hero despite gandalf's massive power work kills.

in other news, GR:AW get pushed all the way to at least february. that means ubi adopted the project management current best practices.

20051006 thursday

and the big 'duh' of the day goes to forgeting about being on holidays monday and tuesday.

interesting days are coming ahead.
players are realizing centralized ubiquous home entertainment is where it is so everybody is trying to jump into that wagon, even if they don't have anything to add, like intel.
intel seems to have figured out the glorious new mpaa world wouldn't allow them to peddle their viiv crap so it lashed out at the DRM in both hd-dvd and blu-ray saying it must include provisions to allow private copy, which in practice will just mean more complex and fragile DRM schemes.
sony is probably breaking DMCA by instruction their customers on how to defeat the DRM technology included in their music discs. all because they want apple to look bad for not leting sony at their DRM tech.
meanwhile, microsoft also lashed at sony/blu-ray as it figured out it would break xbox360 as a media center wihle enabling PS3.

20051006 tuesday

finished the cobweb. what to do now ?

meanwhile amazon tells me they'll ship GR3 next week. i'm curious as to how they'll do it considering ubi says GR:AW will be released in november ...

20051005 wednesday

holiday! woohoo

"Some Penn State professors and students have published a way to jam cellular voice service with simple text messages. From the article: 'Because text messages are transmitted on the same signal that is used to set up voice calls'"
so, how's life in 1998 working out for you guys ?

20051005 wednesday

started reading Feynman's not so easy pieces as it's pretty much what's left on the bookcase.

did i mention it was an holiday today ? woohooo

20051002 sunday

vasco spent most of the being his big bad self like he usually does on sundays.
not only that but the machines tried to rebel by breaking in weird new ways.

meanwhile, power word kill is tha bomb.

20051001 saturday

when weather was fairly expected to be gone cold and unhappy it's happy sunny. most disturbing.

meanwhile, i'm still getting brick well up to speed again after it lost a good part of the goodies i gave it on 10.4 and i'm leveling up my bmfe heroes like a crazy mofo. oathbreakers, here i come.