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iphone3G watch

I’ll keep track on the rumoured new iphone 3G news and factoids here.

  • Sources in TIM reported they will announce their iPhone launch date Tuesday morning, right after the WWDC keynote.
  • Vodafone has announced it will launch a new iphone in 5 european markets, including Portugal. Orange has also announced availability in a number of markets, including Portugal. The iphone will be available through at least 2 carriers in most european markets.
  • AT&T has sliped and an “iphone black” has shown briefly on its online store. AT&T claims this is an internal reference and doesn’t actually refer to a black iphone but it links to the plastic composite shell.
  • A 3G on/off button as shown up on 2.0 firmware betas confirming the 3G version has 3G :)
  • Suposed leaks of shell designs sent to accessory makers include a video call camera in the front. Not surprising for a 3G phone
  • AT&T is in high alert for the 3rd week of June so that’s the believed date for US launch.
  • Strings found on the 2.0 betas point to A2DP and GPS bluetooth support
  • Also, stuff found on the 2.0 betas makes us think the iphone3G will be powered by the SGOLD3 Infinenon chip which puts the core platform at the nokia n96 level.
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