20061027 friday

this week in review, fc6 upgrade and bling bling!
the fc6 upgrade was smoother than ever. I'd already solved the space problem i always run into and everything just worked right out of the box.
even compiz just worked after the initial nvidia stuff got sorted. too bad it isn't exactly up to par as a window manager.
so in comes beryl, a compiz fork. beryl is much more complete in the WM sense and actually has everything i need like sticky windows. so i now have full bling with transparencies, live thumbnails on the window switcher and cool show-all-windows like osx.
all in all a good geek week!

20061021 saturday

"The International Herald Tribune has an article about how some lawyers are realising that patents on tax reduction strategies (a business method) might be a problem.


wait, i'm not done laughing yet!


on other news, GC zelda the wind waker rocks a lot and vasco is pretty much forcing me to play it.

20061018 wednesday

i'm back. in one piece!

20061018 monday

I'm on a plane. I can't complain.
Actually, i can. After waking up anoyingly early and going through rush hour trafic the plane was 2 hours late. but that's it for complaining. Flying in executive is so much nicer than coach!

I'm going to Denmark, let's just hope danishes are much better in Denmark than everywhere else.