20040930 thursday

my sony ericsson t68i is starting to bug me. it goes into the PIN: screen while the keyboard is still locked, it starts dialing stuff, the last call list remembers sms , blah blah blah. bottom line, my next phone is going to be a nokia.

20040929 midweek

<prumpf> I wonder what a planet consisting entirely of water would look like
boy that generated a fun hour!

20040928 tuesday

everyonce in a while orkut is cool to find old friends. but only every once in a while.

20040927 monday

things i forgot to do today:
. sort photos and make them reach people
. check my bank balance
. fix the tank light

i also forgot to mention vasco started using tools last saturday. as in, using stuff to acomplish a purpose other than inflicting pain.

20040926 sunday

vasco is a recorder now. he started saying 3 new words today, but only he pleases :)

well, today i read in GR2 you'll only controll 1 squad instead of 3. well, there goes planing, involvement and carefull flanking. a console game, really. i might just skip buying it.

God hates Bush!. Well, data has been ignored but it wouldn't be fun otherwise.

20040925 saturday

sun is back, vasco spent most of his day splashing cold water which resulted in a runy nose. tsc tsc.
anyway, you don't realize how much of mini-big-boy vasco is till you compare it with a real baby.
i should sort the pictures, put up a new gallery and send some pics on their way. i really should.

GR mods give it an evil evil replayability value.

20040924 friday

if you're a dear friend and had your Masters (PhD for most other unis) presentation today and passed, congrats!

20040923 thursday

woohaa. shocking news.

on other news, vasco now mimics songs and keeps rithm by noding. and he does his cute japonese little boy dance too.

20040922 wednesday

got poked, punctured, measured, examined and rubber stamped. seems like i'm ok. ish. and all i got for my trouble was waking up very early.

on other news, i finally picked my diploma. it comes in an hard cover and says i graduated from EE/CS with a B. For reference, it's like a MIT M.Eng EE with CS option.

20040921 tuesday

fc3t2 doesn't actually have any obvious foul up so far. uncanny :) otoh, gnome2.8 is pwetty.
meanwhile, my pet anaconda bug is supposed to be fixed on fc3t2 :)

20040920 monday

so, seems like our schools didn't actually open cause there actually aren't teachers. *c*o*c*k*u*p*

on other news, FC2t2 was released. boyyahh!

20040919 sunday

turn based games are a big plus when you're being interrupted by 2 kids and a dog.

seems like iran is having some problems with their nuculear program. maybe they should just do like israel!

on other news, my hp photosmart 1000 decided the colour cartridge isn't made by HP. i think the cartridge just ran out but bad HP bad HP.

20040918 saturday

so, after holidays with dodgy weather we get a nice suny hot weekend. not fair.

anyway, i should have been doing something usefull today. i didn't. booh me.

20040917 friday

delayed weekend.

anyway, Band of Brothers inspired me to try the War of Infamy mod series for GR. it's neat but I wish people would target mods at single player instead of mp. in WoI for instance, the enemy AI is much better than the squad AI wich makes it fairly hard to keep the squad intact.

20040916 thursday

ok, so, you know why OSS games will never make it big time ? cause freeciv is giving me hell in easy.

20040915 midweek

took the day off to give twingo some maintenance luv. ended up not doing anything usefull apart from that though. blah.

20040914 tuesday

woohoo. new scrubs episodes! rock on! if only my home bandwith wasn't so skimpy ..

there's a new interview with a gr2 developer. if i read correctly they've dumbed down the way to command your team and it's now harder to plan movements but there's more commands. i wonder ...

20040913 monday

work work work traffic traffic GAH.

and on top of that, i started playing freeciv again! silly me.

20040912 sunday

gah. last holidays sunday always sucks.

word on the street is i still suck at ghostrecon. been trying some new mods and i'm getting pretty good and geting my whole team killed. it would be fun to a win a mission every once in a while.

at last! furniture assembly is coooommmpplleeeted!

20040911 saturday

watched another ghostrecon2 video. i guess that's the console version which would explain why it's so arcady. anyway, it looks awesome and I bet some amazing total conversions will pop up shortly after the release.

new vasco pics are up on the gallery. enjoy!

20040910 friday

spent most of the day at badoca park. it was cool enough to keep me amused and make me generate about 1G worth of photos. galery will apear any time soon.
the 2Ah batteries held up pretty good, lasted almost all day with heavy usage.
vasco was a good baby and didn't try to kill or otherwise harm any animal.

finally, my tax return came through. and they took their sweet time too!

20040909 thursday

vasco conspired to nobody geting anything done today. almost 2 weeks of countryside holidays with grandpa sure spoiled him ...

hal decided to throw an hissy fit. the process involved removed networked cards, swaped cards, me figuring the card was shot, me deciding the the pci was shot, me planing new stuff to buy and finaly everything starting to work again. i put it down to static build up as always when i don't understand wtf is going on.

20040908 midweek

we're baaaaaaack. stuff to do, people to see.

tried out the stargate sg-1 mod for gr beta. the mod rocks pretty hard, too bad it's been droped. if only the missions were designed for solo insted of coop. or if the good guys were smarter than rocks.

20040907 tuesday

got lucky and managed to snap a a few shots of a navy lynx. they sometimes do fly byes of the country house but this time they did a wide circle overhead and when i thought they were going i noticed they were coming about for another circle and ran inside for the S1 and the teleconverter. they did a another couple of wide turns and went away.
i'm not up n up with current navy rules but offhand i'd say they were joy ridding under the deck. guys, if you're reading this, your cameras suck. that must have been such a disapointment ...

20040906 monday

got some new 2Ah batteries for the S1. hopefuly they will keep it from powering down imediatly after the low battery warning. the worse i've had was the batteries go flat so fast the lense was stuck mid retract.

20040905 sunday

the bad thing about holiday sundays is they're about the same as any other day.
the good part is the ensuing monday is much better.

20040904 saturday

a dire problem of leaving in a rush is you end up forgetting some stuff. like the house keys.
anyway, seems like the sun is back so we're back to holidays

20040903 friday

still raining so we ended up blowing money on house stuff. of course that invariably means me assembling furniture.
on the plus side, we got new fish. the highlight is a beautiful silver gourami.

20040902 thursday

it started raining. like, wtf ?? summer holidays are kind of pointless and rain and wind chill is involved. so we leveraged the fact we're actually close to home and came back till the sun returns.
home is where your broadband is.

20040901 midweek

i actually started updating balsa's pt.po. honest. but i was so busy runing after vasco in the lawn ... omfg my busy life!