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iphone 3g redux

I must say the 2Mpx camera sticks out like a sore thumb on the specs. The lack of video call is kind of annoying but the crappy camera on this day and age should have been looked at more closely if apple is banking on photosharing through mobileme and such services.

On the other hand the 199/299 price point is a huge pleasant surprise. It wasn’t clear if it’s without contrat but even with it’s a really agressive price. And that’s probably what doomed the camera to crapiness, apple isn’t known for selling hardware at a loss so something gotta give.

The basic message for RIM was, we got a business phone normal people actually want to use outside work, it’s easier to setup on a corporate network than your stuff, it’s priced right at the business phone price point (bye bye decent camera) and we’re going to cream your ass.

The basic message for Nokia was, we got nintendo level game instead of crappy n-gage, a single platform that we can scale like crazy instead of a gazillion models and we got people actually developing for our phones. Enjoy the lowend, we’re taking the VAS section of the market.

The basic message for Microsoft was, wow, you suck. Windows mobile sucks, crappy programing models used by crapy programs make it suck even more, oems make it suck even even more. ‘nough said.

So apple is finally closing the loop around consumers. Buy from iTunes, download into the iPhone, sync with your home mac and your work crappy windows computer you’re forced to use.
Resistance is futile.

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