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Nokia 5800 “Tube”

Today Nokia presented their first S60 touchscreen phone, the 5800 “Tube”. As usual there wasn’t a lot of surprise on account of the leaked photos. Being a MusicXpress instead of a N or E I was a bit uneasy about the specs as 5000 phones don’t usually pack a lot of punch. Nokia however threw in the usual goodies this days including WiFi and A-GPS (fairly surprising) and a not so hot 3.2Mpx camera (take that iPhone!). The punchline of the specs is obviously the 3.2” screen with a wopin 640x360 pixels which pretty much tramples the iPhone’s and G1’s 480x320. On the other hand the iPhone’s capacitive touchscreen wins hands down against the 5800’s resistive touchscreen and Nokia signalled defeat there by including a pen and a fashion guitar pick. The 81M “internal memory” should be enough for the job.

The S60v5 UI isn’t revolutionary, big thumbable buttons and making things slide across the screen. The onscreen keyboard looks decent (I’m holding out till I see the localized keyboards) and it include handwriting recognition (decent enough excuse for the pen) which brings a joyful tear to PalmIII affictionados like myself.

Nokia did a steady job on the connectors with a 3.5mm headset connector, micro-usb and TV-out as opposed to HTC’s extUSB brainfart for instance. We really should congratulate makers for not succumbing to fake shine of the crappy accessory’s revenue stream. Surprisingly we get WiFi b/g and unsurprisingly we get HSDPA. The 1.3Ah battery should up for the job and Nokia claims it’s good for a bit over 5h of 640x360 “nHD” (eheh) MPEG4, which means MPEG4-SP which is not h.264 but more like xvid/divx so get ready to transcode your stuff if you want it to play on the 5800 (or any other mobile anyway …).

Media claims it will show up on the street unlocked under 300 EUR so Nokia is really taking the iPhone serious and pulling no punches. For that price I’m sure to retire my N80 as soon as the 5800 is available.


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