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The perfect phone

The summer build up around iPhone3G and Android got me thinking about the perfect phone. The perfect phone nowadays is everything but a phone so the feature list runs fairly long. Here we go,

  • it needs to be a phone (duh)
  • it needs to have an address book
  • the address book needs to know how to sync with stuff
  • it needs to be a 3G phone, preferably 3.5G
  • and have bluetooth with a2dpc, pan, obex and sync profiles
  • it needs to have a decent web browser
  • it needs to have a microSDHC slot
  • it needs to have a decent camera, 5Mpx, glass autofocus
  • and a crappy camera for video conference
  • it needs to play mp3 and whatnot
  • it should have a decent screen, the palm T|X 480x320 screen seems reasonable
  • preferably a touch screen for joting down notes
  • and it must be good enough to play video (that’s what microSDHC is for)
  • the good camera should be able to capture CIF@25fps (microSDHC is for that too)
  • it should be Linux or OSX powered
  • or at least S60v3
  • and be able to run extra software so it can be my pda
  • wifi would be nice but i’m not so sure about that one

So the iPhone3G comes close and it’s pretty likely one of the Android phones get there. So go ahead, make my day!

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