20060930 saturday

I should start a consultancy company with a monkey back garantee.

anyways, sal is on lvm now too. why lvm ? well, I got pissed off at partitions and too small partitions and all that. it's lvresize and resize2fs from now on.

20060928 thursday

for the record, initrd lvm doesn't know about lvms on logical partitions. bitch.

and if your initd is dying misterously on boot, try booting with selinux=0.

live and learn.

20060924 sunday

spent a good part of the day pulling hal out of the depths of FC2 and into the bright world of FC5. easy you say. well, it should be if i wasn't so damn lazy. see, hal is headless and while i can attach a screen to it easy enough a keyboard would be too much hassle. also, dvds would mean a lot of outage and we don't want that. why ? because i can!
so there we go grom yum update to yum update without nearly enough space. nearly wedged rpm around fc3 and a stale kernel rpm made fc5 a lot more painfull than it should be but in the end it was all good.
did i mention i decided there was too less space (oh partitioning from Another Era) and decide to move the whole thing to lvm ? now that was clearly extra points!

your baby smokes with you

20060922 saturday

garden state is such a cool movie. i meant it. natalie portman is so cute in garden state.

got some bloodwork and stuff done this week. i'm pretty happy with it, droped a stone and lowered my (already not high) cholesterol level a bit. i'm happy everytime i go to the doctor and i'm not told i've got 3 hours left to live.

20060919 tuesday

"Microsoft's Zune will not play protected Windows Media Audio and Video purchased or "rented" from Napster 2.0, Rhapsody, Yahoo! Unlimited, Movielink, Cinemanow, or any other online media service."


20060912 tuesday

took my walkera back to the shop for a good look over. it had:
- a broken blade
- a broken swashplate link
- a bent flybar
- missaligned padles
it better fly a lot better now!

also got a 4 port sil3114 sata controller for hal a new 250G disc to replace the hitachi with the broken sata connector (insert my usual rant about sata connectors here). fun all night!

20060910 sunday

did i tell you about plagger ? it's tha bomb. it's basicly a "something rss or webish" -> "something whatever". once you get it running you have a planet type site in basicly 5 minutes.
or course, that's after the 12 hours of fighting cpan. plagger makes a point on depending on 99.5% of cpan. now imagine doing that on a box that didn't have libxml2 or gcc to boot.

20060909 saturday

while i'm not endorsing the documentary, you should watch "Loose Change".
some sources sound very unconfirmed but it puts together a lot of visual stuff that will probably help you make up your mind.

20060904 Tuesday

Spent most of the in planes or waiting for planes to get to birmingham. via bruxels.
If someone tells you one hour is a lot of time in bruxels don't believe him. like most airports in the world one hour is just barely enough to get from A to B, literaly. Specially in this of security anoyance.
Word of advice, don't forget to remove your change purse while going through security.
All in all it wasn't a bad trip particularly cause the planes weren't full and i managed large seats.