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MWC09 in review

  • App Stores: Nokia is launching in May, Android is already with us and WinMo’s is comming with 6.5. The standard fee is a cool 30% off the top but Android got some extra game with app returns and no stupid bling apps.

  • Google: Nvidia, Huawei, are on the Android parade. Offline gmail has finally come for Android and iPhone (except not with gears like I predicted) so the final phase of googlification of everybody’s life is underway. And as offline HTML5 stuff wasn’t enough Google also showed off Maps on the Pre.

  • Nokia: N97 seems yummy and will be probably be pricey too. It certainly looks much snappier than my 5800. There’s also an interesting tidbit about Nokia preloading phone with Skype. Somehow I don’t see that happening for branded phones.

  • There will be Flash for all, except the iPhone that is. Witness the birth of crappy annoying flash applets being pushed everywhere.

  • WinMo: My Phone is just a sync service with a bunch of lipstick on and not much to offer (200MB! cause you know, disk is expensive) but everybody’s pretty amazed it actually works. WinMo6.5 top feature seems to be stupid hexagons though so that counterbalances it. The 6.5 UI is just a rehash of 6.0 crap (seriously MS, mandatory stylus and no multitouch ?) and honestly I’ve seen better home screens from OEMs. Also, Microsoft lost. WebKit+Google+HTML5 is basically the way of the future. k

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