20050930 friday

once again, i lost track of time playing bmfe. this is an evil evil game.

20050929 thursday

"hi. we're the army of the dead. we're here to destroy you. please cooperate" that rocked so much it's not even funny

20050928 wednesday

got sick of looking and bought a sony hx75. it's a nice screen with reflective coating ("x-black"). i know people who don't like this type but since i got used to it on the laptop other tfts just look dull to me. also, it has speakers and 2 vga ports + 1 dvi which is nice for me.
so the evening was spent looking at it and seting it up. it's a "fast" monitor so there was no bluring or ghosting on fast scenes but it shows some dithering when i throw some impossible tones at it. nothing you actually notice without inspecting though.
i'm pretty happy with the value for the thing.

at the same time i was also downgrading brick from osx 10.4 to 10.3.9 which was so much easier then i predicted. sometimes osx rules.

20050927 tuesday

my life is starting to get a wee bit booring with all this lotr:bfme. not so much booring as repetitive.

20050926 monday

"Today, Palm and Microsoft announced a powerful, strategic alliance to bring the Palm experience to the Windows Mobile platform, aimed at growing the smartphone marketplace."
translation: "we're stupid smelly baboons. we diluted our brand and drove away our faithfull PalmOS customers. we'll go under in a year"
oh well. seems like i won't be buying another treo ...

meanwhile, i finished The Confusion and moved on to The Cobweb to hold me off until amazon sends my System of the World. rock on.

and, what's up with matrix episodes on atlantis ?

20050925 sunday

my lotr:bfme campaign is putting a new spin on attrition war. the game ran about 2h unatended this afternoon while a single blacksmith was putting out monies fill 300 fully upgraded command points. that was fairly ridiculous.
"hi. we're the army of the dead. we will proced to leveling you now. have a nice day."

meanwhile, samsung 172T seems to be gone baby gone. and it's aparent replacement 173P is a buttonless piece of crap. i guess i'll have to buy something not-samsung after all this research. bah.

20050924 saturday

just last week i was pretty i saw 172T on a couple of shops. now i can't find it. i wonder if it was retired ....

you know, orc hordes are pretty pathetic when you have tower shields and fire arrows and rohirin allies charging down the battle field. osgiliath would have been a very annoying mexican standoff if not for the allies.

meanwhile, vasco is not only excendingly articulate but he also telltales on pretty much everything. it makes for some funny moments :)

20050923 friday

noticed a cow-orker has a 172t at work. it's a very nice screen, with good contrast and nice colours with no noticeable grading. now, to find it somewhere ....

meanwhile, i'm still doing like 2 lotr missions a day. lets hope it's not a too long campaign.

20050922 thursday

seems like i'll have to buy a tft sooner than i expected. that means i'll prolly go for colour instead of speed. samsung 172v prolly.

20050921 wednesday

those gondor dudes are pretty spiffy. a couple of fire rangers behind a tower guards can hold off the unwashed hordes pretty much forever.

20050920 tuesday

lotr:bfme is gaining momentum now that the sucky fellowship missions seem to be done. as if i wasn't hooked on it anyway ....

20050919 monday

you know what annoys me ? pretty much everyone on stargate speaks english. they didn't even bothered to come up with an universal translator or somesuch piece of magical ancient tech. lazy lazy lazy.

20050918 sunday

finally got annoyed enough to get off my ass and set up some QoS to keep torrents from screwing up my upstream. and it was easy too!

in the more physical front there was carpentry involved and trying to keep vasco from helping.

meanwhile, battle for middle earth is rocking me up

20050917 saturday

it was nice and sunny out so we had what's prolly the last pool time of the year. oh well. seems like we might pay for it tomorrow but it was worth it!

20050916 friday

LotR:BME is evil evil evil. it's long since i last found myself at 3am wondering wtf it got this late.

20050915 thursday

impulse bought LotR:Battle Middle Earth. the fellowship bits are a bit booring the rohirin stuff is grand.

20050914 wednesday

and just when i get hooked on wesnoth someone tell me about LotR:Battle dor Middle Earth. seems fun enough ... haven't played C&C type games in a while ...

20050913 tuesday

my evil friends got me hooked on battle of wesnoth. they are evil evil evil. uncanny how a so simple game can be so catchy.

20050912 monday

back to work. stuff pilling up etc etc.

20050911 sunday

another day playing bob the builder and puting up the kitchen cabinets and trying to keep vasco from helping.

and tomorrow, work.

20050910 saturday

"Mac OS X is one of the most secure default installations of any OS." -- quote from the scene

an happy fun sunny day turned into an happy fun coldish day. oh well.

20050909 friday

putting up a new cupboard on the kitchen turned into an assbackwards project when a pin snaped as i was screwing it into the wall.
damn i didn't know driling into a screw+filler was so hard. i ended up with a totally unserviceable hole in the wall and a cupboard to stick to the wall. sooooo what do we do ? we go to ikea look for a slim cabinet to cover it all up.

so i end up finding a wiremesh letter tray set that makes a nice macmini stand. so now it's not balancing on top of sal anymore and it's easily accessible on my desk along with external disks. rock on!

20050908 thursday

the day was dominated by discovering idvd while nice for simple quick stuff is limited, specially when you've used stuff like dvdimager. oh well.

meanwhile, i upgraded the mini to 512MB. doesn't feel very diferent ....

20050907 wednesday

today it didn't rain so it was an happy fun zoo day complete with sealion and dolphins show.

meanwhile, on geek land i bought some putty knifes (or spatulas as they're actually called) and went at the macmini. this was the sequence of events
- i figured sal had 2x512MB
- i try to open the mini. i fail
- i find a video of someone opening the mini, i realize the spatula needs to go all the way down
- i try again to open the mini. i succedd, it's totally easy if you're used to stuff moaning and creaking
- i notice altough apple says mac minis take PC2700 mine comes with a PC3200 dimm.
- i open up sal. i discover it has 2x256MB. i feel stupid.
- i close sal. it doesn't boot nor beep.
- numbing process of disconnecting everything. still no go.
- manage to cut my thumb on a fan. how do you do that ? it's easy if the fan is moving.
- clean the lint from the filter on the front fan. remove the filter altogether as it's crap and stops the air flow.
- remove gfx card. read wrong motherboard manual.
- read correct motherboard manual. boogle some more.
- still no beeps, no nothing. figure the cpu lost it's magic.
- try to find old duron. fail. freak some more.
- reinstall gfx card and connect monitor just for the heck of it.
- sal boots.
- let out a little sob.
- reconnect everything.
- find a mess of cables behind sal. sort everything out.
- feel stupid.

20050906 tuesday

mental note: keep open rico in mind.

on other news, it rained. the zoo isn't much fun when it's raining.

20050905 monday

went to watch The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. it's remarkably good, and that's a good review considering i read the whole thing and watched the bbc tv series (which is compreensive but fairly lacking in means).
thumbs up!

decided it was time to do some updatin on tha laptop and got it up to 2.6.13 and ipw2200-1.0.6 which paned out into installing ieee80211 from sf.net.
anyways, now that i try it i realize hibernate on the thing actually works except the rfkill button which aparently stops working on some conditions (but that's easily workedaround cause rfkill is sw controllable).
the remarkable thing is hibernate justworks on hp dv1170. i'm dazed and confused.

20050904 sunday

we gave in to vasco's protests (it's not everyday you see a 2 year old packing up his toys to go home) and came home.

20050903 saturday

vasco is starting to pine for his toys and show a bit a wariness of water and dirt.
who'd thought!

20050902 friday

it's nearly a week since the hurricane and the failure of the seawalls pretty much wiped new orleans from the map. being this on usa i just assumed there would be massive army deployment in 12h and 24h later the engineering corps would have restored ground transportation and the victims would be streaming into campaign hospitals and camps.
however, yesterday people were living and dieing like animals knee deep in filthy water while armed gangs roamed the streets steeling, looting and killing. today martial law was declared and the emergency services are still trying to help the thousands of people stranded without food or water.
now, how does a usa city turn into 3rd world ? the situation is nothing short of african tin pot countries with decades old wars. is it because new orleans is the ass of usa ? is it because most victims are black ? is it because their president didn't bother to interrupt his nth holidays ? or is it just because usa military and coordination resources are just spread too thin ?
maybe the UN can help them.

20050901 thursday

did i mention gprs prices in portugal are rape ? well, they are. while the big 3 are making huge investment into 3G (read, cash sink) the gprs internet prices make it pretty clear the mobile market in portugal is pretty much bone. there's a lot of penetration but the overbearing gross of accounts only use comodoty voice services, biggest proof being all 3 coming out with discount services simultaneously. and the picture won't change while the prices on value added services don't comedown. i'm all for mobile internet but i'm not about to pay 2EUR per MB.

meanwhile, my cut is coming along quite well. i think i'll be all done with
it by the time i go back to work. whooopdido.