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Android watch

I’ll keep track of Google Android stuff here.

  • T-Mobile says they will have an Android based device till the end of the year. (recent rumours had it android phones weren’t coming out till 2009 but more recent rumours confirmed launch in 2008)
  • HTC demoed the “Dream” at Google I/O. It’s touchscreen and has niceness like accelerometers.
  • Texas Instrument demoed an handheld prototype based on a current midrange TI OMAP chipset.
  • People have managed to get an Android beta booting on HTC TyTN II hardware (not really interesting).
  • People have managed to get a recent Android image running OK on a Nokia N810 (this is interesting).
  • Wild rumours say Dell will make an Android device
  • Am I the only one who noticed the qvga Android simulator is very very similar to a Palm Centro ?
  • Not really Android but AT&T is jumping on the LiMo bandwagon with a lot of enthusiasm so it’s probably not on the Android bandwagon.
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