20030930 tuesday

mayo is really wasted on us. I flushed a whole jar of mayo that expired last april . The seal wasn't even cracked. oh well.

balsa entrails get riped open on a daily basis now. go us!

20030929 monday

i was wonderfully zaped today considering it's a monday. took a bunch of packaging stuff to get recicled and finished pikmin! weee :)

20030928 sunday

today was fairly productive. commited like crazy on balsa-HEAD, mostly fixing up my own mess :) but i'd say HEAD is fairly save to use now! horrah!
and more good news, pawel released balsa-2.0.15.

ok people ok people! i'll update vasco's galery. boooh.


20030927 saturday

went on the normal grocery shopping run. god the market was full. that wasn't happy fun!
vasco however was happy fun and playfull and everything nice!

played a few rounds of pikmin and decided libbalsamailbox needs a bit of refactoring. i'm not sure in which direction though. decisions decisions.

PT 20030925 agora, é tarde

" Hoje, pelas 19h, no Espaço 7 às 9 do CCB (perguntem onde é), RAP e ZDQ vão efectuar stand-up comedy."

Ouve lá ó palhaço, agora é tarde não é ? Da próxima vê lá mas é se anuncias isso mais cedo. OR ELSE...

entretanto, a vel continua a NÃO admitir que lê esta treta. tsc tsc tsc.

20030925 thursday

made the final arrangements to close my pair.com account. for the record, pair.com is an excelent shared hosting provider and I'm quite happy with their service. I recomend pair.com. However, bytemark's UML boxes won me over :)


20030924 midweek

midweek already ? *gasp*

Today Microsoft decided to close down their MSN chat rooms to protect the children. One can only read into that peadophiles choose Microsoft.
However, that's not the whole story. Microsoft isn't just closing down their free chat rooms, it's also replacing them for subscription (that means money) based chat rooms. So it's basicly charging you money to help them monitor your conversations. For the sake of the children of course.

20030923 tuesday

I've been working way too much! It's cramping my hacking style!

20030922 monday

oh i'm getting good at pikmin! I rule!
meanwhile, real life goes on.

20030921 sunday

vasco, proxy-applet, balsa, vasco, pikmin, vasco, fishtank, vasco. what a busy day!
I even restarted pikmin from scratch today as my game was pretty sucking.
also, pikmin turned out to be a wifey type game! *gasp*

20030920 saturday

somehow i managed to spend most of the day out of the house so nt much got done ... oh well.

20030919 friday

vasco is 2 months old today. hurrah!
on similar news, I think i'm hooked on pikmin! welp!

20030918 thursday

so, just the day I set to go see the doctor and get some sick days I wake without a fever, just a scratchy throat.
meanwhile, there's a world of balsa to catch up with!

meanwhile, my GC stuff arrived. You can guess how my evening was spent :)

20030917 midweek

sickER. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow if this doesn't get better!

20030916 tuesday

more sheepeshiness, slight fever, and annoyance.
otoh amazon sent my games today. woohoo.

finished the chbm.nu migration. slight caos may occur. you shouldn't be using chbm.nu anymore anyway.
oh, and by the way, FSCK THE SKULL OF VERISIGN.

20030915 monday

back to commute and kids are back to school. what does that mean ? soccer moms in SUVs.

spent all day feeling sheeping and generally ill. bah.


20030914 sunday

hacking perl scripts and bashing evil hardware. not a particular brilliant end of vacations.

20030913 saturday

Reading Clarke's Greeting, Carbon-Based Bipeds I found out he not only wrote articles for Playboy but also invented mailbombing, except using faxes instead of email.

More hacking on proxy-applet. I really don't enjoy GUI stuff and have no pants so it's mostly being boored and sorting through docs. Oh well, I learned a bit about bonobo and gconf already so it's worth it.

started the chbm.nu move over to bytemark. remember, chbm.nu is deprecated. it is being replaced by chbm.net. be advised.

20030913 friday

found the GC for 99EUR today. I think you know what followed :)
However, I skipped buying games as buying GC games in pt is pretty much hopeless. Not only there's a depressing number of titles but also they're 2 to 3 times the amazon.co.uk price. Sooo no happy fun till the amazon package gets here.

20030911 thursday

a rather profitable day, as oposed to yesterday. not only i had a nice lunch in the country but also fixed my damned applet and coded quite a bit of it. after chasing inexistant docs for a while I reverted to my good old debug style: strace. after a while I figured out bonobo-activation-server was spewing out some errors about my .server file which i *gasp* wasn't watching. so, as it turns out, it was basicly my fault.

meanwhile, david as been going against the current GNOME "the user is too stupid to use a computer" train of though. This concept was introduced by seasoned Mac users that while being fairly good at computer stuff in general are totally useless when it comes to UNIX and reject everything mildly related to shell as "the user wouldn't get it".

20030910 midweek

a pretty much waisted day, non-shopping and banging against inexistant gnome-applet documentation and impossible bugs.
all this cause i'm moving to galeon-1.3 and proxy applet would be pretty spify ...

20030909 tuesday

vasco discovered he can use his feet to kick the bath sponge. at first i thought he was just threading water and the sponge just happened to be there but then I started running some tests holding the sponge just above the water within feet reach and repeatedly he manouvered his feet (whichever could reach it, though it wasn't always the first choice) till it touched the target and then sometimes tried to kick it :)

on the balsa side, more fixing and planing. woopidoda

20030908 monday

shopping blah blah blah.
discovered i had a bunch of shaver backlog to read. I see he finally moved to MT :)

I am not only breaking balsa but also breaking gmime now. ph3ar.
on a nice note, my NTK tshirts showed up too. whoowhoo

20030907 sunday

vasco had another nice visit bearing gifts. it's good to be a baby :)

meanwhile, balsa plows on. It's prolly seen more cvs action this weekend than in the last month (well, not really, but you get the general idea :)). This means HEAD IS BROKEN DON'T USE IT. m'k ?

20030906 midholidays

I swear Vasco is ploting against balsa. Anyhow, some patches got commited, some lines got coded, some bugs weren't squashed.

20030905 friday

considering i was asleep last night at something silly like half past midnight and didn't actually wake up this morning till something like 11, i'd imagine i had a fearfull sleep backlog. and joyus joy, the efect of oversleeping is almost as bad as undersleeping. oh well.

I single handedly broke balsa today. Not really, in fact I branched balsa-2-0 and set about breaking HEAD with gmime goodness.

Universal seems to have lowered the sugested price of a lot of it's cedes. go universal!
meanwhile, today is ntk day. which reminds me the ntk fellas haven't sent me my tshirts

20030904 thursday

oh rediscovered railroad tycoon 2. I still suck.

spent some time looking at balsa-gmime stuff and drawing up stuff but no code came out of it. otoh I have a clue about what's going on now :)


20030903 midweek

got the car inspected. I was pretty sure I'd get a note about the front left shock absorver. However, it totally passed the tests. They aren't very demanding I gather :)

seems like balsa is going into another devel cycle. rock on! we're starting with magick's gmime patch and a lot of hope :)

20030902 tuesday

today was the day we bought another bookcase for vasco's room. that of course means I put it on the car, removed it from the car, got it on the apartment and assembled it. all good powertool clean fun except the aching muscles bit as it's damn heavy. garrrr

Magick presented us with a balsa-gmime patch. WOAH. more work there :)

20030901 monday

almost bought a lego spybotic box from the lego shop. somehow i didn't :) maybe for the same reason i didn't buy a GC+metroid prime box - I barely have time to do the stuff I really want to do let alone the stuff i would to do.

You know, having a kid takes up a lot of time :)